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since June 19, 2001


Status of Women Canada wines, dines and travels

Self-serving socializing or promoting the interests of Canadian women?

Whatever it may be considered to be, is the high cost of socializing illustrated here due to valuable work on behalf of women?  Let's not forget that Canadian men pay for three quarters of it, while there is no government department Status of Men Canada.

Nevertheless, despite MP (Vegreville-Wainwright) Leon Benoit's denial of the existence of his party's government department for the Status of Women Canada, SWC is very much in existence, alive, kicking and spending tax dollars generously.

Given that the Conservative Party of Canada changed the exercise of the Freedom of Information Act to impose all-out restrictions on the freedom of information, one must wonder whether the information made accessible here through the generosity of the Canadian Government will be accessible for much longer.

The motivation for constructing this web page and for compiling the information presented in it arose from a discussion with Leon Benoit (Conservative, Member of Parliament since 1993, for Vegreville-Wainwright, Alberta) on September 19, 2008, at the Bruderheim Seniors Club.

A question was put to Leon Benoit during that discussion, as to what plans the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has to establish a government department for the Status of Men, so as to provide a counterweight to the government department Status of Women Canada, whereby some balance could be achieved for the promotion of issues that affect all, men and women, boys and girls in Canada.

The discussion of that topic died as a result of Leon Benoit's strong and repeated insistence that, "We [that is, the government of Canada under the leadership and control of the CPC] do not have a department for the Status of Women."

Leon Benoit is without a doubt mistaken on that, and a message (no response so far) was sent to him Sep. 22, 2008, to provide clear and unmistakable proof of not only the existence of Status of Women Canada but also of the great need for a department for the Status of Men.

You are urged to look up the details associated with the expenses illustrated in the following (all you have to do is click on any of the links that follow).  Perhaps you feel, as Status of Women Canada (SWC) obviously does, that your tax dollars are well spent on things such as:

The preceding travel-expense and hospitality items are just some of those incurred through the invaluable services of one Clara Beckton, coordinator, one of three such coordinators working on the taxpayers' behalf since 2003.

The duties of a minister in charge of Status of Women Canada are, of course, much more all-encompassing, weighty and accordingly more expensive.  Here are some of the expense items claimed for reimbursement by the

Honorable Josée Verner, Minister

Travel Expenses - from March 2 to June 1

Hospitality Expenses - from March 2 to June 1

The question to Leon Benoit and to all of the Conservative Party of Canada is still open and unanswered: What does the CPC intend to do to create a government department for the Status of Men?

Status of Women Canada

Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Verner, Josée, Minister

Oda, Beverley J. - Minister

Frulla, Liza, Minister

Augustine, Jean, Minister of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women)

Beckton, Clare, Coordinator

2007:  Travel: $29,357.76; Hospitality: $3,166.90
2008: Travel: $14,513.95; Hospitality: $180.57

Nicholson-O'Brien, Dawn, Deputy Coordinator

2007: Travel: $12,153.79; Hospitality: $58.73
2008: Travel: $1,406.67; Hospitality: ---

Ievers, Florence, Coordinator

2003: Travel: ---; Hospitality: $2,837.48
2004: Travel: $22,036.45; Hospitality: $10,742.44
2005: Travel: $13,432.88; Hospitality: $9,773.83
2006: Travel: $11,112.74; Hospitality: $8,538.72
2007: Travel: $2,933.91; Hospitality: $854.63
2008: Travel: ---; Hospitality: ---


Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000


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Posted 2008 09 25
2008 08 26 (Added link to Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women)