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since June 19, 2001


Canada Promotes New State Religion: Earth Worship

Canada's Commitment to Earth Worship at the Roots of Rapid Change to Canadian Law (329kB PDF file)

By Dr. Charles McVety

(The contents of the article were presented in a half-hour program on CTS TV, March 7, 2004, 11 p.m. EST; Full Transcript, 329kB PDF file)

The article explores the history of the relationship between Maurice Strong and Paul Martin.  Maurice Strong gave Paul Martin his first job during summer vacation in university, hired him for Power Corporation Canada Ltd. after Martin finished university, and offered Martin a sweetheart deal, the purchase of Canada Steamship Lines, that made the Martin family unbelievably rich.
   Importantly, the article identifies Paul Martin's commitment to support the plan by Maurice Strong, Michael Gorbachev, Kofi Anan and Stephen Rockefeller to impose a universal religion of Earth worship on the world population.  The new-age religion is to replace all others.
   The Canadian government provided millions Stop Welfare for Politiciansof dollars in funding for the development and goals of Maurice Strong's new-age religion.  The Canadian federal government also provided a $161 million in contracts to Canadian Steamship Lines, a corporation that has most of its fleet of about 50 ships registered in Barbados and Liberia and that uses shoddy labour practices that earn it an estimated extra $775,000 a year on each of its foreign-registered ships.*
   Maurice Strong was recently appointed as senior advisor to the Prime Minister's Office.

*"Last year [2003], the federal government insisted it had done only $137,000 in business with Martin's Canada Steamship Lines in the previous 10 years. This week [end of Jan. 2004], of course, it was revealed that that $137,000 had actually been $161 million, including $46 million during Martin's tenure as finance minister."
(Source: "There's rot in the ship of state", Edmonton Journal, Sunday 1 February 2004, p. A14)

Many of the problems that befall Canadian families and leads to their break-up are the consequence of deliberate government policies that evolved and are being actively pursued, ever since the 1960s.  Those policies aim at the systematic, planned destruction of the traditional nuclear family.
   Will the sign shown to the right work for the Liberals in the upcoming 2004 federal elections?
   The lawn signs are ready, but will it do any good to downplay the name of the party (see lower left-hand corner of sign) and to emphasize the face and name of the man that signed the cheques during his term as finance minister?  Will it help to erase the memory of the Liberal's and their finance minister's involvement in so much financial chaos, mismanagement and corruption?
   Do the Liberal's truly think that Canadians are that gullible?
   The colour for the signs is a good choice.  It brings to mind another party in another country that had set itself the goal of eradicating the traditional nuclear family, so that a better socialist country could be built from the remaining rubble and ruins of society. 
   That party's colour was red, too, and it brought corruption, financial ruin and social chaos to the country it ostensibly ruled with an iron fist, the USSR.
   Do we want to go down that road? —WHS


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Posted 2002 01 05
2004 04 05 (added comment about Liberal's election lawn-sign for 2004 elections)