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since June 19, 2001


Boys with boys, and girls with girls

To Preserve and Protect — Examining a century of men and war and the 'changing' role of women in it

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Boys with boys, and girls with girls

Tens of millions of men died in armed conflict during the last century.  It is expected of men that they do, and if they don't want to, they'll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  My whole brother's class, not one of its members more than 14-years old, "volunteered" for military service.  Their lives were being raped because they most certainly were in no position to give informed consent. 
   I turned nine just a few days after the end of the Second World War, but already I would gladly have sacrificed my life for home and country.  If I would have been as old as my brother was when he joined, at the end of the war I would have been forced to join whether I would have wanted to or not.  The entrances to the air-raid shelters displayed signs that read:

Männer im Alter von 16 bis 70 Jahren
gehören in den Einsatz, nicht in den Bunker!

Translation: Men aged 16 - 70 years
belong in the service, not in the shelter!

It's a different way of saying what we all have heard numerous times when we grew up, "Boys with boys and girls with girls!"  We've got to keep the two realities apart and must quite clearly discriminate between them.
   In case you have any illusions that public opinion on that has changed on account of the valiant efforts made by feminism to make women more equal through vilifying and slandering men, consider the results of a poll being run by WorldNetDaily (Sunday, March 3, 2003)


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Should female soldiers have roles that expose them to combat, or risk their being taken prisoner?
No, let's face it, women aren't meant to be warriors 25.86% (641)
No, their potential mistreatment as POWs outweighs any possible contribution they make 22.99% (570)
Women should definitely serve in the military, but I'm not so sure they should be exposed to combat 13.43% (333)
No 13.35% (331)
Yes, women should be allowed to serve in any capacity they prove qualified for 10.17% (252)
No, in fact, women shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military in any capacity 7.95% (197)
Yes, women should be given the same opportunities as men, otherwise it's discrimination 3.83% (95)
Other 0.89% (22)
Yes, the increased risks don't outweigh the benefits of their contributions 0.77% (19)
Yes 0.77% (19)


There are no feminists that are outraged that women are being discriminated against because they are not allowed or forced to be equal to men when it comes to dying for home and country.  It is one thing to demand that women be allowed to serve in the armed forces when peace prevails, but it is another thing when it comes down to brass tacks.
    It is too bad WorldNetDaily didn't ask the respondents to which sex they belong.  It is not very likely that the 5.4% of the respondents to the poll who are in favour of women having an equal right to die in military action were exclusively feminists.  It is safe to assume that the majority of them were men and not even women, let alone feminists.

Update 2008 05 13:

"This year we passed the milestone of 3,000 deaths in Iraq, and of those, 2,938 were men, 62 were women." -- Is There Anything Good About Men?
By Roy F. Baumeister

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