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since June 19, 2001


To Preserve and Protect*

Examining a century of men and war and the 'changing' role of women in it

* "To Preserve and Protect" may seem like an odd name for this set of pages, considering that these pages focus on the sacrifices men make in war.  However, men don't fight wars anymore, they now fight "police actions" but they die and get maimed just the same, and not only in "police actions".  There are fates for men that could well be considered worse.  They are so bad that men kill themselves to get away from them, in numbers that for just a dozen years or so far exceed all of the lives American and Canadian men sacrificed in all of the wars during the last century.


flanders.JPG (50880 bytes), a water-color of a military cemetary, on a hill-side covered with poppies and rows of white crosses

The poem In Flanders Fields, by John McCrae, is one of the best-known poems in the Western World.  Its noble words are sure to have inspired many men and boys to die honourable deaths. 

However, there is another reality to the spirit of In Flanders Fields.

Statue of English soldier about to be executed

Centrepiece: the 8ft 6in statue of a deserter facing a firing squad


It was and still is expected of men, not of women, to die for home and country.  Have no illusions, even though much is being made of the fact that women now have a more prominent role in the armed forces of many countries, their participation in actual combat is and will be minimal, virtually non-existent.  The drive by the feminists to make women equal to men in that respect doesn't exist, and women are clearly by far not as eager to sacrifice their lives for home and country, while men largely boys in time of war who are less than eager to sacrifice their lives and health for their home and country are considered cowards and worse.
   The example of the Israeli valkyries that is being paraded by feminists is a hoax that can only be pulled on those who aren't forced to live there.

First of all, EVERY man is obligated to do military service of 3 years active service (at age 18) + minimum of [one] month every year till age 58. It's mean that men are property of the military MOST of their lives while their life-expectancy is MUCH LOWER then women's.

In the same time, women do military service of hardly 2 years (1 year and 8 monthes), it's NOT an obligation and they can get away from it VERY easily by writting a letter while men need to see MANY committees that hardly ever agree to listen and [are] VERY hard to get [to].

Someone who's not happy about being discriminated against in Israel, in what he calls
"a democracy for women only" (full story)

Is what you saw lately in the news from Israel the same what I saw: no women involved anywhere where there is any shooting going on?

In Canada, as in other countries, even though women now comprise about ten percent of the personnel in the armed forces, only about 150 women are employed in combat positions.   The US military has a rule that prohibits women from being employed in combat positions in which they may become exposed to direct contact with enemy forces.

The more-than 21,000 women who served in the Canadian army during World War II filled an array of roles, although they were excluded from combat duty. More than 2,000 were posted overseas and at least 25 lost their lives in the line of duty.

Source: Toronto Star, Sep. 19, 2004. 01:00 AM
"Amid fond memories, army women disband

Proud wartime service created lifelong friends

In contrast, more than a million Canadian men served in the Canadian Armed Forces during Word War II, and about 50,000 of them died in the service of their country, one out of every 20 that served,* as opposed to 25 women that died, one out of every 840 women, out of those that served according to the numbers published in the article by the Toronto Star.


Update 2008 05 13:

"This year we passed the milestone of 3,000 deaths in Iraq, and of those, 2,938 were men, 62 were women." -- Is There Anything Good About Men?
By Roy F. Baumeister

* Details at World War II casualties

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Posted 2001 02 11
2001 11 12 (added foot note relating to Terrible Judges Criminal Death-Sentences of German Military Courts)
2002 04 15 (added photos of British soldiers adoring Queen who thanks them for their heroism)
2002 04 16 (added a reference to my brother's experiences and the sections "The Economics of War," "The Roots of War," and "The Male Sacrificial Premium.")
2002 04 18 (added photo and subsequent comments relating to the Black Wall; Rudyard Kipling's poem The Widow's Party, and an excerpt from my brother's diary)
2003 02 17 (added entry for Fred Reed's article War As a Hobby and added introductory paragraph)
2003 03 27 (added entry pertaining to the exchange ( March 19, 2003) of the last 500 POWs from the Iran-Iraq War that ended in 1989)
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