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since June 19, 2001


Lesbian & Female Domestic Violence

Some interesting info about lesbian DV with implications re the reality of some women's potential and actual abuse and violence, which is both denied and minimised by feminists who only see the violence of some men.

(The URLs shown below can be used for abstract searches for other issues.)

[Summary: No difference in the level of male & female DV.]


Search criteria: Lesbian & Domestic violence

Violence Vict 1997 Summer;12(2):173-84

Victimization and perpetration rates of violence in gay and lesbian relationships: gender issues explored.

Waldner-Haugrud LK, Gratch LV, Magruder B

Department of Social Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown, TX 77002, USA.

This study explores gender differences in victimization and perpetration experiences of gays and lesbians in intimate relationships. A sample of 283 gays and lesbians reported on their experiences both as victims and perpetrators of gay/lesbian relationship violence by completing a modified version of the Conflict Tactics Scale (Straus, Gelles, & Steinmetz, 1980).

General results indicate that 47.5% of lesbians and 29.7% of gays have been victimized by a same-sex partner. Further, lesbians reported an overall perpetration rate of 38% compared to 21.8% for gay men. Other findings were as follows: (1) lesbians were more likely to be classified as victims and perpetrators of violence than gay men; (2) lesbians were more likely to report pushing or being pushed than gay men; (3) lesbians reported experiencing a greater number of different victimization and perpetration tactics than gay men; and finally, (4) when items were weighted to create an indicator of severity, no significant differences between lesbians and gay men were found.

PMID: 9403987, UI: 98067773

[Summary: Feminist theories of patriarchy and DV used for control are misguided and wrong.]


Search criteria: Lesbian & Domestic violence

Violence Vict 1994 Summer;9(2):167-82

Patriarchy and wife assault: the ecological fallacy.

Dutton DG

Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia.

A critical review is made of feminist analyses of wife assault postulating that patriarchy is a direct cause of wife assault. Data are reviewed from a variety of studies indicating that (a) lesbian battering is more frequent than heterosexual battering, (b) no direct relationship exists between power and violence within couples, and (c) no direct relationship exists between structural patriarchy and wife assault. It is concluded that patriarchy must interact with psychological variables in order to account for the great variation in power-violence data. It is suggested that some forms of psychopathology may lead to some men adopting patriarchal ideology to justify and rationalize their own pathology.

PMID: 7696196, UI: 95210181


Search words: Lesbian & Violence

[Summary: Counsellors tend to maximise male violence and downplay female violence. This is a current societal norm and seen in government, law, police and judiciary.]

Violence Vict 1997 Summer;12(2):127-35

Comparison of beginning counselors' responses to lesbian vs. heterosexual partner abuse.

Wise AJ, Bowman SL

Depart. of Counseling and Psychology and Guidance Services, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana 47306, USA.

This study compared responses of masters and doctoral level counseling students to two domestic violence scenarios. Participants read a two paragraph description of a battering incident involving either a heterosexual or lesbian couple and then gave their impressions via a series of open and closed ended questions. Scenarios were identical save the manipulation of sexual partner as same or opposite sex. Experience and/or education with battered and/or gay/lesbian clients is also examined.

Results indicated that subjects perceived the heterosexual battering incident as more violent than the lesbian battering incident and would be more likely to charge the male batterer than the female batterer with assault. Differences in treatment recommendations were made according to sexual orientation of the victim. Less than half of the respondents had coursework or practical experience pertaining to domestic violence and/or gay/lesbian concerns.

PMID: 9403983, UI: 98067769

[Summary: Women commit acts of DV and this needs to be studied further, in particular violence may be an (individual) human issue not a gender issue.]


Violence Vict 1994 Summer;9(2):139-52

Lesbian battering: the relationship between personality and the perpetration of violence.

Coleman VE

The occurrence of violence in lesbian relationships challenges societal stereotypes of women and traditional, sociopolitical theories of domestic violence. This article proposes that a multidimensional theory of partner abuse, which incorporates an emphasis on individual personality dynamics, is needed to more fully understand the heterogeneity of batterers. The relationship between psychopathology, sociocultural factors, and battering in lesbian relationships is examined and dynamics related to the borderline and narcissistic disorders are highlighted. In order to improve our understanding of domestic violence and provide effective treatment, we must continue to pursue critical thinking and research regarding the role of personality dynamics, and the relationship between these dynamics and other variables.

PMID: 7696194, UI: 95210179

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Posted 2001 04 21
2006 03 04 (added link to Feminism for Male College Students)