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since June 19, 2001


The Super-Family — 2

The top-two of the most often told lies:

  1. The cheque is in the mail.
  2. I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you.

In between the meetings I attended during the last eight days, I had to squeeze in attendance at a one-day session (last Tuesday from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs) in connection with the government-sponsored and -promoted Alberta Roundtable on Family Violence (FV) and Bullying.

I see parallels between the Alberta FV Roundtable and the Alberta Rural Development Initiative. In a nutshell, both use a universal recipe for the transfer and transformation of individual rights and freedoms to and into government power and central control by government.

The FV Roundtable is essentially a brainstorming process via which input is gathered from paid employees (in government and in government-funded agencies) and from unpaid volunteers — both involved in addressing FV-related issues and consequences. The proportions of the participants in the FV Roundtable process are roughly:

  1. Government and government-funded paid employees: 74%
  2. Unpaid volunteers: 25%
  3. Victims: 1%

The FV industry thrives, and it will thrive a lot more. Yet, the total number of annual fatalities from partner violence is in the order of 84 in all of Canada (one quarter of them acknowledged to be men), less than the estimated 94 fatalities that occur each year on account of people falling out of bed.

The hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars we threw at the FV problem had no marked impact on family violence trends. Indeed, if we are to believe the statistics produced by feminist advocacy researchers and bureaucrats, the problem grew the more worse the more money we threw at it. Money is perhaps not the root of all evil, but it sure is good fertilizer and can be used to make evil grow.

From my involvement in similar processes (e.g.: the Alberta Justice Summit), although the current process is far more slick, on account of being steered by skilful professional PR experts, the current FV Roundtable looks very familiar. Officially it has the goal of finding solutions that will facilitate the eradication of all family violence and bullying in Alberta — which is a Utopian goal that cannot be achieved without totally changing human nature to be in line with the principles prevailing in and governing an insect hive. The hidden agenda will, by design or default:

  1. Intensify the centralization of decision-making, in effect reducing and curtailing the civil liberties and freedoms of individuals;

  2. Maintain the status quo, namely the promotion and furthering of the inexorably escalating trend to transfer more and more power from citizens into the hands of the State;

  3. Give the bureaucracy the means (i.e.: increased levels of funding and public consent) to escalate the disfranchisement of all individuals;

  4. Provide volunteers with the illusion that they constructively contribute to improving our society, and thereby fairly effectively silence them by keeping them busy and having them lend an air of respectability and acceptability to the whole process, thereby providing credibility to the government's claim that the whole process is driven by, and a reflection of, public opinion.

The effectiveness of propaganda came a long way since the crude and amateurish methods used by Joseph Goebbels, then Germany's Minister of Education.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the opinions of which participating group will carry the day. The FV Roundtable essentially pretends that it is a democratic process. There is as of now nothing in place that objectively and according to absolute standards evaluates which of the many ideas presented by hundreds of individuals will be most beneficial to Alberta society and should therefore be ranked at the top of the list of things to do. The voice of the "democratic" majority (that of the bureaucrats) in the process will be the one that will determine what will be done in the end. Thereby the promise delivered in the throne speech will be addressed via the methods that the bureaucrats wish to see in place. Merely by claiming that what it does helps to bring the sought-after solution, the bureaucracy will be enabled through virtually inexhaustible funding to re-engineer society.

There will be no success in meeting the stated goal, except that the bureaucracy will claim to be fully successful because it managed to get everyone in Alberta involved, without the bureaucracy being held to account to demonstrate in objective terms whether or how much progress occurred per dollar invested in the throne speech pipe dream.

What the bureaucrats will ultimately identify and construct will ostensibly cater to the promise announced in the throne speech. However, it will in reality be the materialization of what the bureaucrats wish to do. That is to throw more money at problems for which the evidence shows a long record proving that throwing more of taxpayers' money (produced through steadily escalating overt and covert taxation) at those problems will achieve not only further deterioration of social conditions but also increasing and escalating growth of the bureaucracy.

The bureaucrats maintain at all cost the illusion that by throwing more money at "a system that is not quite perfected" (in reality it is broken), the perceived problem symptoms will vanish, while in reality the fundamental problem causes will intensify. After all, it was throwing money at them that all along caused those problems to intensify. The laws of nature and logic cannot be changed by wishing for them to change.

The acceleration of the unchecked growth of the bureaucracy and the deterioration of the well-being of society are mutually dependent conditions. The collapse of the USSR is the most renowned proof of that.  Another, less well-known proof is the collapse and fall of the Roman Empire.  It, too, fell victim to a burgeoning, corrupt and back-breaking bureaucracy voracious for ever increasing taxation.  After that came the Dark Age.  Nevertheless, we do our very best to catch up to the level of social "progress" achieved in the countries of the former USSR and communist block.

My summarization of the FV Roundtable process is this:

The government has become aware of the consequences, but does not acknowledge the causes, of the destruction of our families. Rather than to restore conditions for families to their former greatness, the government now tries to do its best to determine what it is that families did that worked so well before families became largely and increasingly more eradicated. But, rather than letting families do what they do best, the government is determined to do its best to disfranchise families, to act instead of families, and to dictate to individuals how, and by what innovative rules, to live. Not a single public servant can possibly have, let alone maintain, with the public the close and loving personal relationships that family members have when they unselfishly care for one another. What family members do out of love and respect, the government bureaucrats do for mercenary purposes.

The government, after having successfully done its best to destroy our families, now attempts to construct a government-run, -controlled and -funded substitute for our families, a super-family, a single "family" in which, instead of functioning communities, we will have the community of women that communists called for all along since the days of Marx and Engels. That'll never work well, but it will use taxpayers' money to attempt doing without love what families did for the pure love and joy of it and without charge. Once upon a time the government provided help and support to families, amongst other things, in the form of tax relief. Social conditions changed since then. There is now in essence punitive taxation of people that insist on living according to the model of the traditional, one-income-earner, nuclear family.

The taxpayer is the breadwinner of that new, government-run super-family, and already 70 percent of social contributions are paid by men, while women make use of 70 percent of all social benefits paid out. That is the reality of the "freedom" that women's "liberation" brought women: the welfare state. The welfare state is a dysfunctional family, and its head, the government, is the greatest abuser of all. Never in our history have there been so many women and children in poverty. Never before have there been such massively large and growing numbers of suicides (more than 4,000 per year now in Canada, and 80 percent of them men and boys).

It will take little effort to transform the preceding three paragraphs into a statement that will summarize the circumstances of the Alberta Rural Development Initiative (the same rules apply, just some of the terms change). That is best left to someone that participated in the information-gathering process that resulted in the report on the Alberta Rural Development Initiative.

In 1962 my family and I came to Alberta. Alberta was then a wonderful place filled with about 1.8 million people of whom many were not rich but proud and full of justified hope that they would be able to bring about many and large improvements to their lives and to the the lives of their loved ones. It is astounding to see that in trying to solve perpetual and relatively minor problems, unimaginably large sums of money were stuffed into solutions that themselves became the causes of far greater social problems. The most prominent of the detrimental consequences of intensifying the socialist social engineering of the last four decades are:

  • Deteriorating social conditions.

  • Unchecked, exponential growth of the bureaucracy.

  • Steadily escalating taxation to pay for the progress we did not make in spite of paying through the nose for it.

Wait up, USSR, we want to catch up!

Let's all wake up! This is not a nightmare, it is reality! Intensifying the centralization of political power and control of society in the hands of the bureaucracy unavoidably and inexorably leads to totalitarianism. No other outcome is possible when we go down that road. At the end of that road are social collapse, anarchy and chaos.

My parents saw that happen twice in their life-time. I saw it happen once already; and it was not an experience I care to repeat. Am I destined to see it happening a second time? I hope that I don't live that long, but chances are I will, and I fear for my children and grandchildren. I fear for us all.

We must attempt to fully restore individual rights and freedoms to individuals, communities, industry and commerce. The bureaucracy must not remain our master. It must once more become our servant. The Rural Development Initiative will not help. All it will do is create more dependence on government largesse, with all that brings: more government control, more red tape, a rapidly growing bureaucracy, and escalating taxation. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody must foot the bill. That will be the taxpayers. They'll pay for generations to come. They'll pay for generations for the things we claim to enjoy now, the things that the bureaucracy and the politicians it pushes along tell us are so good for us.

I would like to get some of the rights and capabilities back that 40 years ago entitled me to have anything I wanted I paid for myself, that I decided I could afford, that nobody but I paid for, that I could afford to pay for in the early 1960s, when the level of taxation on the average Canadian income was 21 percent instead of the current 53 percent.  I would like to get away from being forced to pay for things that other people want and that they are entitled to by law but not morally, and that they are not willing to pay for themselves.

I would love to be able once more to worship according to my choice and without politically-correct constraints instead of having to squeeze my beliefs into the little space left by the State-religion of totalitarian secularism that promotes, with our money, the new religion of earth-worship.  I wish to be able, according to moral standards that endured for thousands of years and had made our civilization great, to decide what is right and wrong, to regulate my own life and have my children and grandchildren live theirs without interference and control by our increasingly more and more totalitarian State.  It may be too late now to hope for that to happen.  A new Dark Age is the more likely outcome, actually, it is upon us already, now that the sun of the Western cultural heritage is rapidly setting into the mire of multi-culturalism and the murk of unlimited "freedoms" that we keep getting rammed down our throats and that choke the life out of us.


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Posted 2004 03 21
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