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since June 19, 2001


Child Support, Divorce, Custody, Access & Government Policies 

From: mhnc <mhnc@home.com>
9/1/98 5:08 PM

The reference for my book is as follows:

Child Support, Divorce, Custody, Access & Government Policies, by W.G. Cheriton, ISBN 0-88970-101-6, Commoners' Publishing, Ottawa 1998,  details how greedy politicians, dishonest lawyers, a naive Supreme Court and heavily funded anti-father advocates have spread myths to Canadians on divorce and child support issues. It documents the research uncovered by a diverse array of groups representing non-custodial fathers and mothers, custodial single fathers, second spouses, grandparents, men's groups and pro-marriage women's groups.

This book challenges the opportunistic stereotypes and rigid ideologies dominating this policy area with data, gender-based analysis and examines what works and what does not.

This book examines "children's best interests" — a maxim often given lip service, but not real commitment.

69 pages, Quality paperback,   August 1998 51/2 ,  x81/2"  $14.95

About the author:

W.G. Cheriton is a married Ottawa father of three children. He is a "stay-at-home dad" and also runs a printing and publishing business. He was a co-founder of the Canadian men's issues magazine, "Everyman", and is involved in a number of men's issues organizations.

About the publisher: Commoners' is a non-profit publisher of over 100 titles since 1973, in Ottawa, Canada. Current publishing emphasis is on men's issues: parenting, marriage and divorce policy, men's health, male culture and arts.

Here's where to find some surprising facts documented by this book:

  • Most of the increase in child support goes to provincial governments, not women or children. (pg 23)
  • The biggest group of deadbeats is women, not men:    there are twice as many women non-custodial parents evading child support than men. (pg 19)
  • 93% of female non-custodial parents don't pay any child support. (pg 20)
  • Less than 9% of parents believe Canadian Courts deal effectively with access. (pg 37 )
  • Why Canada is a pro-divorce, anti-marriage state. (pg 7)
  • 70% of marriage break-up is done by women. (pg 13)
  • The only group which benefits from an improved standard of living after divorce is high-income women. (pg 12 )
  • The real reason why Finance Minister Paul Martin switched the taxation on child support was to cover up a billion dollar income tax evasion problem. (pg 33)
  • Proof that biased courts force men to pay up to 8.5 times the average of women at the same income levels. (pg 15)
  • Judges award high income women more child support than low income women, for the same father income. (pg 16)
  • Custody and access problems cost parents and society more than is paid in child support. (pg 41)
  • The higher the income, the greater the bias against men and the more leniently women are treated in child support. (pg 15)
  • The actual percentage of fathers not paying child support is between 7 and 13%. (pg 18)
  • "Child Support Guidelines" are used by biased courts to sharply increase the percentage of fathers shut out of children's lives. (pg 39)
  • In the family, women are more abusive, particularly with weapons, than men. (pg 49)
  • Most of the victims of domestic violence are male. (pg 47)
  • Why  women killing newborn babies doesn't show up in domestic violence statistics. (pg 53)
  • How sole mother custody is behind much of children's problems. (pg.55)
  • Why the father is more essential for successful children than the mother. (pg 54)
  • Unequal pay for equal work: single custodial fathers average only $6-7 per month in child support, about 2% of the average custodial mother. (pg 23)
  • A rising rate of mental illness in separated women is causing child abuse and custody and access conflicts. (pg 43)
  • Canada's Supreme Court says women win in family court because of their sex, not by "merit". (pg 58)
  • Single mother broken families are the engine which produces most criminals, suicides, unmarried teen pregnancies, rapists, school dropouts and drug abuse. Includes 7 pages of references and three pages of practical alternatives to current policies. (pg 56) 

How to order: Your local bookstore or directly from the publisher (VISA, MasterCard, or prepaid cheque or money order: $14.95 plus $3.00 postage, taxes and handling. (17.95 CAN$)  ($US15 including P+H for US orders):

Commoners' Publishing Inc.
631 Tubman Cr.
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1V 8L5

phone (613) 523-2444 and fax: (613) 260-0401
e-mail is cheriton@home.com

The following is from an exchange of e-mail messages with Glenn Cheriton in 1996.

Fathers not ones to seek divorce*
(mothers initiate divorce at high & rising rate):

Of non-joint applications:


1991 1992 1993 1994
Wife makes application 72.75% 72.47% 73.42% 74.05%

Or for a more complete view (all applications):  


1991 1992 1993 1994
Husband makes application





Wife makes application





Joint Application





Source: Statistics Canada, Divorces 1992, Table 8, Catalogue No  84-213

I don't have a copy of the StatCan catalogue 84-213.  It is not shown on their website, neither are the above tables.  Much information from that catalogue is shown, but it is all either somewhat tainted by anti-male bias, not gender-specific, or it is mother-friendly.  To get a copy of the catalogue, it'll have to be purchased from StatCan.

Many of the problems that befall Canadian families and leads to their break-up are the consequence of deliberate government policies that evolved and are being actively pursued, ever since the 1960s.  Those policies aim at the systematic, planned destruction of the traditional nuclear family.
   Will the sign shown to the right work for the Liberals in the upcoming 2004 federal elections?
   The Lawn signs are ready, but will it do any good to downplay the name of the party (see lower left-hand corner of sign) and to emphasize the face and name of the man that signed the cheques during his term as finance minister?  Will it help to erase the memory of the Liberal's or the finance minister's involvement in so much financial chaos, mismanagement and corruption?
   Do the Liberal's truly think that Canadians are that gullible?
   The colour for the signs is a good choice.  It brings to mind another party in another country that had set itself the goal of eradicating the traditional nuclear family, so that a better socialist country could be built from the remaining rubble and ruins of society. 
   That party's colour was red, too, and it brought corruption, financial ruin and social chaos to the country it ostensibly ruled with an iron fist, the USSR.
   Do we want to go down that road? —WHS

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