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since June 19, 2001


Links to some Articles from the Alberta Report

Note: The Report News Magazine ceased publishing. That also involves an organization change and corresponding name change to CITIZENS CENTRE REPORT.  That change is a consequence of the Report Newsmagazine having become the organ of a new foundation, a conservative think tank, the Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy.

The links on this page to some articles at the website of the Alberta Report (later called Report Newsmagazine) no longer function.  The Report Newsmagazine ceased to be published.
   As time goes by, Fathers for Life will endeavor to scan some of the articles that could formerly be accessed at the website of the Report Newsmagazine and are presently inaccessible.  However, that will require a fair amount of work and time and has to take a backseat to higher priorities.

July 1, 1996

At a UN conference in Turkey, Ottawa's strident homo-feminist agenda provokes an angry counter-attack from the Third World

            When Canada's delegates to the Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements arrived at their quarters in the posh Istanbul Hyatt three weeks ago, they knew what their mission was: to manipulate yet another UN conference into endorsing far-left social policies that could never be sold openly to their own citizens. In particular, even though the Habitat II conference was ostensibly about housing issues, the Canadians intended to ensure that feminist goals such as contraception, abortion on demand and school-based sex assistance clinics were enshrined in the conference's final document. They also planned to battle strenuously for an "inclusive" definition of family that sanctions homosexual unions.

February 16, 1998

Breaking up is easy to do

The generation that grew up on the mantra 'tune in, turn on and drop out' is doing exactly that when it comes to marriage. New statistics show that among baby boomers the divorce rate is up 12%. The trend is blamed on mid-life crises, poor communication skills and the stress of modern life. Analysts say the cure is more counselling and tighter marriage laws. Meanwhile, it is still the children who suffer most.

The woman who cried rape

  • Steven Kaminski is currrently serving seven years behind bars for sexual assault. The judge chose to believe the complainant over Kaminski, who insisted the sex was consensual. But the woman later accused the RCMP constable handling the case of sexual assault, only to retract the charges. In fact, she and the constable were having sex during the investigation. With the woman's credibility shot, Kaminski is hoping for a new trial.  [In the US, there are an estimated 520,000 false rape allegations a year — 98.1% of all reported cases. — Eeva Sodhi, Debunking Domestic Violence Statistics; Rape]

See also:

  • Are the Vaginas in the House?

    Girlwriteswhat debunks Eve Ensler (of The Vagina Monologues) and turns common perception about rape on its head. (28 minutes -- some of the best 28 minutes you will ever have spent)

June 22, 1998

An all-too-common catastrophe

Living together out of wedlock is more popular among couples today than ever. Any hint of public opprobrium at 'shacking up' has vanished. Unfortunately, compared to formal marriages, common-law relationships are commonly unsuccessful. The repercussions for society are ominous.

Wives from behind the Iron Curtain

Here is a more extensive index to Report articles relating to issues such as families, gender and children.  That Index contains a good number of links, clearly identified, to articles that have already been scanned and are accessible at this website.

2012 08 02 (added link to Are the Vaginas in the House?)