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since June 19, 2001


Television Bureau of Canada refuses to give permission to air misandrist hate propaganda

Take a look at this domestic violence garbage put out by the homefront organization of Calgary

They tried to have the commercials approved by the Television Bureau of Canada/Bureau de la Télévision du Canada and they were rejected.  Now they are appealing.

To view the PSAs, click on the boardroom and the restaurant links at:

http://www.homefrontcalgary.com/announcements/index.htm (Update 2007 02 15: The web page at that location has been taken down, but the link behind that URL will lead you to a copy of the page in the Internet archive)

Make no mistake.  This is hate propaganda in its most extreme form used to vilify and demonize all Canadian men, hate propaganda that is sponsored by governments at all levels.  The sponsors are:

  • Government of Canada,

  • Status of Women Canada,

  • Government of Alberta, and

  • The City of Calgary.  

In addition, a number of charitable organizations and corporate donors lent a helping hand to promote this hate propaganda directed at Canadian men:

  • United Way of Calgary and Area,

  • Alberta Law Foundation,

  • Calgary Community Lottery Board,

  • The Calgary Foundation,

  • Ogilvy & Mather Calgary,

  • Alberta Mental Health Board,

  • Action Committee Against Violence,

  • Nova Corporation,

  • FirstEnergy Capital Corporation,

  • Bennett Jones,

  • Felesky Flynn,

  • Community Initiatives Program,

  • Petro-Canada,

  • Canadian Hunter,

  • J.F. Mackie & Company,

  • Anonymous Donors

It is a very good opportunity to provide input on DV and a request to have the PSAs by HomeFront Calgary trashed.

Demand gender neutrality, and write to:

Television Bureau of Canada
Jim Patterson, President & CEO
160 Bloor Street East,
Suite 1005
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1B9
Fax: 416-413-3879
Email: tvb@tvb.ca

Bureau de la Télévision du Canada
Lyse Groleau, Senior Coordinator
550 Ouest Rue Sherbrooke
Bureau 980
Montréal, Québec
H3A 1B9
Phone: 514-284-0425
Fax: 514-284-0698
Email: tvb@bellnet.ca

Update 2007 02 15

The web page announcing the misandristic, so-called PSAs has been taken down.  A new web page containing the original announcement plus a report on the inability of Homefront to obtain permission by the Television Bureau of Canada to air the PSAs is accessible at http://www.homefrontcalgary.com/tvspots.htm.  HomeFront states there:

HomeFront’s View

HomeFront believes the spots should be shown to raise awareness about a serious problem affecting the lives of too many people at every socio-economic level and from the many cultures in our communities. The problem knows no boundary.

Notwithstanding HomeFront's alleged "beliefs", it is wrong of HomeFront to depict men as the sole perpetrators of a "problem [that] knows no boundary."  Aside from that jump in logic by HomeFront, certainly, the problem truly knows no boundaries.  Inter-spousal violence, a relatively small sector of domestic violence, goes beyond the sexes, ethnic origins and cultural traditions and habits.  Inter-spousal violence is a mutual affair in which both sexes participate equally.  Moreover, the vast majority of domestic violence cases involve victims that are children whose torturers are those children's biological mothers and other female primary carers. 

That is the reality of domestic violence that feminist activists such as those at HomeFront deliberately hide from the public and wrongfully present as a problem caused by men.  HomeFront is well aware of that, or should be, and is not worth a penny of the lucrative funding that is thrown its way.

In view of that reality, it is inexcusable that HomeFront focuses on men as the perpetrators of violence against women and hides the other half of inter-spousal violence, the half perpetrated by women.

Posted 2005 03 12
2007 02 15 (added update)