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since June 19, 2001


Five killed in murder-suicide

Based on a June 15, 2002 article in the Toronto Star

Murder suicide leaves five dead

Grimsby family shot by ex-boyfriend

By Peter Edwards staff Reporter

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The article reports that "Five people are dead in a murder-suicide in Grimsby last night in which a man shot his ex-girlfriend, her parents and her four-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself. "

Incongruously, although it appears to be clear that the case is a murder-suicide, "Constable George Bench of Niagara Regional Police" stated that "At the present time we're not actively pursuing any suspects."  It would be hard to imagine how anyone would pursue a dead murder suspect.

The man who perpetrated the murder-suicide has not yet been identified, but the article states that he drove a car with a Wisconsin licence plate.  In a subsequent article, the man's name is identified as Peter Kiss, a tow-truck operator from Milwauky.

It is a tragedy that these things happen, but there is nothing in the article that explains why they do happen.  What is in the article is stereo-typing.

(A friend of the family) "The son of a bitch is dead."

"Neighbours said the couple had lived together in Wisconsin before Christmas, but Shannon and her daughter moved back to Grimsby just after Mother's Day."  It doesn't state who the father of the little girl was.*  I imagine that the father was the man who killed the four people and himself.  Why did he?  However, most certainly the little girl wasn't just "her daughter."

* A subsequent article mentions the man who is the father of Shannon Cruse's daughter: "The man, who dated Shannon when they were both in high school, had maintained a close relationship with his daughter through the years. He broke down in tears and was comforted by police while being led away from the area, neighbours said."  Note that the man is not even identified as the father of the little girl.

The article reports a neighbour opinion: "'We've known these people for all these years, and some maniac can wipe the family out in minutes,' he said later, his eyes blinking in disbelief."  I suppose that any man killing anyone else, for whatever reason, is simply a maniac.  However, let's hope that, with more and more fathers being robbed of their children, the extremely rare occasions when some of them turn into maniacs who kill their ex-wives or ex-girlfriends and the children they fathered will not become more common.

According to Jeff White, "Over a 23-year period, note Martin Daly and Margo Wilson of McMaster University, men committed 61 such crimes in Canada. Women committed none." (Report Newsmagazine, Apr. 29, 2002, "Andrea Yates notwithstanding, serious domestic violent crime remains a mostly male activity," by Jeff White)

However, as illustrated with hard and cold facts in my response to Jeff White's article, his claim, that "serious domestic violent crime remains a mostly male activity," is a distortion of the facts. Women, not men, kill more children, by far. Therefore, counting children as well, women, not men, are most often the perpetrators of domestic violence crimes.

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Posted 2002 06 15
2002 06 17 (Installed link to Toronto Star article containing information on the man who is the father of the little girl that got killed and the identity of the man who did the killing.)
2007 11 03 (reformated)