The Doctrine of Woman

T H E   R E T U R N   O F   T H E   M O T H E R   G O D D E S S!

There is a rash of books coming out on the revival of the Great Mother!  Some of the publications admit to blatant paganism, others have a softened New Age twist.  Much is hidden in Ecology and the idea of protecting Mother Earth.  But most is an outright declaration of war against the male patriarchalness of Scripture and a rebellion against God the Father of the Bible.

In most cases, history is terribly distorted and twisted by so-called Feminist historians and blinded women trying to rewrite history.  But actually, they are ignorant so-called theologians who are poorly attempting to revise the truths of Scripture.  Hatred of the God of the Bible specifically and all men in general, is obvious in the new books being written.

Here Is A Review Of The Current Literature:

BACK TO ISIS:  “One purpose of this book we hope is to inspire those with an allegiance to a later tradition to breathe new life into it, knowing that it is part of an unbroken chain of allegiance to the Mother of the universe in Her many forms.  Many of us, however, wish to regain contact with the ancient goddesses themselves.  Those who find Isis more accessible than Mary the Mother of Christ … we should feel no slur of ‘paganism’ by … Christians,” (p. 10).  The Year of the Goddess, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (The Aquarian Press: Irthlingborough, England, 1990).

ANCIENT RELIGION HELPS WOMEN TODAY:  “A renewed recognition of women in ancient religions, in their roles as priestesses, is one way to celebrate women everywhere, just as modern psychology and psychoanalysis have also attempted to inspire and console women in our country,” (p. 10) Priestesses, Norma Goodrich (Watts: New York, 1989).

THE FALSEHOOD OF CHRISTIANITY: “Patriarchal religions like Judaism and Christianity established and upheld the ‘man’s world’ largely by an elaborate structure of falsehood,” (p. xi).  The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara Walker (Harper: New York, 1983).

FEMINISTS REJECT CHRISTIANITY: “Emphasizing the symbolical portrayal of God as male within Christianity and Judaism and pointing to the ways in which institutional religions has supported sexism, [Feminists] argue that the best way for women to free themselves from sexist traditions is to reject any loyalty to them,” (p. 10)  Womanspirit Rising, Carol Christ, Judith Plaskow (Harper: New York, 1979).

THE WARMTH OF THE GODDESS MOVEMENT: “The mysteries of the Goddess as a living tradition were revealed to me through ritual of two pagan communities of California: Reclaiming, and the Church of All Worlds.  Their welcoming acceptance of me affirmed the values of the Goddess spirituality,” (p. ix).  The Once & Future Goddess, Elinor Gadon (Harper: New York, 1989).


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