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since June 19, 2001


Families and the Justice System — Index

  • Alberta Summit on Justice (1999), Submissions:

Lloyd Corney  (on recovered memory therapy)

Paul Lowe  (on the impact of the judicial system on children and society)

Robb Cable  (on the disregard of the judicial system for the health of children)

Russ & Elsie Cable  (on the experiences of grandparents with access hearings in the judicial system)

Walter H. Schneider  (on concerns about the lack of representation for the public on the Justice Summit)

  • A letter to the Alberta Justice Department, in response to a call for input to a discussion paper on a proposal for a new Prevention of Family Violence Act.  The letter contains the full text of the proposal as well as comments on the individual sections.  http://forver.freeshell.org/doc/comments.doc   (74 KB, MSWord 6 Doc.)

  • Annotated Federal Child Support Guidelines:

A List of Caselaw

Jurist Canada has created a Canadian Law Locator. The site features full-text retrieval and searching of everything from Canadian and provincial case law to legislation, online databases and an excellent collection of legal research tools. To use the site, searchers need only use the drop-down menus to search for the case or specific law they are looking for. Further searching capabilities will be introduced in the near future.

  • Canadian Father Sues Federal Government Re:

Charter Gender Bias

Alberta will reinforce child support, but ignores defiance of court-ordered access.

  • Child Support and Alimony

Some [hair-raising] Case Law Examples
By Eeva Sodhi

The articles shown at the website of Court Watch will give you excellent insights into the travesty of justice that our family courts are and illustrate the social and financial devastation caused by them.

  • Court Watch by the Alberta Report
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Lamer

  • All in the family — Rock's amendments to the Judges Act seem tailor-made for Lamer and Arbour. (1996 10 28) (The Alberta Report is no longer being published, and their website is no longer functional.  The article will be scanned and published here as soon as the time required for that can be made available.)

  • Rumblings of a counter-revolution (1998 01 19)
    Alberta's justice minister blames politicians for the rising tide of judicial activism.  Even the criminally insane enjoy a new freedom. (The Alberta Report is no longer being published, and their website is no longer functional.  The article will be scanned and published here as soon as the time required for that can be made available.)

Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court demanded that such perpetrators be "protected from arbitrary detention," and that they be released from protective custody..."
Chief Justice Lamer granted an audience to the Ottawa Citizen last April to declare:  "Thank God for the charter." He admitted that the charter has given the court an enormous power, but then shrugged,

"That's [parliament's] doing, not ours. [It] might be, well, that the elected [representatives] really didn't know what they were doing."

Chief Justice Antonio Lamer has presided over an unprecedented expansion of the Supreme Court's power and influence. His justices have struck down laws right and left, and made rulings which affronted common sense. Faced with growing criticism, Mr. Justice Lamer now pleads for an end to 'judge-bashing.'

(The Alberta Report is no longer being published, and their website is no longer functional.  The article will be scanned and published here as soon as the time required for that can be made available.)

  • Family Law — messages by Gene Colman and links to his web page
    A good source of legal research information.

Gene C. Colman is a Toronto family law lawyer who possesses a unique understanding of the legal system’s dynamics: gender bias, procedural unfairness, challenges facing non custodial parents, parental alienation.  His web site contains articles that he has authored – many of these have been published in legal periodicals.

  • Feminist Jurisprudence: Equal Rights or Neo-Paternalism, by Michael Weiss and Cathy Young (Cato Policy Analysis No. 256, June 19, 1996)
  • Justice system — Excesses
  • She Does the Crime, He Does the Time — Article in the March/April Issue of The Liberator
  • Join the navy and flash the world — similar crimes, different times, an item from the Alberta Report
  • Erwin Miller, a former Edmonton man, was sentenced to five years of incarceration and now faces deportation after his ex-wife — who acquired a lesbian lover while she was still living with, and was still married to him — alleged that he had been stalking her.  It was a case of her word against his, without any evidence other than her claim that she was afraid.  The Original Trial
  • Two divorced parents tell about a ruling so absurd that even Franz Kafka would have had trouble imagining it.
  • The refusal of the U.S. system of justice to mete out justice in the case of continuing severe sexual and physical absue of a boy and its failure to protect the rights, health and life of the child.  Andrew's Page
  • Suffer The Little Children — An irreverent, but honest look at the two-way street of the impact of feminism on the equitability of the justice system and jurisprudence
  • Justice Tidman of the Canadian Supreme Court finds no undue hardship in costs of false abuse allegations!
  • A comparison between two similar murder cases.  The child murders by Danielle Blais and Robert Latimer and the media coverage relating to each — two brands of compassion, outrage and justice.
  • Law Lists — Listing of Law Lists available via the WWW

Probably the most comprehensive listing of URLs, list servers, USENET discussion groups, e-journals and e-newsletters pertaining to laws anywhere

  • MFCI Action Item (Archived — only for reference)

Bigoted and Extremely Biased Family Court Chief Justice Lashes out at Fathers World-wide!

  • Petition to the UN for an investigation into the violations of parental rights (Archived — Only for reference)

English: http://home.ican.net/~mecano/Page3.html Petition to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for an investigation into the rights of Parents

Français: http://home.ican.net/~mecano/Page2.html  PÉTITION  Au haut Commissaire des Nations Unies aux Droits de l'Homme.  Demandant une enquête sur les droits des parents.

Deutsch: http://home.ican.net/~mecano/Page4a.html  PETITION An den Hochkommissar für Menschenrechte der vereinten Nationen mit der Bitte fuer eine Untersuchung von Elternrechten.

This is a small brochure (PDF, 100 kB) that you may want to print out for distribution.  Print out the cover page by itself.  Then print out the odd pages first.  If you then print out the even pages, you can arrange them so that they can be printed on the backs of the odd pages as appropriate.

  • What the radical, heterophobic feminists want the U.N. to do to change our age-old concepts of the traditional nuclear family.

For that they are pushing CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Discrimination against Women).  The link will take you to the text of CEDAW and to various commentaries.


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