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since June 19, 2001



Ontario father in danger of being destroyed by the Canadian judiciary, for wanting to protect his daughter from violent, abusive mother

Eric Bouchard's Case — Update 2003 10 23

Mother violent, abusive, makes frequent suicide attempts, but CAS refuses to inform the fathers of the two children about the mother's hospitalization on account of her latest suicide attempt and further refuses to tell the fathers anything about where the children are.
   With the help of the judiciary, the mother demands child support for the same child from two different men, the natural father whom she consistently denied all access to his daughter (for which she was even jailed during the course of one single weekend — one of only two women in Canada ever to be jailed for that criminal offence) and from the father of her second child, whom she denies access to his daughter as well.
   Some people may think that she is entitled to all of that, because those are her children, and that she must, after all, protect the source of her income and maximize the income she can derive from that source.  No doubt, that is most likely what motivates Deborah Grenier, but what about the fathers of those two children?
   Don't fathers have souls, don't they have hearts, don't they bleed red blood when you cut them?  Most importantly, what about the two children? 

What a terrible society this is that routinely denies children the right to have fathers in their lives!

Parents are the first teachers.  A child who is deprived of half of what it can learn from its parents, through the judiciary's collusion with the child's mother to exclude the father from his child's life, that child is handicapped for life.  That child will only learn half of what she must learn to have a healthy psychological matrix that will be the foundation for her character for as long as she lives.

Current status (2003 10 23)

Court-Date Note (2003 10 25 — the Oct. 30th date may be adjourned)

More Background (A year ago, 2002 10 30)


Darla's Blog — For The Sake of The Children

Contact details

Web Pages with more details on the case

Eric's Thank-You Note

Eeva Sodhi wrote (2003 10 23)

Just about a year ago you added an update https://fathersforlife.org/divorce/jtcustdy.htm to the story of the battle between Wayne Allen and Deborah Grenier – Wayne being only the second parent in Canada to get the custodial parent jailed for access denial.

Your update dealt with the second husband of D.G., Eric Bouchard.

Eric will be in the court again on the 30th Oct., exactly one year later. Darla McKinstry has sent this letter of appeal for support to all of us who care about justice and the welfare of children.

This is her letter that she has sent to all concerned (you may have received it also):

The letter I am sending out tonight. To Government and Media. Feedback?  

Today, I have important news.

It has been made known that Deborah Grenier was placed in a hospital a short time ago. The reason apparently given was recent suicide attempts. With all my heart I do hope she is ok. She does need help and I certainly hope she finally gets it.

The main concern however, is...

    ...The whereabouts of the two children have not been made known to the fathers involved in this case. No one will say. CAS is remaining "mum" on the matter. Where are the children? Are they with family? Strangers? No one will say. Why were the fathers not informed of the mothers absence?

Eric Bouchard goes to court October 30, 2003, in St. Catharines, Ontario, to face charges stemming from his dedicated fight to protect his child from the mother.

    The mother, the Cayuga Family Court said they had no concerns with.

    Last November, the Cayuga Family Court THREW OUT the child protection matter.

Please hear my bitter laugh.

    How much more do these children have to suffer? How much more do these fathers have to go through in order to protect them?

    Be at this courthouse on October 30, 2003, to see if they now condemn Eric for trying to protect the children, from this mother they say was not a concern. Attempted suicides in her past and present are not a concern?

Again... Hear my bitter laugh

    I have emailed hundreds of people all across Canada, asking for help in starting a public inquiry.

This October 30, in St. Catharines, they are KNOWINGLY going to try to WRONGLY nail Eric to the wall, just like every other time throughout this entire case. I wish I could be optimistic, but in this case, the entire system is CLEARLY biased against the fathers. These children need help and the system is letting them down BIGTIME.

I will be there. I will stand up against a system that has watched as children have fallen through the cracks only to eventually appear as lifeless bodies, empty stares, nameless statistics, pawns in games of power, greed, scapegoats, in a world more concerned in covering up their mistakes and who did or did not do their job.  

I REFUSE to allow it to happen once again.

Darla McKinstry

Eeva Sodhi further wrote:

I have been in constant touch with Darla who is beyond despair. I suggested that she write to you, maybe you could give some added publicity to the case. Here is her latest letter to me:

Again, thank you. I just finished speaking with Eric and he stated that CAS will give him no information yet, other than that the children are with the mother and everything is fine. They are not aware that he received the letter mentioning her hospitalization. The person he spoke with also stated that "you have obviously been very busy on the internet", he thinks this means they are monitoring my sites as well. as far as names being published? I don't care about Eric's, Wayne's, and Deb's names being published. It is the names of the children that I am leery of printing. [Name of child omitted] has however, been in the news, and has had her picture plastered all over the papers, and so has [name of child omitted]. But I think one should be careful, I don't want anything coming back on them from peers etc.

I am aware of the daycare, that [name of child omitted] goes to, so am planning on returning there to see if I can see her in the yard. I have been there in the past and spoke to the woman in the office, regarding her well being. I only stated that I was a friend and just wanted to make sure [name of child omitted] was ok.

Speaking to Eric once again, and he says to publicize everything, even on your site, except the names of the children. There is no publication ban placed on his case YET. Also make note that on top of the child support Wayne Allen is ordered to pay, Eric is being ordered to pay for BOTH children. Called Double Dipping. Another reason why both fathers are refusing to pay anything.

May I send you a copy of the letter I decide to send to the politicians before I send it out?


[end quotes]





The St. Catharines court hearing on Oct. 30, 2003 makes an excellent opportunity to stage a demonstration and to witness the attempt by the judiciary to destroy a father who is to be punished for daring to ask that the courts protect his child from a violent and abusive mother, a mother who has no qualms about demanding, with the support of the courts, child support from two different men for the same child.

From what Eric said, today, the hearing will extend to Oct. 31st.

How about it?  Are you man or woman enough to help out?

Details still have to be worked out, but for now:


St. Catharines Courthouse
59 Church Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 7N8

Date of Eric's hearing: October 30, 2003

Time: 9:30 a.m.

How to get there

Note: Eric said today (2003 10 28):

...I was turned down today for a motion to move the trial to a later date to prepare because of the 250 pages disclosure that was made available just two weeks ago but the judge ordered whatever the Crown's little heart desire. Anyway, short on time. Trial is going ahead on the 30th & 31st of October at 10:00a.m. St-Catherines Court, 59 Church St.

God Bless Eric


Who is Darla McKinstry?

Darla is a former co-worker of Eric Bouchard and is a friend of Eric's.  She is worried about what is happening to Eric Bouchard's daughter and to Wayne Allen's daughter.  Darla met Wayne Allen through Eric.
   Darla can be reached by e-mail at dmckinstry@mountaincable.net, and by cell phone at 289-260-4708 ("may also be reached by text message, BUT it takes only small messages LOL It's old")
   Darla set up a Blog for all of this.  It is brand new, and so far there are few messages, but it will be the place where the latest news pertaining to Eric Bouchard's hearing will be posted.

Eric Bouchard
   E-mail: emelier03@yahoo.ca

Darla's Web Pages


I have only taught myself how to do anything on the computer. I have no idea if I am even doing it right.
   Here is a list of the webpages I have put up. Most of them were done in Microsoft Word, so hopefully everybody can access them.
   Admittedly, they are amateur because I had to teach myself how to do it. <blushing>

The Hub (index)

Update (2003 10 17) Child Protection Matter

Darla did pretty good.  She said that some of the pages that can be accessed via The Hub "were put up because a few were shut down for breaking the rules. OOPS LOL", and that the graphics files are large files because she didn't know downsize pictures when she first started doing this. So, please, don't be impatient.

Eric's Thank-You Note

Sat 2003-10-25 09:38

To whom it may concern,

                                             I like to thank everyone at your site for all the good hard work put in to keep this story alive. The children have been long forgotten in the process, and the process has diluted the Protection Matter. So, left alone in front of the Big Tyson in the ring, I will continue to support that a child is entitled to a relationship with both parents and has or should have laws to protect them and not continue to expose them to danger.

God Bless,
Yours truly,
Eric Bouchard

Coverage in the media

( St. Catharines - Niagara)

Missing tot returned safely: Father granted bail after two-year-old daughter taken into the custody of children's aid society

by Peter Downs ,Fri 08 Nov 2002 Page: A1 / Front

The navy Cadillac rolled up in front of the St. Catharines courthouse Thursday carrying the blond toddler at the centre of a parental abduction battle.

Two-year-old Emelie Bouchard, reported missing 10 days ago, was whisked from the back seat of defence lawyer Walter Fox's car into the custody of the Haldimand-Norfolk Children's Aid Society.

With small white mittens dangling on a string from the sleeves of her winter coat, Emelie was buckled into a child seat in the social worker's car around 10:30 a.m. for the trip to an undisclosed hospital for a standard medical examination.

Less than an hour later, the girl's father, Eric Bouchard of Smithville, was granted bail on charges of parental abduction and contravening a court order to return Emelie to her mother.
The bail agreement hinged on the child's safe delivery to authorities.

"The primary goal was to get the girl back and we've done that. Everything else can be worked out by the courts later," assistant Crown attorney Alan Tessmer said outside court.
The toddler appeared to be unharmed and healthy, he said. "She looked good. She's a cute little girl."

Bouchard, 35, was arrested by Niagara Regional Police Nov. 1 when he failed to return Emelie to her mother after a weekend visit late last month.

A family court judge in Cayuga had ordered him to return the child to his estranged wife, Deborah, on Oct. 28.

Bouchard told police at the time his daughter was in safe hands, but refused to reveal where.
He and his Toronto lawyer continued their silence Thursday on the youngster's whereabouts over the past 10 days.

"That's a matter of solicitor-client privilege, and I'm certainly not going to reveal that to anybody," Fox said after the bail hearing.

Standing outside the Church Street courthouse in prison-issue orange coveralls, Bouchard maintained he was forced to take action to protest inequities of the family court system. "It is desperation. It's sad that a person has to do this," he said.

Bouchard, who separated from his wife 15 months ago, has been fighting for sole custody of Emelie. "I'm going to go to court to see what can be done because I have a little bit of faith left in the system. We'll see what happens."

Deborah Bouchard, 39, of Dunnville, was at the courthouse briefly, but left without comment immediately after her daughter was taken away.

The child will remain in the care of the Children's Aid Society at least until a family court hearing Nov. 12 in Cayuga.

Bouchard, released on $15,000 no-deposit bail, was ordered to return to Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines Nov. 19 to continue proceedings on the abduction charge.

Under the bail agreement, Bouchard must report to Niagara Regional Police in Grimsby weekly and live with a co-worker in Dundas, who agreed to act as his surety.

Illustration: Color Photo: Eric Bouchard.; Color Photo: Peter Downs, The Standard

A social worker carries two-year-old Emelie Bouchard near the St. Catharines courthouse Thursday morning after the child at the centre of a parental abduction battle was whisked from the back seat of a defence lawyer's car into the custody of the Haldimand-Norfolk Children's Aid Society.

(St. Catharines ) Thursday November 7th, 2002 Page A3

Distraught mom may learn today tot's whereabouts: Hearing continues for father accused of abduction

Deborah Bouchard left St. Catharines court holding a small pink backpack and a baby bottle of milk Wednesday, but with no idea of her missing two-year-old daughter's whereabouts.

Minutes earlier, a bail hearing was adjourned for her estranged husband, who is charged with abducting the toddler.

Eric Bouchard, 35, of Smithville has told Niagara Regional Police his daughter Emelie is in safe hands, but he refuses to reveal where.

The accused, who is being held in custody at Niagara Detention Centre, was to return to court today to continue his bail hearing.

Defence lawyer Walter Fox told justice of the peace Rosemary Belcastro he's confident he and the prosecutor would be in a position to present a "complete resolution to the satisfaction of everybody" at the hearing.

Outside court, Fox wouldn't discuss the proposed resolution in detail or say whether it involves the missing child being handed over to authorities.

Neither would assistant Crown attorney Alan Tessmer comment on the proposal, other than to indicate he's optimistic it will lead to a positive result.

"I'm coming here at 9 a.m. and I'm hoping I'll be happy," he said.

Deborah Bouchard, 39, of Dunnville left the courthouse visibly distraught and declined comment until after today's hearing. Eric Bouchard was arrested Nov. 1 on charges of parental abduction and contravening a court order to return Emelie to her mother Oct. 27 after a weekend visit.

A family court judge in Cayuga ordered him to return the child to his estranged wife Oct. 28.
Fox maintained his client took action out of concern for his daughter's safety.

"He believes the court was wrong in giving interim custody to the mother," Fox said outside court. "He believed his child's welfare was at risk when he did what police say he did."

The abduction case has drawn the attention of at least two organization's that advocate fairer parental access rights in custody battles.

Charles Farrauto, president of Hamilton-based Kids Need Both Parents, maintained family courts share a portion of the blame for the toddler's abduction. "This is what parents are driven to when they can't get any help through the court system," he said.

Farrauto said he had been advocating on Eric Bouchard's behalf to gain greater access to his daughter. Farrauto said he had spoken to him since his arrest, but didn't know the youngster's location. "Knowing Mr. Bouchard as I do, I know that child is not at risk."

Grant Wilson, president of the Mississauga-based Canadian Children's Rights Council, was also monitoring the case. "I want to see how the courts handle this and see how sympathetic the courts are to a father who's protecting his child, if that is the case," he said.

Wayne Allen's Story

Grant provided some background on Wayne Allen's story.  Wayne also had a daughter with Deborah Grenier, before Deborah Grenier latched on to Eric Bouchard and had a child with him as well.

For the full story about Wayne Allen's 80 plus trips to court to enforce access (see "police enforcement" on the navigation bar of the FACT website). I put the complete story and legal stuff, judgement etc. there when I registered www.fact.on.ca and was the FACT webmaster before Brian. There is an amazing story about Wayne's case. The police wouldn't obey the judges apprehension order for his daughter and made fools of them selves in court. The newspaper articles about the 50 or so fathers in attendance in Hamilton and the police disobeying the court apprehension order are very interesting, go to www.fact.on.ca and on the nav bar "police enforcement"

Wayne's complete story was presented to the Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access at the Toronto hearing. This and all testimony is available on the internet site of the Parliament of Canada.

This is a historic story.

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Posted 2003 10 23
2003 10 24 (to incorporate additional information: date, place, time, contacts, etc.)
2003 10 25 (added a about possible change to court date and added a link to Darla's blog)