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since June 19, 2001



Family Wars (PAS) — Introduction and Table of Contents

The following is provided by the Professional Association of Custody Evaluators in the US to sensitize those involved with adversarial divorce situations to the harm caused children by separation from their parents. It clearly and non-prejudicially explains the motivated processes, outcomes and corrective procedures of Parental Alienation Syndrome.  Memorize it and quote freely in correspondence with the media, politicians and public regarding the necessity for rewriting Canada's Divorce Act regarding separation and support of family members.   Most importantly, consider this syndrome in terms of the Equal Parents of Canada's policies of:

1)  Automatic assumption of physical joint custody upon separation to ensure children's rights and needs for both parents and extended families in the absence of proven contraindicating evidence.

2)  Mandatory separation counselling to prevent PAS and the tragic outcomes on children from single parenting.

3)  Criminal prosecution and loss of custody for false accusations of child abuse and neglect.

4)  Access enforcement equivalent to maintenance enforcement as both are, by definition, child abuse and neglect.

5)  Termination of Legal Aid for non-compliance of court orders obtained through government funded legal assistance.


Doug Reid (single dad)
4327 Erwin Dr.
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 1H7  604 922 2076

Parental Alienation is a weak parent's imitation of strength.
                                                    —Erik Hoffer (modified)

Although for the moment women appear to win and men to lose, the truth is that both are losing out, though not as much as their children.
                                                    —John Waters


By Peggie Ward, Ph.D. & J. Campbell Harvey, J.D.

The Alienation of Children

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