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since June 19, 2001


A List of Books -- By Bruce McGovern 

Subject:     [MENTION] A list of books
    Date:     Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:23:15 EDT
   From:     irlandes@juno.com

This is not intended to be a "Must read" of books.  Most of you have plenty to read already, and I could probably be well served to know what you read.

My intention is to supply books that might be useful to those DESIRING more basic books on men's issues.


1.  AN ESSAY ON POPULATION, last revised 1825, by Malthus.  I'm not sure this is word for word the title, but you should have no problem finding it if you look for Malthus and population.  I can't give you the ISBN because I read it in Mexico City, thus don't have it with me.

Malthus has been highly quoted, Cliff's Notes style, for his statement that population tends to grow to the limit of resources.

What no one has told you is that almost half of the book is about welfare systems, which in those days were called poor laws.  He supplies chapter after chapter of statistics, naming countries and provinces, to support his observation that providing help to the poor, as was part of law in much of Europe in those days, actually INCREASED POVERTY AND SUFFERING AMONG THE POOR.

Over 100 years before the New Deal, and 117 years before I was born, someone had already proved that government assistance to the poor made matters worse.  Wouldn'cha' think the (small l) liberals would've told us about this?


The Manipulated Man, translated from German in 1972, written by Esther Vilar.  I think she is from Europe, and she wrote the book because she was appalled at what she saw in the United States - men as virtual slaves to women, yet women whining about their exploited fate.

She says repeatedly that American women generally are stupid and lazy, and  don't even deserve the intelligent capable men they manipulate and control.

Not much on statistics, but it certainly formed my opinions.

[The book is back in print.  I did order a copy and found it to be immensely interesting and pertinent. —Walter]


The Garbage Generation, 1990, by Prof. Daniel Amneus, ISBN 0-9610864-4-0 (hard cover), 0-9610864-5-9  (paperback).  This book not only presents, but documents with a large number of studies, Dr. Amneus' belief that patriarchy, (the guaranteed role of men in the family), is a precondition of civilization.

It is part scholarly treatise, and partly vehement commentary.  Perhaps a third of the book is a review of all the studies which show superior performance of people raised in the two parent family, independent of income.

Later theorists have modified his theory, to state that patriarchy is not a precondition of civilization, it IS civilization.

I was fascinated by his claim that most prison inmates are from female headed, single parent families.  At that time, my brother-in-law, who had worked in corrections for 25 years, was not yet dead, nor divorced by my sister because she lusted after a man half her age.  I asked him if there was any truth to that claim.  He said, yes, they seldom got prisoners from a two parent family.


MANHOOD REDUX: STANDING UP TO FEMINISM, 1985, ISBN 0-935985-00-X, by C.H. "Max" Freedman, at that time, a writer for a now defunct New York Newspaper.  He now contributes to the LIBERATOR, a newsletter published by Richard Doyle and his wife.

This is pure entertainment!  Vehement critical comment on feminism, with a mixture of facts tossed in.



Someone commented that Mead had been discredited.  I assume she meant her earliest work on female adolescence in a (Samoa?) society, which was found to contain certain flaws.  I have never heard anyone say she had the total unreliability of, say, Lenore Weitzman, Lenore Walker, or Phylis Chessler.

I think this is the book where she states that no society, save one which taught men to take care of their nieces and nephews, ever succeeded in getting men to support anyone but their current sex partners and her children.

This is a sympathetic analysis of men and women by a woman, before extremist feminism declared that all women are good and all men are bad.


THE MYTH OF MALE POWER,  1993, by Warren Farrell, PH.D., ISBN 0-671-79349-7.

This is a somewhat scholarly work, with many statistics supporting his theory that 'men have all the power' is a hoax, that in fact men have very little power.

This book is the one that reported the Air Force false rape charges study we discussed.

Also, another good example of his in-depth statistics is on page 244. He reports that since 1954, 70,000 women have committed murder, including 60,000 male victims, but no woman has ever been executed for killing only a man.  He has a lot of goodies like that.

My disagreement with Farrell, a former officer of NOW until he dared to disagree that all men are victimizers and all women are victims, is that he supports feminism, he just seems to think men should get their turn now.  Of course, some of you may agree with him.


WEAK LINK:  THE FEMINIZATION OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY, 1989, by Brian Mitchell, ISBN 0-89526-555-9.  He resigned from a officer's job to report on how badly the military is being crippled by femi demands that women be moved into military leadership.  This was before VMI's destruction.

He has a detailed analysis of affirmative action at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and how preposterous the claims that the pampered, molly-coddled women cadets who graduated from the Academy performed as well as the men.

He reported that in the first co-ed class to graduate, for the first time ever, a male graduate of the Air Force Academy enlisted in the ARMY.

This is another example of the question, "How can a woman who can't survive verbal harassment by members of her own military, lead men into combat against angry enemy with live bullets?"

I don't remember my chronolgy, but wasn't 1989 before the big lie, later discredited, that a woman in Panama had lead men into combat?


THE BLACKMAN'S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE BLACKWOMAN,  1989, by Shahrazad Ali, ISBN 0-933405-01-4.  I realize most of you aren't black, but the few white women who have read my copy, have admitted that white women manipulate their husbands, and teach their sons and daughters to hate their fathers, just as Ali claims black women do.

Ali had claimed that black men have been destroyed by their own women, not by whites.  And, she claimed this behavior was unique to blacks. It's not.

The book is a detailed description of the lies women tell their men, how they brainwash their kids to subvert male leadership, and the vicious games they play.

I live in a multi-ethnic family, and I have heard female, black acquaintances do exactly the things she describes - just as I have heard a few white women say the same things.



This book exposes the illegal and unjust acts committed by the child support system in the United States, and the author admits some of these things do, indeed, destroy men's motivation, even ability, to pay child support.

As a counselor of divorced men, I knew almost all the things he wrote, except one or two minor points.

Here is the amazing thing about this book which makes it so valuable:


In fact, he was for a time, State Director in Washington State.

He says men need to organize politically, and correct these illegal and sexist actions.

Good idea!  Wish my generation had thought of that.  :-)

Speaking of Washington State, a side note:  Did you know that Washington State has a law which forces divorced step dads to pay support?  It has been upheld by the Washington State Supreme Court, and says that a woman can collect full amounts of support from as many men as she can convince to marry her, besides just the natural father, without reduction for any remarriages.  Anyone who has watched femis know it's only a matter of time until this sweeps the nation.  This is more proof that child support has nothing to do with biological parents' responsibility to support their children, but just another excuse to enslave men for the benefit of women.

Again, they are hurting women while claiming to help women.  Intelligent men, informed men, educated men, will be the first to decline to marry women with kids, so divorced women with kids, who already have trouble finding a man to help raise her kids, will be reduced to marrying total dummies, not usually considered to be the best husbands.  (Though to be fair, I am convinced this phenomenon is already at work in the drastic reduction in net marriages in the States, that women generally are marrying way down the socioeconomic ladder, because more intelligent men know marriage is often merely a prelude to divorce, and want no part of it.)  

That item about step dad support was published, as I remember, in the LIBERATOR, a year or so ago.  The test case to the WA Supreme Court fortunately involved a man who was able to annul his marriage, thus escaping support, because he was able to prove the druggie he married had left him with the kids right after the wedding ceremony, thus never consummated the marriage.


Well, there's some of the books most critical to my development as an activist.  I wish to repeat I am not urging anyone to take time to look for, and read these books, but they may be of interest to someone.

Also, generally, these books include large amounts of footnotes to support the opinions stated.  In fact, those statistics generally are the reason I find the books valuable.

bruce mcgovern

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