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since June 19, 2001


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Legislative battle over homophobia in the schools


The following materials were provided to those fighting a resolution before the RI House of Representatives calling on the Department of Education "develop and offer "a continuing education module to teachers, administrators, and other school personnel on the subject of "homophobia" in the schools and other homosexuality related matters. In fact, the Dept. of Ed. had already implemented a homophobia module and was seeking legislative approval so it could push to make the module mandatory.

I testified on using these points, referencing the material in the studies on this disk. I also prepared and sent a letter to every representative. After passing in committee (3 of the committee members are homosexual), the resolution was pulled without a vote.

If you have legislation pending in your state, we will be happy to supply you with relevant material.



The continuing education module on homophobia currently being used, and for which the Dept. of Ed. now seeks legal cover through house resolution 98 H 8072, will result in the infection and eventually death of boys who receive false and misleading information and the State of RI will be liable.

Teachers will be taught that 10% of children are born homosexual and that nothing can change that orientation. They will communicate this information to students and parents.

Boys who exhibit symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder or Juvenile Unmasculinity and are teased by other children will be labeled by teachers and students as homosexual and encouraged to join homosexual support groups in the schools. Parents will be told to "accept" their son's homosexuality.

The truth is that Gender Identity Disorder and Juvenile Unmasculinity are treatable and preventable conditions. With treatment the teasing will stop and there is an excellent possible that the boy will not engage high risk behaviors in adolescence.

Without treatment 75% of the boys will become involved in high risk behavior. Those who begin this behavior in high school are most at risk. According to a report by Dr. Linda Valleroy of the CDC 9% of sexually active gay males will be HIV positive before they are 22.

There is now substantial evidence that AIDS education has failed with the most at-risk population. Without intervention 50% of the boys labeled as homosexual by teachers will eventually die of diseases related to homosexuality.

How will their parents feel when they learn this could have been prevented? How will the feel when they understand that being labeled by the school lead to their son's death? How will RI pay the bill if they decide to sue?

The Dept. of Ed. is already providing false, inaccurate, and misleading information. Boys are already being encouraged to come out by "gay" sensitive teachers.

I would be happy to sit down with any legislator interested in understanding this issue and provide him with information from numerous medical journal articles and other sources substantiating these risk.

Dale O'Leary - email - heartbeatnews@compuserve.com


The resolution before us tells us why its supporters want this homophobia module, it does not tell us what will be in the module or how that will be decided or who will be allowed to have input. We must ask that question.

We all agree teasing is wrong and teachers should protect all students from teasing, that is not what 8072 is about. It is about using the schools to win a political debate.

Homosexuality is one of the most divisive issues in our society. Currently there are two points of view, which I will call Side A and Side B.

Side A believes passionately that 10% of the population is unalterably homosexual. They hold that homosexual activity is the moral equivalent of heterosexual activity and should be accepted. They believe that HIV/AIDS can be prevented by education and condom use and that anyone who disagrees with Side A is guilty of homophobia which is the equivalent to racism or anti-Semitism. Side A want you to pass 8072 and approve the Dept. of Ed.'s program to teach teachers Side A.

Side B holds that homosexual attractions are preventable and treatable and that parents, teachers and students have a right to know that change is possible. Side B feels they have substantial and uncontroverted evidence that HIV/AIDS education has failed with this population and that one out of two men who have sex with men will become HIV positive or contract other fatal sexually transmitted diseases and that young men who begin to engage in same-sex activity in adolescence are most at risk. Many RI citizens also believe that sexual activity should be restricted to the husband/wife pair and feel that for the schools to tell their children otherwise encroaches on their parental rights and religious freedom. They resent the implication that they are un-American or bigoted and insist they too care deeply about the rights and dignity of all persons.

It is clear that the supporters of the 8072 hope to use the "homophobia" module to impose Side A on teachers and students. There is no evidence that both sides of this debate will be fairly presented to teachers and through them to students. Indeed it is impossible to see how any person believing one side could fairly present the other and we have seen no evidence that the Dept. of Ed. will seek input from those who hold to Side B. Indeed the purpose of the module is to ridicule and demean those who hold to Side B.

This is an effort to use us as legislators and to use the public schools to win a hotly contested political debate.

I am not asking you as legislators to decide which side is right. Some of you may only have heard one side of the issue. I don't want to debate that now. I am not an expert on homosexuality - if you have questions about the research which side B feels supports it point of view, I would be happy to give you the names of people who are able to explain Side B.

I am asking you to recognize that we as a legislative body do not have the expertise to decide which side is right and if we have not definitively proven that side A is right then we should not be asking the Dept. of Ed. to impose the ideology of side A on the teachers and through them on the students of Rhode Island.

Those RI teachers, students or parents of students who believe that side B is correct have a right to their convictions. We in the legislature should not be labeling them as bigoted or anti-American. We should not allow state money to be used to forward a campaign against them.


There are other issues. Those who support Side B have pointed out that passing 8072 could put the State of RI at risk financially.

If, as Side B holds, homosexuality is preventable and treatable, and the symptoms are apparent in childhood and if boys who show these symptoms are told by teachers they are unalterably homosexual and if these boys seeing no other option engage in homosexual behavior, a predictable percentage will become HIV positive or contract Human Papilloma Virus caused cancer or hepatitis or other sexually transmitted diseases.

This is not an "if" -- boys will become HIV-positive and given the litigious nature of our society -- they will sue, their parents will sue -- and they will have a case if they were given false information by teachers - information the teachers received from the Dept. of Ed. - information which we as legislators approved.

It is simply wrong to tell people that they have a condition that cannot be treated when in fact treatment is available. It is particularly wrong if that condition puts the person at risk for a number of life threatening diseases.

The Dept. of Ed. should not supplying inaccurate or incomplete information to teachers and students. The RI education system should not be used by one side in a political battle. Children's lives are at stake and we as legislatures must not allow ourselves to be used in this way.

Possible Question:

Isn't it better to identify the pre-homosexual boy and give him lots of support and AIDS education? Won't that protect him from AIDS and the state from liability? No.


There is now substantial and uncontroverted evidence that once a person begins to engage in homosexual behavior -- even though they know the risks and know how to use condoms -- they do not use condoms every single time. Because HIV is epidemic in the homosexual community, the risk from even a few failures to use condoms or condom failures are so high that experts predict that the lifetime risk of HIV infection for a man who has sex with men is 50%. This is well documented by Gabriel Rotello in his recent book Sexual Ecology. Gabriel Rotello is a homosexual activist.

New research reveals that not only are young men at high risk for HIV infection, many are being infected with drug resistant strains of the virus. The hopes of controlling the disease are being dashed by the behavior of HIV-positive men.

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