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Advice to Men

Western Isles Social Work Department Comments on False Charges of Satanic Ritual Abuse

 Dear All:

Fed Up with bland and boring Media Releases from The Western Isles that say nothing?

Brighten up a dull day, and read the translation below!

The Western Isles Social Work Department yesterday out a media release about allegations of Satanic child abuse,in which all charges against the men and women charged have been dropped. I do not know if their Communications Officer Nigel Scott's first language is Gaelic, and he has messed up his translation, or if he is using Orwellian Double-Think and New-Speak. For those who struggled to understand his media release`, I have attempted a translation (below) of what I think he really intended to say. For those old enough to remember Vietnam, it is based on " What the Major really means....."

The original text is in an appropriate RED--  a short account of a very brave and determined woman's ordeal is below the media release translation. Sadly, their ordeal will continue for many years to come; their best hope of mitigating the psychological, social and material damage is to successfully fight the corrupt system that oppresses them.

Best wishes,

George McAulay,

UK Men's Movement.

Over the past year Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has assisted Northern Constabulary in a criminal investigation concerning the welfare of children.
Plain English translation of New-Speak:

"Over the past year Comhairle nan Eilean Siar initiated, and pursued to the point of malignant imbecility, the persecution of innocent men, women and children on the basis of fantastic claims that only a  crazy, man-hating FemiNazi zealot would believe"  

As has been previously indicated this case involved child protection issues.

Plain English translation:  Social Work has  a long and dishonourable tradition of completely screwing up child welfare

The Comhairle’s aim throughout this case has been the welfare and interests of children in this community.

Plain English translation: "The Comhairle’s aim throughout this case has been to exploit the hysteria surrounding child abuse for ideological and career objectives, and to ignore objective evidence"

The Comhairle’s employees are to be commended for their professionalism and commitment in difficult and complex circumstances.

Plain English translation: "We don't care how much we screwed up. Any of The Comhairle’s employees who are doctrinaire Radfems, will not be punished for any incompetence, lack of objectivity, and certainly not for the untold harm that they have inflicted on innocent men, women and children. In this respect, we are following the examples of Notts, Cleveland, Ayrshire, and the Orkneys. Like some of these SW depts, we will probably promote the incompetent, especially if they are man-hating Marxist lesbians"

The Comhairle thanks the communities of the Western Isles for the dignified way they have responded and their respect for due process.

Plain English translation: We will not mention the death threats, arson and vandalism that occurred due to the hysteria we created"

The Comhairle also thanks the media for their respect for the rights of the children involved and asks that this level of respect continues.

Plain English translation: "We  thank the FemiNazi,  the gullible, or the cynically sensation-hungry hypocrites well-established in the media for helping us whip up hysteria, and we hope that no journalist with any vestige of professional objectivity is given a brief by his editor to investigate and report impartially" 

We would also want to put on record our appreciation of the close and professional working arrangements with the relevant agencies involved.

Plain English translation: "OK, so it was  a complete balls-up, but The Northern Constabulary screwed up as well... at least we managed to get a team of Marxist- feminist bigots together, so that we can do the same again" 

The Comhairle remains committed to providing the best possible child protection services for children in the Western Isles.

Plain English translation:"Watch out! Your family is next!"

Please read the short message below this.


Nigel Scott
Communications Officer
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Tel: 01851 709389 (Work)
Tel: 07884 236103 (Mobile)
email: nscott@cne-siar.gov.uk


Some time ago, Penny Campbell hand-wrote a 20-page letter to The UK Men's Movement, pleading for help in he battle to get her family and her husband back together again. Penny and Ian had been arrested in a dawn raid, their children abducted by Social Work, and they were subjected to the most vile accusations of Satanic Child abuse. Ian alone was charged.

My greatest fear in dealing with cases where  Social Work departments have alleged child abuse is that UKMM will be manipulated into helping an  actual abuser of children, but after phone conversations with both of them, my initial impression was that they were probably innocent victims of Social Workers driven by the same man-hating venom as occurred in similar "Satanic child abuse " allegations such as in Notts ( Where  Judith Dawson, aka Judith Jones, lesbian lover of Marxist-feminist journalist Bea Campbell, was instrumental in causing terrible damage to innocent men, women and children.

Although Penny was very, very distraught, it became clear to me that she was a woman who loved her kids and her husband; her "crime " was to be of a different religion, and to love her husband. Penny told me that SW tried to  pressure  her into alienating Ian from herself and her children, in, to collaborate in the destruction of her family/ Bravely, she resisted, and she has sworn to fight her oppressors so that other innocents can live without fear of the SW Gestapo swooping in the middle of the night to abduct children from innocent families. Do you know that  some of the children kidnapped in The Orkneys, whose parents were proven innocent, have not been returned, as they were legally adopted by their foster-parents, and, due to the long (five years) time of unjust separation, they were adjudged to be so bonded to their new "parents" it was held to be "No longer in the best interests of the child" to be returned to their real families. If you are a member of the media, please, ask your editor if you can get out of the office and investigate this travesty of justice.


George McAulay,

UK Men's Movement,


The face behind the Lewis allegation of satanic ritual abuse:

Valerie Russell, NCH worker behind the satanic allegations.

Contact details for Valerie Russell are accessible at the bottom of the story at this link.

whiterose.gif (6796 bytes)The White Rose
Thoughts are Free

Posted 2004 07 06
2006 06 18 (added a photo of Valerie Russell and a link to a story on her role in the satanic ritual abuse allegations described on this page)