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since June 19, 2001



Letter by Justice Canada CST, 1998 06 19, announcing discussion paper

Child Support Initiative, Research Frame Work: Discussion Paper

(French version of the covering letter)
(English version of the covering letter)  

Please note: Call Justice Canada at 1-888-373-2222 (toll-free) ask for two additional pieces of information:

  1. Highlights: An Overview of the Research Program to Develop a Canadian Child Support Formula by Ross Finnie, Carolina Gilberti and Daniel Stripinis, Communications and Consultations Branch, Department of Justice Canada.

  2. A copy of the evaluation framework for the evaluation of the Child Support Initiative that is being carried out by the Evaluation Division of the Department of Justice Canada.  The discussion paper mentions that evaluation framework right at the bottom of page 3, but it doesn't provide a formal title or document reference number.

Note: Is it possible that NACSOW has paid staff to provide input to Justice Canada on this?  Wouldn't it be nice if family-friendly organizations could get at least a little bit of funding to cover their efforts and expenses for this?

Let there be no misconception in anyone's mind about this.  This is related to the reviews that the Justice Department is obligated to engage itself in to monitor the impact and status of the effects of the implementations of Bill C-41.  It is quite obvious that they have considered that to be the mandate for the establishment of a massive sector of their bureaucracy.  Here is a quote from page four of the discussion paper:


The FPT Task Force on Child Support Implementation established the FPT Research Subcommittee to help develop the research framework in mid-1996.  After a series of conference calls, a small group of provincial and federal representatives met in January 1997 to begin elaborating the requirements for monitoring the guidelines component of the initiative.  The subcommittee now includes at least one representative from each province and territory, a representative from Statistics Canada (the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, or CCJS) and a representative from Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat.

The subcommittee holds regular conference calls and periodic joint meetings to. establish consensus on short- and long-term research requirements and to promote cooperation and collaboration on research activities of mutual interest.  Members clearly realize the advantages of coordinating their activities to avoid overlap or duplication of effort.

The overall research framework is designed to address the need for ongoing data collection and analyses to monitor the major components of the Child Support Initiative.  To this end, five major programs of research are being developed. 3 Research activities include the following.

Monitoring the implementation and functioning of the guidelines. This includes monitoring the effects of changing federal and provincial tax parameters on the table amounts.

Monitoring the enhanced enforcement measures, such as tracing and licence and passport withholding; conducting a feasibility study on the creation of a "new hires" program to help locate debtors' income; helping Statistics Canada develop the annual Maintenance Enforcement Survey; and undertaking a national study of the reasons for default on or compliance with support orders.

Identifying the communications and law information needs of various groups.

Evaluating selected innovative provincial and territorial projects, such as those that help the public calculate and negotiate appropriate child support agreements and those that promote enforcement of child support orders.

Conducting special studies to establish baseline and trend information relating to child support order amounts, child custody arrangements and family issues in general.  Specific Statistics Canada surveys and databases will be particularly valuable for these purposes.

                [Orignal emphasis --WHS]

3 Since the programs of research are not mutually exclusive, there will be some overlap and duplication in the research issues and strategies.  In any event, in moving from issue identification to development of specific research strategies, we intend to address multiple issues wherever practicable.


Department of Justice  Ministére de la Justice
    Canada                       Canada

239 Wellington                                                                      Telephone: 957-7450
Ottawa, Ontario                                                                      Facsimile: 952-9600
KlA 0H8

June 19, 1998


In 1996, the government announced a child support reform package that included the introduction of child support guidelines; changes in the tax treatment of child support; redirection of the tax savings towards low-income families with children and additional measures to improve the enforcement of child support orders.  The federal Department of Justice will be reporting to Parliament by 2002 on the implementation of the child support guidelines.

In consultation with other federal, provincial and territorial government officials, the Department of Justice Canada has developed a research framework to monitor the implementation of the various components of the Child Support Initiative.  We are now seeking feedback from a variety of interested groups, nongovernmental organizations and concerned individuals.  A copy of the Child Support Initiative Research Framework: Discussion Paper is attached for your review and comment

We would appreciate receiving your written comments on the discussion paper by August 14, 1998.  We have also enclosed a brief questionnaire that will help ensure that our list of interested stakeholders is accurate and as complete as possible.  Please send your comments and the stakeholder questionnaire by mail or fax to:

Child Support Team, Research Unit
Department of Justice
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
KlA 0H8                          Fax: (613) 952-9600.

If you know of other organizations or individuals who have an interest in child support issues please feel free to pass on this document.  If you require further information or have any questions, please contact Catherine Massé at (613) 954-2730 or by e-mail at catherine.masse@justice.x400.gc.c'a

We thank you in advance for your assistance and we look forward to your comments.

Yours truly,

Carolina Giliberti
A/Team Leader
Child Support Team

Encl. [The enclosed Justice Canada Child Support Intitiative (CSI) Research Framework Discussion Paper has been scanned and posted at the following links for downloading --WHS]

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Department of Justice  Ministère de la Justice
Canada                             Canada

239, rue Wellington                                                          Té1éphone: 957-7450
Oftawa (Ontario)                                                            Té1écopieur: 952-9600

Le 19 juin 1998


En 1996, le gouvemement a annoncé une réforme des pensions alimentaires pour enfants qui comprenait I'adoption de lignes directrices sur les pensions alimentaires pour enfants, des modifications du traitement fiscal de ces m8mes pensions, la redistribution de 1'épargne fiscale de fagon qu'elle profite aux families A faible revenu et d'autres mesures visant A améliorer 1'exécution des ordonnances alimentaires.  Le ministére de la Justice déposera un rapport devant le Parlement d'ici I'an 2002 sur I'application des lignes directrices.

Aprés avoir consults des fonctionnaires fédéraux, provinciaux et territoriaux, le ministère de la Justice a mis sur pied un cadre de recherche pour surveiller la mise en oeuvre des différentes composantes de l'initiative sur les pensions alimentaires pour enfants.  Présentement, nous en sommes A recueillir I'avis de divers groupes d'intérêt, d'organisations non gouvemementales et de particuliers concernés.  Vous pouvez inscrire vos commentaires sur la copie du Cadre de recherche relatif à l'initiative sur les pensions alimentaires pour enfants : Document de discussion que vous trouverez ci-jointe et nous la renvoyer d'ici le 14 août 1998.  Vous trouverez également ci-joint un bref questionnaire qui nous aidera[.] A tenir notre liste d'intéressés à jour.  Veuillez envoyer vos commentaires et le questionnaire par courrier ou par télécopieur A :

Équipe sur les pensions alimentaires pour enfants,
Recherches Ministére de la Justice
284, rue Wellington
Ottawa (Ontario)
K1A 0H8                       Té1écopieur: (613) 952-9600.

Si vous connaissez d'autres organismes ou d'autres personnes qui ont un intérêt dans les pensions alimentaires pour enfants, n'hésitez pas à leur faire parvenir ce document.  Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec Catherine Massé au (613) 954-2730 ou par courrier électronique à catherine.masse@justice.x400.gc.ca

Merci d'avance pour votre aide.  Au plaisir de recevoir vos commentaires.

Je vous prie d'agréer 1'expression de mes sentiments distingués,

Carolina Giliberti
Chef d'équipe intérimaire
Équipe sur les pensions alimentaires pour enfants

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