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The need for a counter revolution


Speech to Delaware Pro-Life Conference

By Dale O'Leary

Thank you for inviting me back to Delaware. I asked to speak out why we have to counter the Sexual Revolution. In the course of this talk I am sorry to have to speak about intimate matters. I will try to be as clear as I can without being unduly graphic, but I want to say up front that some of the material is not suitable for children.

As I was preparing this speech, I happened to notice a promo on CNN for its Sunday news show Perspectives. I wasn't really paying attention, but I thought I heard that Hilary Clinton was going to be on a show promoting the Sexual Revolution. I noted the time. As it turned out I was taping the Kathleen Wiley interview on 60 Minutes and as soon as the segment concluded I changed the channel to tape the Perspectives program. I didn't waste my family Sunday night watching this of course. In fact, I have not found one person who actually saw the show live. The next morning I sat down to watch the tape and I could barely believe what I saw.

The First Lady in a smart yellow pants suit, speaking from what appeared to be the White House, introduced the program which she said would shine a spotlight on the lives of "extraordinary women who have transformed this century." These were women who according to Ms. Clinton "threw off Victorian constraints and demanded more control over their lives and their bodies." According to Ms. Clinton, "The battle was against ignorance and discrimination." In fact, the show concerned itself mainly with rebellion against chastity and sexual restraint.

The program featured four women. Georgia O'Keefe was praised not so much for her painting as for her adulterous behavior and promotion of sexuality. The poetess Edna St. Vincent Millay was lauded for her same-sex and opposite sex affairs and pitied because she gave up her "single blessedness" for the slavery of marriage. Margaret Sanger was portrayed as a martyr for women. Included in the segment on Sanger was an interview with Mike Wallace taped in 1957 in which Ms. Sanger viciously attacked the Catholic Church. The final segment dealt with Erica Jong and her views on the liberation of sexuality.

The program did not even have the pretended balance that we see in many shows, in which they show the most unattractive pro-family advocate they can find, saying the most absurd things possible and balance him with an attractive and media-wise pro-Sexual Revolution spokesman talking about children's lives and first amendment freedoms. There were no advocates for chastity or sexual restraint. The entire show promoted sexual promiscuity, adulterous behavior, and homosexuality while ridiculing family, virginity, and fidelity.

One has to ask how the First Lady of the United States could lend her name and prestige to such an enterprise. If the show had contained a segment attacking the Jewish religion or African Americans in a manner similar to the way in which Ms. Sanger attacked Catholics, would the First Lady have praised the show and the women it spotlighted?

It is possible that she had not previewed the contents, in which case she should immediately repudiate it. If she did know that the show contained a promotion of sexual immorality and a vicious attack on religion, then she has insulted and offended all those who believe that sexual morality is not something to be thrown off by all women who defend their own chastity, and by all Catholics.

How could the First Lady of the United States go on television and imply by her endorsement of this program that sexual immorality is an advance for women? Because we in the pro-family/pro-life movement have failed to make advocacy for the ideology of the Sexual Revolution socially unacceptable. We have refused to confront the Sexual Revolution as the cause of the evils against which we battle.


We talk about fighting the Culture of Death, but we sometimes forget that one of the engines that drives the Culture of Death is the ideology of the Sexual Revolution. People don't rush out and embrace death, but they do rush out and embrace the Sexual Revolution, and even when they see the Culture of Death looming behind their sexual excesses, they are hooked and unwilling to give up their advocacy of the Sexual Revolution.

The Sexual Revolutionaries claim that they are the advocates of individual freedom, that sexual liberation is just the next inevitable step in human progress, that their revolution will spread pleasure and happiness. And we have allowed these claims to go unchallenged. They know that they can't have a Sexual Revolution without abortion. They know that the Sexual Revolution spreads fatal and incurable diseases. They know that the condoms they want to distribute to children won't be used every time. They know that people will die. They don't care. Throughout history revolutionaries have been willing to sacrifice lives to the cause. Sexual revolutionaries know that abortion kills babies, they don't care. Because without abortion on demand you can't have a Sexual Revolution. When abortion was illegal, a young man knew that the angry father and mother would demand that he do "the right the thing" and this had a wonderful suppressive effect on the libido. The fear of pregnancy reduced the seducibility of young women. If abortion were outlawed tomorrow, the first effect would be an inhibition of sexual behavior.

We have not made the connection in people's minds between the Sexual Revolution and the Culture of Death. The Marxist Revolutions of this century have, it is estimated, killed 100 million human beings. This death toll however is dwarfed by the deaths caused by the Sexual Revolution. Let us count the dead -- world wide.

First we have all the aborted babies. How many in this country since Roe v. Wade? Ignoring the abortifacient aspects of oral contraceptives, just surgical abortions we are talking about millions -- what we are up to is 35 million. And what about the rest of the developed world, and head count goes up by the minute. The Sexual Revolutionaries know that abortion kills a human being, they don't care.  [Note: It involves about 55 million abortions per year -- world-wide -- just about the career totals of Stalin, Hitler and Mao combined.  There has now for about 15 years not been an increase in the annual total of children born in the world.  The population increases that we are still seeing are due to increased life expectancies.  That means that at current world fertility rates the world population will begin to decline in about 40 to 50 years. —WHS]

Besides killing the babies, we know now that breast cancer risk is increased by abortion. The evidence is overwhelming that a woman who aborts her first pregnancy is at risk. Women with other risk factors such as a family history of breast cancer increase their risk if they have an induced abortion. The Sexual Revolutionaries, abortion advocates and feminists are doing everything to suppress this information. They know women will die, they don't care.

Then we have the dead from sexually transmitted diseases -- mainly AIDS. Without the Sexual Revolution AIDS would have never become an epidemic. A few people would have become infected passed it on to spouses and children, the family would have died, but the virus would have reached a dead end. It was the Sexual Revolution, particularly among homosexual men, which nurtured the epidemic. It is estimated that for the foreseeable future one out of two men who have sex with men will become HIV-positive. The Sexual Revolutionaries don't care. Dr. Walt Odets, a homosexual psychologist, implies in his writings that the gay lifestyle is worth dying for. Many homosexual men are now by their actions saying that the Sexual Revolution is worth dying for.

In Africa and Thailand AIDS is a heterosexual disease spread by prostitutes to married men who take it home and kill their wives and children. And AIDS isn't the only killer Sexually Transmitted Disease — the various forms of hepatitis are sexual transmitted and can cause liver cancer and liver failure.

Human papilloma virus is a growing threat. HPV causes genital warts and the warts have been linked to cervical cancer, anal cancer, and other cancers. The epidemic is just beginning. Among homosexual men HPV warts are epidemic. One study found that of homosexual men found that 18.1% of homosexual men self-reported infections with venereal warts.(Darrow 1981)  Because it takes 20 or 30 years before the cancer develops most of these men died of AIDS before they got cancer. But if we cured AIDS tomorrow we would begin to see an epidemic of cancers as sexually active homosexual men reached 50.

Homosexual men are at high risk for almost every form of STD, but adolescent girls are close behind. A report from the CDC shows that in 1992 the three leading causes of deaths related to STDs among American women 15 years or older were cervical cancer, AIDS and hepatitis b and c. It is probable that almost all cervical cancer is a result of infection with HPV. Remember that the girl can be a virgin at marriage and still get HPV-caused cancer if her husband carries the virus.

HPV can be passed from a mother to her baby at birth. In one study of sexually active female college students, nearly half of the young women were infected with HPV. Another study found that 60% of sexually active adolescents were infected with HPV.

HPV is highly contagious and infection cannot be prevented by condoms. The virus is spread by cells shed from the entire area not just from fluid. Dr. John Derive says "Human papilloma virus, thought of as the 'seed' of cervical cancer, is a regional rather than localized disease, and its infectivity is not contained by condoms."

Beside the deaths directly caused by the Sexual Revolution, we have secondary deaths caused by the increase in violence in our society which is directly related to fatherless families. Boys need fathers in the home to teach them the rules. Without fathers they are drawn to gangs -- where they fulfill their desperate need to prove their manhood through violence and murder. Fatherlessness is a direct result of the Sexual Revolution, men and women walking away from marriage because they value a transient affair, or never marrying in the first place.

The death toll mounts and the Sexual Revolutionaries don't care. Revolutionaries have never cared.


Death is not the only tragedy brought on by the Sexual Revolution. The inability to have a child has brought suffering to women since the beginning of time. The reproductive system of a woman is a delicate mechanism -- the window of reproductive opportunity for some women is short. For a certain percentage of women pregnancy has always been difficult or impossible.  The Sexual Revolutionaries told girls that they could fool around, have many partners, and when they were ready settle down, and have a baby, but didn't tell them that the plague of sexually transmitted diseases has radically increased the number of infertile or sterile women. Delaying childbearing through contraception has caused many women to miss their opportunity. Many who thought they didn't want a baby when they were 25 found out when they were 35 that they didn't want anything else -- and it was too late.

Anne Taylor Fleming has written a poignant and terrifying story of her own journey through the torture of reproductive technologies in Motherhood Deferred. She write about her plight and that of the many other women who found out too late the cost of the Sexual Revolution:

We infertiles won't die for want of a baby. We are not growing pale and thin with disease. We do not for example have AIDS, though many of us have come by our infirmity through the same avenue, through sex, or more specifically some sexually transmitted disease, some STD or ID (pelvic inflammatory Disease), to add to the acronyms, which has scarred our reproductive parts and left us, like those with AIDS no doubt, scanning back through our histories to remember the precise encounter the exact time of the fatal [sexual act] , if you will, that delivered this infection blow. Was it special, was it lovely, was it necessary, can it be undone? Can I take it back, not have done it, not have been there in that particular bed on that particular night.

And the reproductive technologies used to remedy reproductive failures caused by the Sexual Revolution produce a whole new category of victim of the Culture of Death as the unborn babies produced for the women who damaged their reproductive systems are stored and discarded, quality tested and if they don't meet the standards aborted, created in multiples because they aren't expected to survive and then selectively reduced if they do. All because the Sexual Revolution promised what it could never deliver: sex without consequences.

And there are so many other victims. I got into this battle because almost 20 years ago when I discovered that abortion was psychologically traumatic for women. It may seem unbelievable today. But 20 years ago the pro-life movement did not acknowledge the psychological and physical effects of abortion on women. When I found this evidence, I was thrilled. I really believed that I had solved the problem. The promoters of abortion were feminists -- feminists were supposed to be for women. I would go to them and explain how terrible abortion is and they would become pro-life. I couldn't have been more mistaken. They already knew how devastating abortion was; they knew more women who had abortions. They didn't care. They were defending their great feminist revolution and the absolute sexual liberation that was the cornerstone of that liberation. Abortion was and is still essential to their agenda. If you want to eradicate all societal recognition of the differences between men and women, you have to start with the most crucial differences. If a man and woman have sexual relations only one person gets pregnant and that one is always the woman. Abortion allows women to pretend that sex for them is no different than sex for a man.

Recently, I found some wonderful information. I found a way to prevent men from becoming infected with HIV. The terrible truth is that 15 years after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, in spite of all the AIDS education and all the condoms, one out of two men who have sex with men will become HIV positive, and there is no evidence that this will change in the foreseeable future. We can, however, predict which boys are at risk, because the vast majority of men who have sex with men as adults or adolescents show symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder or Juvenile Unmasculinity in childhood. While not all boys who show symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder or Juvenile Unmasculinity become homosexual, some studies suggest that about 87% of homosexual men showed such symptoms as boys. On the other hand about 75% of boys with these symptoms become homosexually active as adolescents or adults.

The good news is that the symptoms are obvious in early childhood and that effective treatment is available. The sooner the treatment starts, the more aggressive the treatment program, the more likely that the symptoms will disappear, and the greater the possibility that when the boy grows up he will not engage in behaviors which put him at risk of HIV infection. Not only will such treatment save lives, there is substantial evidence that these boys will be spared loneliness, teasing, and unhappiness associated with Gender Identity Disorder and Juvenile Unmasculinity.

Thursday night I went to testify before a committee of our state legislature. I suggested to our state legislators that teachers and parents should be informed of this wonderful information. I begged for them to recognize that these boys' lives are at risk. The defenders of Sexual Revolution on the committee did not care. It was more important to them to defend the lie that sexual orientation can't be changed, than try to save the lives of these young men.

Make no mistake, this is not just about behavior between consenting adults. The primary target of the revolution is children. The Sexual Revolutionaries distorted Freud; they decided that if psychological problems are caused by repressing childhood sexual urges, then little children should be encouraged to explore their sexuality, something which Freud would have recognized as terribly dangerous. The Sexual Revolutionaries misused the work of anthropologists like Margaret Mead. Mead went to study the Samoans and came back to inform every one that all we needed for happy well adjusted adults was to free children from sexual repression and the next generation would grow up with no problems. This of course was nonsense. Mead couldn't speak the Samoan language and relied on the testimony of young girls who lied to her. She totally misunderstood the Samoan culture.

But the Sexual Revolutionaries bought her theories and sold them to generations of eager college students. When a reputable researcher went back to Samoa to check her research, he discovered that everything she said was untrue. She is still lionized and he was condemned for criticizing the "great woman."


The primary goal of the Sexual Revolution is the sexualization of children. Sexual Revolutionaries understand that if children are brought up chaste and modest, and protected from sexual molestation and early sexualization, their agenda will fail. They need to break down sexual restraint early. Have you ever wondered why they are so insistent on K through 12 sex education? Because they want children to begin to experiment with sex in elementary school. They want pre-puberty children taught to engage in solitary sexual activity. I had a mother tell me that a nursery school teacher was encouraging these activities among the children. The Sexual Revolutionaries pushing sex education and condoms say, "Kids are going to have sex." What they don't say is that they want kids to have sex. Not intercourse, of course, not until they are 15, but everything else.

Why are our children doing so badly in school? Why do we see unprecedented violence between children? In many cases I am convinced that these are the direct effects of the sexualization of children.

What do we know about children and sex? We know that young children from birth to six are capable of sensations associated with their sexual organs, and emotional attachments. But they do not need to engage in sexual activity. The work of childhood is growing up. If a child wants to marry his mother or a girl her father, the parents need to make it clear that this is impossible. Mother and Daddy love them, but marriage is for adults and when they grow up they will marry some one of their own age.

Around age six the child enters the latency period. During this period the child forms relationships with his peers and particularly with same-sex peers. While I was in Ireland, I heard a talk by an elementary school principal who spoke about the importance of the latency period. He explained that during this period children need to be protected from sexualizing influences, because this is the period in which they develop virtues such as compassion, empathy, courage, honesty, and discipline. If the child is sexualized during the latency period, this development is short circuited and these children never develop these virtues. They grow up morally stunted, seeing themselves as valuable only for their sexuality, detached from their own bodies, and unable to properly value others as persons. As he spoke tears came to my eyes because I had seen the shining faces of children on the roads of country Ireland -- bright, beautiful, and innocent -- and contrasted them with the children I see on the street of my own city -- hollow-eyed, cynical, estranged from themselves.

In this country we spend a fortune on education and then complain that it fails. How can be expect to keep the attention of sexualized children? Any good teacher will tell you that they can pick out the sexually abused child - distracted, depressed, acting out -- the symptoms are obvious. What is less obvious is the semi-abused child, the one whose innocence has been stolen not by some pedophile hanging around the park or some lecherous uncle, but by a culture that sends sexualized commercials and soap operas into their bedrooms on their very own color TV's. These sexualized children grow up emotional stunted and we increasingly accept it as normal.

Then we are shocked when the teachers find 6th graders performing oral sex in the back rows of the class room and hallways, and every one is shocked. What did we expect? We are shocked by the murders by children, but investigations reveal that many of these child murderers were victims of child sexual abuse.

Sexualized children become liars and cheaters, distracted from school work by emotions they are unable to deal with. I taught school for a year and saw this first hand. A girl would start getting C's because the boy she had been sleeping with broke up with her. Another student couldn't concentrate because her boyfriend who was in fact a 25 year old married man was beating her. They were getting to fights between boys and between girls when relationships broke up. I saw the tragic, jealous, angry, frightened, prematurely sexualized products of the Sexual Revolution -- 10th and 11th graders with sad eyes who said, "Mrs. O'Leary you're too late you should have been here when we were in the 6th grade or the 4th grade, somebody should have warned us."

And now we have the tragic story of Monica Lewinsky -- daughter of the Sexual Revolution -- child of divorce, brought up in a sexualized culture, whose mother wrote a book about the sexual life of famous people that may or may not be true. Monica, who tells her friend that there is nothing wrong with lying. Monica, who has an affair with a high school teacher. Monica, who comes to Washington with the goal of performing sexual acts on the President. Monica, who becomes pregnant by a someone at the Pentagon and has an abortion. If only half of this is true, we have to ask what kind of culture produced a Monica Lewinsky and is she so different from the girls she grew up with or are there are a lot of Monica's out there.

Watch 5 minutes of Jerry Springer and you will see the effects of the Sexual Revolution on ordinary people. It isn't just that these people have no sexual morality: they have no honesty, no integrity, no compassion, no sense of right and wrong, their only recourse is violence. They don't know what has happened to them and they don't know how to fix it. They are angry because they have gotten themselves into situations they can't get out of. We can laugh at them, but we should be crying. Their lives have been torn apart by the Sexual Revolution and there is no easy way to put them back together.

I could go on and on. The degrading of women and men by the sex industry. The proliferation of S.O.Bs -- Sexually Oriented Businesses — sex tourism, street prostitution, of adults and children, male and female. The booming pornography business and the increasing addiction to pornography. And the pornography has spread to the main stream media. And we are told that we must tolerate this invasion in the name of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are essential if we are to preserve our democratic form of government, essential for the establishment of democracy elsewhere, but these concepts have been mutilated by the Sexual Revolutionaries. We are told that freedom of speech protects the right of men to eject body fluids on table dancers and freedom of press protects the right to put obscenity in the hands of 8-year-olds on the Internet. We tell Third World countries, who are struggling to establish democracy and modernize their economies on the one hand and preserve their values and families on the other, requires accepting most degraded forms [My note: the end of that sentence appears to be missing in the original. —WHS]. Countries are castigated because they don't want ships carrying homosexual men docking in their ports bringing men who will seek out young males for prostitution and leave behind devastating infectious diseases.

If we equate freedom with sexual excess, we should not be surprised if pro-family Third World nations reject western values. When we set up these kinds of choices we are playing into the hands of the real religious fanatics and terrorists. The Iranian Ayatollah called the US the great Satan. Was he that wrong? What would Satan want done that we have not done? Why are we shocked when these countries reject American values? Don't we reject what is being promoted abroad as American values — our X-rated films, our slutty television?

I offer one simple example of how the Sexual Revolution impinges on the progress toward freedom. In the Philippines they have censorship of films, those with explicit sexual content are edited or banned. Steven Spielberg's film Schindler's List came to the Philippines, the censors considered it an important movie, The Philippine people had suffered under an occupying force and endured slave labor and death camps. They did not object to the graphic scenes of nude prisoners, but they did ask that a scene in which Schindler engages in a sexual act be edited. They felt that the audience didn't really need to see the entire act in graphic detail to understand what happened. Spielberg arrogantly told them no cuts no changes -- take it as it is or not at all. The Philippinos gave in. Is this a victory or artistic integrity or is it the vilest form of cultural imperialism?

The Sexual Revolution has undermined our families, our freedoms, our economy, our values, and its proponents demand more. They demand that every barrier to the revolution be pulled down, every protection destroyed. They demand we turn our children over to their sex educators starting in nursery school, pay for their pornography in our libraries, accept it over the Internet into our homes.

And if we suggest, not a return to the common sense practices of the past, but a little control, a little protection for children, we are vilified as a Victorian, puritanical, homophobic sexually repressed, bigoted, extremist religious fanatic, book-burning censors with no respect for the first amendment or democratic values.

Politicians back off and allow the pedophiles to create sex education programs. You think I am exaggerating. Have you seen the children's book It's perfectly Normal - there are 49 copies in the public libraries of Rhode Island, I don't know how many in school libraries. It is supposed to provide sex education for 10-year-olds, but the illustrations, which are reminiscent of the Richard Scary books, would appeal to much younger children. There are 50 examples of frontal nudity. I asked pornography expert Judith Reisman her opinion of the book and she said it's a handbook for pedophiles. One page she found particularly disturbing. It shows two rows of totally nude human beings -- all ages and sizes. just standing their with everything hanging out. Judith said that normal children would never be in a multi-aged, mixed sex environment and there is nothing healthy about picturing a child in such a setting. A pedophile could, however, point to the pictures -- not out of some dirty book but out of a volume taken from the children's section of the public library and say -- "Why don't we try this. Let's get nude and explore our bodies. You explore mine and I'll explore yours." That is the way pedophiles work.

STEP I - The Sexual Revolution is the Cause of all Evil

If we intend to start a counter Sexual Revolution, we must begin by making it clear that the Sexual Revolution is the cause of all evil -- well maybe not all evil, but almost all. We have to continually emphasize this. It will take several years to open people's eyes, and we have to begin with our own. Use every opportunity to show how the disasters we face are directly related to the sexual Revolution.

STEP II - Sexual Revolutionaries are sick people

Second, to help others understand how the Sexual Revolution hurts children and destroys lives is the first step, but that is not enough. We have to marginalize the promoters of the Sexual Revolution. We must expose them for what they are. They are sexually sick individuals -- scared by childhood sexual abuse, addicted to sexual excess, trying to find a way out of their own compulsive behavior by blaming others.

In this regard Alfred Kinsey is clearly the father of the modern Sexual Revolution. During his lifetime he masqueraded as a normal family man, a scientist interested in getting out the facts. He appears to have been addicted to the most extreme forms of self-abuse -- too graphic to recount to a public audience -- but well documented in a recent book by James Jones. Jones suggests that there is evidence hat Kinsey's death may have been hastened by an injury which occurred during these practices.

Kinsey data was used to prove that children were sexual from birth. What it actually proves is that even very small children can be molested. To get this proof Kinsey relied on the journals of a pedophile who molested babies. Kinsey's staff went so far as to hide the identity of a possible pedophile child murderer from the police.

One of the problems we face is that we who are psychologically whole or who have been healed are dealing with people who have real psycho-sexual problems; problems which may be very difficult for us to understand.

We need to understand the dark world of the sexually troubled and to understand the difference between sexual perversion and healthy sexual desire. Shock is not a sufficient response. For example, if a child is traumatized in a manner that affects his sexuality -- particularly if he is humiliated or victimized -- it leaves him vulnerable to severe anxiety. When he is again humiliated, he subconsciously relives the initial humiliation and tries to resolve the anxiety by gaining mastery over those who humiliated him. Since he can't attack his mother or father, he finds a substitute, another woman, and forces her into a humiliating situation -- for example, he shocks by pulling out is private parts or demanding a sexual act. The thrill is the shock -- he is excited by her reaction. In other cases, men may become sexually excited by risk and want to engage in sexual acts in public places or where there is a chance of discovery.

This is a perversion of the sexual impulse. The man in such cases is not seeking an intimate sexual union, he is using sex to achieve a self-centered satisfaction and to resolve inner feelings of inadequacy and failure. Such behavior becomes addictive. The risk has to be increased. The shock intensified. The woman is merely an object to be used

I am convinced that some sex educators are actually practicing a form of exhibitionism in which they experience a sense of mastery by destroying the innocence of children, because they have not resolved their own childhood sexual molestation. We must stop turning our children over to these sexual disturbed persons. We should have compassion on them. But our compassion must be tough love. If they want help, we have to be willing to help them find it and have to be patient — freedom from psycho-sexual abuse does not come quickly or easily.

However, most do not want freedom. They want the world to change. They want to make their perversion of sexuality normal. They think it is our fault that they are dysfunctional. They believe that if only we would recognize their perversion as normal they would cease to feel bad about themselves.

We must be the defenders of children. We must start labeling sex education programs what they really are -- group sexual harassment. We must point out that much of that sex that we supposedly can't stop kids from having is "statutory rape" or sexual child abuse. We have to recognize that sex education encourages children to sexually molest other children. We have to defend the children's right to be innocent against the culture that wants to molest them.

STEP III - We are the defenders of true sexual joy

Third, we have to promote the truth about sexuality. The Sexual Revolutionaries frequently claim that they are for sexual pleasure and we are against it. And we have allowed them to get away with it. Too often we sound as if we are against the pleasures of sexual intimacy. Those who half listen think that when we promote abstinence we mean complete abstinence, not chastity before marriage, fidelity to marriage, and joy within marriage.

We have not made it clear that we are the defenders of the real joys of human intimacy and that they don't even know what sex is for. Their concept of sexuality is infantile - self-center sexual satisfaction. The difference between our vision of sexuality and theirs is clear. For them the model sexual act is masturbation, for us it is the intimate union between husband and wife in marriage -- the total gift of self that occurs only when the relationship is permanent and exclusive.

Kinsey counted sexual outlets as though a person stimulating his own sexual organs or a group engaged in similar behaviors was equal with the relations between a husband and wife. Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders shocked parents and delighted Sexual Revolutionaries when she promoted teaching children to masturbate. This is the Sexual Revolutionaries idea of sex. They want to addict children to solitary sexual activity. Feminists in Ms magazine promoted masturbation as better than the relations between men and women. AIDS educator Susie Landolfi told high school students in Chelmsford MA that masturbation was better.

The tragedy is that most of this generation have never really engaged in a truly sexual act. They have engaged in acts designed to provide individual sexual release -- not a gift of self. In fact, they are usually very careful not to give themselves -- sometimes not even sharing the common human decency of an exchange of names and phone numbers. They don't know what they are missing. And unfortunately we are often too modest to tell them. Many of you have only had real sexual experiences. You married as virgins, you gave yourselves with love to your husband, to your wife, to the children that would come, to God and you never considered how different you were. Other of you have had experiences of before and after -- and you know the difference between fake sex and real sexual intimacy.

Those who have never experienced the real gift of self and only engaged in self-centered behaviors are deeply wounded and alienated from their own natures. We need to help these sexually wounded souls find healing.

We need to provide real education in sexuality to children -- not in a mixed sex classroom, but one-on-one parent to children. We must explain with love that the sexual act has a psychic dynamic It is meant to join the man and the woman as one flesh -- to create a permanent bond -- a bond which will sustain the child that will be the permanent sign of how two became one flesh. We need to warn children what happens when two who have joined break up -- that it is like cutting off a part of the self -- the person is left with a bloody stump, a phantom limb continues to feel. Children are forced to deal with unbearable emotional pain. It is not surprising that we see violence or suicide among young boys and girls at the termination of first relationships. It is a cry of agony. They can't take the pain. They may try desperately to reconnect with their first partner or rush off to connect with some one else -- anything to stop the bleeding, to stop the pain. But they are permanently scarred. The next relationship is often also cut off, and then the next, and soon they are a mass of scars. There is no place for them to attach. They are afraid of commitment.

Remember the old movies: a romance and finally commitment, then marriage and then the intimate union (off screen). Now what is the theme? Sex first and then the couple must overcome their terror of commitment. Why are they so afraid to commit? Because they are so scared by previous relationships.

We are now confronted with a whole generation of hardened teenagers, who have never experienced real sexuality and are reduced to solitary sensation and phone sex. We have to prepare places for healing of the sexually wounded. They need prayer.

They need hope. They need healing. Our churches haven't always been there for the sexually broken. We need to understand when we confront them that their anger comes from their pain and their terror.


We have to make it clear and say it often. The Sexual Revolution is the cause of most evil.

We have to make it clear and say it often. Sexual Revolutionaries are sick people who need help. They don't know what sex is for. They are angry and hateful, lashing out and trying to change the world, because they can't find peace within.

We have to protect the children from sexual molesters of all kinds.

And we have to smile, to shine with joy, to radiate love whether married or celibate and show that we have what the Sexual Revolution can never deliver.

I know that the task of challenging the Sexual Revolution appears impossible, but we cannot save the babies and leave the Sexual Revolution unchallenged. In spite of the forces massed against us I really believe we can succeed.

I would like to remind you of the prophet Elisha. An evil King sent an entire army to capture him. They surrounded the city in which he lived and demanded that he surrender to them or they would destroy the city. His servant was terrified, but Elisha admonished him "Fear not for those who are with us are more than those who are with them." Then Elisha prayed that the eyes of his servant be opened. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man and he saw and behold, the mountains were full of angelic horses and chariots of fire surrounded Elisha.

Fear not for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

Summary of the portions of Mike Wallaces interview with Sanger

March 15, 1998

Paying tribute to eugenicist Margaret Sanger, without mentioning her racist ideas, was bad enough. But CNN’s March 15 "Perspectives," focusing on Women’s History Month, made matters worse by running portions of a 1957 Mike Wallace interview of Sanger, in which the founder of Planned Parenthood disparaged Catholic priests. She began by dismissing Church teaching on natural law as "unnatural," claiming that "nothing bears it out." Then she added, "How do they (priests) know? I mean, after all, they’re celibates. They don’t know love, they know nothing about bringing up children, or any of the marriage problems of life. And yet they speak to people as if they were God." [Catholic League's 1998 Report on Anti-Catholicism] —WHS

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