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since June 19, 2001



Is feminism dead now?

Modern Women 'Happy To Be Housewives'

Life Style Extra (U.K.) tells in an August 3, 2006 article that, based on a poll of 3,000 women (commissioned by New Woman magazine), modern women have abandoned feminism and are happy to be housewives.

The article is quite obviously wrong in making that claim.  Most of the women in that survey appear to have substituted pop-feminism for good-old radical-feminism  (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism), although, given their shallow mind-set, it is doubtful that many of the mostly mercenary, greed-motivated women who participated in the poll are aware that they made that choice any more than the editors of Life Style Extra and the author of that article are.

It is not possible to tell from what was stated in the article about the poll whether the poll meets the requirements of the rules of the mathematics of statistics.  It is possible and quite likely that the poll was based on a self-reporting sample drawn from the readers of New Woman.  If that is the case, it would be wrong to put too much faith in the results of the poll.  Although the percentages of women falling into the various categories would be true for the 3,000 women who participated in the poll, it would not be permissible to project from such a sample of women to all women whom the sample is falsely alleged to represent.  (See commentary on the differences between the quality of qualitative statistical research vs. the quality of quantitative statistical research.)

If the participants in the poll are none other than some of the readers of New Woman magazine, then the poll most definitely is not representative of all women.  The vast majority of women does not read New Woman Magazine.  Therefore the poll is then about as representative of all women as the women are who display themselves on the Jerry Springer Show.  We need not fear that all hope is lost.

Nevertheless, for someone having watched the social trends created and imposed by feminism during the past forty years or so, the article promises more than it appears women are prepared to deliver.  Although the article by Life Style Extra touts the statistic that 75% of women would like to become married before they have a baby, and that only one in four of young women would choose to be a career woman, it also states that only "almost one-in-four said they would be happy to be homemakers, with women happy to rely on their man as long as he keeps the money rolling in."

A couple of questions come to mind.  What will those women who forecast that they will be happy to be homemakers do when the man whom they are happy to rely on for "as long as he keeps the money rolling in" does not provide the amount of money necessary to support the life style that these women wish to become accustomed to?  More importantly, what guaranties does the man, who thus slaves away for such a woman, have that he will do it all in return for her ever-lasting respect, satisfaction and love?

Some of the answers to questions pertaining to important issues that make marriages work and last can be gleaned from the article.


"One-in-10 would sleep with their boss if it meant certain promotion."

Envy and Greed

"Even though 85 per cent said they admired their mum, Victoria Beckham was named the most envied woman on the planet, with women jealous of her money, holidays, exciting life and free time."

"Eight-out-of-10 were jealous of friends with more money than them..."

Chastity and Prostitution

"93 per cent of respondents said they would be willing to use their femininity to get what they want. Almost half (46 per cent) would do a Page 3 topless photoshoot for £10,000, while 40 per cent would pole dance naked or run down the High Street with nothing on for the same amount."

"Today's young women want to be courted, with 85 per cent waiting for men to make the first move, hoping that he's rich as 30 per cent would marry purely for money and 13 per cent would leap into marriage with a rich, old man. And, once together, 24 per cent would be happy to rely on their partners and become homemakers."

"Young women today are more than happy to sort out the home as long as he provides the lifestyle they want."

"...young women [are] happy to lie back and think of England as long as their partner is rich. Only 39 per cent want a man who is amazing in bed, but over half (54 per cent) want a rich fella. The other 46 per cent would rather make it in life their own way."

"If it guaranteed them easy money, 30 per cent would have a boob job."

"One-in-10 would sleep with their boss if it meant certain promotion."

Those things don't look promising for any man looking for a faithful wife.  Given today's divorce rates, he may just as well play Russian Roulette with every second chamber loaded.  Although the Life Style Extra article states that 75% of women would like to become married before they have a baby, it does nothing to explain why about 50 percent of marriages break up and why 30 percent of children are forced to grow up without the presence of their fathers in their lives.

Feminism may be dead or dying, but let's wait before we begin to rejoice about its demise. 

First we have to wait until the feminists in positions of power in all sectors of government and society have vanished.  Furthermore, let us hope that not too many of these new "feminine" pop-feminists who openly use their sex for their comfort, money and power will replace the old feminists. 

Then we have to work on establishing equity for men in law, society and work.  As long as men are vastly more likely than women to be accused of, to be brought to trial, to be sentenced to and to serve vastly longer jail terms for crimes of equal severity, as long as men live on average 10% shorter lives than women do, as long as men are four time more likely than women to commit suicide, as long as women earn more money for jobs that are equally demanding, have easier career paths and routes to promotions that are three times as quick as those available to men,  as long as women are less likely to be unemployed, and as long as men comprise about 19 out of every 20 serious or fatal job accidents, we have a long way to go before the sexes are equal. (See also: The 1989 Montreal Massacre in the context of menís sacrifices, 2008 12 07, by Professor Jeffrey Asher.)

In the meantime, there are reliable indicators of the declining popularity of feminism, such as:



Feminism, radical feminism that is, may be dead, dying or merely stagnating and withering on account of the ravages of old age, but the social revolution spawned by the feminists is a long way from being finished, let alone having been defeated.  A lot of cleaning up and re-construction must be done before civilization will be equitable for men and women.  When that has been done, then we deserve to be able to rejoice.

If the term "radical feminism" (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism) is somewhat new to you, you need to expand your knowledge.  After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.  See,

Carey Roberts column

Carey Roberts is an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposť on Marxism and radical feminism.

Carey Roberts' best-known work, his exposť on Marxism and radical feminism, is not necessarily easy to find, but this link will help with that. (Some of the URLs for the article series appear to keep changing.  For that reason the identified link leads to an Internet search for the series.  The first or second link in the return list will most likely lead you to the series.))

Posted 2006 08 07