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since June 19, 2001

Table of Contents for Eeva Sodhi's Web pages at Fathers for Life
Eeva Sodhi's Website (Archived)

Table of Contents for Eeva Sodhi's pages

  • Resurrecting the Self-Defence Review

    Eeva Sodhi analyses Canadian feminist jurisprudence in light of Justice Canada's March 2003 report on sentencing for manslaughter in cases involving intimate relationships.

    Canadian men have every reason to be afraid, very afraid.
    (2003 04 12)

  • Of men, women and freedom of choice, a letter to the editor of the Toronto Globe and Mail (January 30, 2003), relating to the circumstances of the abandonment in freezing cold weather of newborn baby Mira
  • It’s time to start listening to the people, Mr. Cauchon!

If the Minister of Justice is not prepared to listen to the people of Canada, then he should resign. January 7, 2003.

(MS Word.doc, 45 kB)

  • Eeva Sodhi responds to the inauguration of Shelternet, an Ontario-based and nationally funded Internet resource for abused women. As an "abused" woman, Eeva Sodhi voices very strong reservations.
  • Activist Supreme Court Justices "without an agenda" who nevertheless collude with other feminist activists to promote one

Reaction and Pro-action: Bringing Family Law Advocacy Into the 21st Century,

Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C. Chief Justice of Canada, Family Law Dinner Ontario Bar Association, Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, January 24, 2002

A critique by Eeva Sodhi — clear, concise, objective and clearly condemning; never mind the B.S.

  • Canadian Family Violence Statistics — Analyses

  1. Mandatory Arrest Policy in Ontario

  2. Spousal Assault and Murder

  1. My letter to the Ottawa Sun concerning Donna Casey's article: "Sleeping with the Enemy"
  1. The reliability of StatCan's data
  1. Child Abuse and Murder
  1. The United Way's "Education Wife Assault" (EWA)
  1. Some U.S. data

End of index for  Eeva Sodhi's paper on Canadian Family Violence Statistics

  • Family Violence in Canada: An Alternative Approach 

This document contains critical comments by Eeva Sodhi, pointing out flaws in the method of presentation and in the statistics contained in:  Statistics Canada pub. “Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile 2000” Cat. no. 85-224

The comments by Eeva Sodhi contain as well excerpts from comparable studies and sources that differ widely in quality from the deplorable quality of the information produced by Statistics Canada in their report. 

This critique provided by Eeva Sodhi comes in three parts: 

  1. Child Abuse and Murder

  2. Spousal Violence

  3. Spousal Homicide and Research

See also Eeva Sodhi's annotated bibliography on Family Violence references.

in which she provides excerpts from abstracts of family violence studies by eminent and reputable researchers.  The data presented in the studies clearly and irrevocably establish that Health Canada is involved in a massive, feminist-inspired and -promoted, government-sponsored propaganda campaign that actively seeks to demonize all Canadian men.

See also Eeva Sodhi's annotated bibliography on Family Violence references.

By Eeva Sodhi (2001 04 27; HTML Version)

Although Eeva Sodhi states in her covering message that even "Though this may apply to Canadians only, I attach my take on the Consultation booklet that is distributed by Justice Canada," the facts and sources she found and cited are far more generally applicable.  The document is also available in MS Word Format.

In the letter Eeva Sodhi calls for the replacement of the term "responsible fatherhood" in the US president's Fathers' Day message with the term "responsible motherhood," as she explains that mothers within and outside of marriage are the gate-keeper to fatherhood.

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Posted 2002 05 29 (created to replace provisional index to Eeva Sodhi's pages)
2002 06 13 (made entry for a letter to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation)