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since June 19, 2001


The 1996 Agenda of the National Organization of Women (NOW) 

1996 National Conference Resolutions [Index]

    - Parental Rights of the Disabled
    - Anti-Lesbian and Gay Ballot Initiatives After Amendment 2
    - Church Burnings
    - Monitoring Sexual Harassment Policies and Title IX Compliance
    - Fairness in Courts Dealing with Family Matters
    - NOW Action Alert on "Fathers' Rights"
    - Elimination of Gender Apartheid in Sports
    - Indigenous Hawai'ian Peoples Resolution
    - Breast Implant Resolution
    - Veteran Feminists
    - Elimination of Discriminatory Labor Practices in Maquila Factory Industries
    - National Day of Action in Support of Same-Sex Marriage
    - Moving the Feminist Agenda in State Legislatures
    - Activism on Native American Issues
    - Reproductive Rights
    - NOW Vision Summit
    - Women's Vote: Use It or Lose It
    - Reaffirmation of Support for the Voting Rights Act
    - Supporting Young Feminism Within NOW
    - Violence and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

From the National Organization of Women (NOW):
The original may be accessed at: http://www.now.org/organiza/conferen/1996/resoluti.html

Donna Laframboise, in her book "The Princess at the Window", made the observation that the feminists are now engaging on goals that have nothing to do anymore with feminist issues, such as children's rights and racial minority rights.  It seems to me that she missed the obvious point of the feminists' apparent change in direction. Feminism is not about equal rights anymore, if that really ever was the issue. No, it is about power, and for the feminists to make alliances with minority groups — vocal ones at that — will give them more power, it definitely will give them more support.

The developed countries are all in effect ruled by special interest groups, of which many are minorities who are vocal and influential, much more so than any non-custodial Fathers Rights group could currently hope to be. It appears that instead of falling apart at the seams, the feminist movement is seeking alliances and expanding its power.

In the light of these observations, let's take a look at the details of NOW's National Conference Resolutions.

I have written comments for most of the detailed resolutions that are listed in the index shown above.

===<quote>=== (My comments are in italics enclosed in brackets [])


WHEREAS the attitudes, policies and practices of adoption agencies are discriminatory against prospective adoptive parents with disabilities despite home studies which determine that the person could provide an excellent home for an adopted child; and

[How hypocritical can they become? What about the rights of non-custodial fathers?]

WHEREAS statutes in numerous states do not prohibit discrimination against prospective adoptive parents with disabilities; and

[But they do quite openly permit discrimination against natural fathers, even if these are not handicapped in any way other than by the bias of the courts.]

WHEREAS disabled parents often are denied custody of their children in legal child custody disputes because of the disability of the parent based on unfounded stereotypical views of the parenting abilities of people with disabilities; and

[NOW is so noble, it could almost make any non-custodial father cry.  What about the unfounded stereotypical views of the parenting abilities of perfectly healthy non-custodial fathers.]

WHEREAS social service agencies' attitudes, policies and practices often result in challenges to or the termination of parental rights of a parent with disabilities based on unfounded stereotypical views of parenting abilities of people with disabilities.

[So noble again! One can almost hear the hoof beat of the chargers carrying the knights in shining armor. Why do they feel sorry for disabled parents and shed not a tear for the millions of non-custodial fathers who by far outnumber disabled parents?]

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NOW support and advocate for legislation that mandates nondiscriminatory policies and practices regarding adoption, custody and the protection of parental rights of parents with disabilities; and

[Just imagine for one moment that they instead of "parents with disabilities" would have said "all parents"....Allow me to dream for a while.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW either seek an appropriate test case or coordinate litigation with other advocacy groups to challenge such discriminatory attitudes, policies and practices.

[All they have to do is to pick any case involving any father who has been unable to get custody of, or even access to, his children; plenty of test cases right there, not hard to find at all. But, justice and equal rights are not the issue here. The issue is to get support for NOW from all organizations for disabled people, and they might just get it too!]



WHEREAS the National Organization for Women (NOW) has been fighting anti-lesbian and -gay ballot initiatives for over 20 years; and

[Now, who would be surprised by that. Many of the most influential redfems [*] are openly lesbian. Many of the male feminists are openly gay.
    The gay and lesbian alliances have been in existence for a long time.
    They have known for a long time that they can be more effective in uniting in their fight against the conventional majority of society and the conventional family.

* Update 2004 02 02:

For some time now I suggested that femicommies would be a fitting term, rather than radfems or feminazis, to describe radical feminists (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminists, the currently ruling faction with virtually absolute control of political power — see also the definition of radical feminism).

It makes me happy to see that Dr. Charles E. Corry produced a much more practical term with a definitive ring to it: "redfems". —WHS

WHEREAS civil rights activists recently celebrated the Supreme Court's decision to declare Amendment 2 (Colorado's anti-lesbian and -gay ballot) unconstitutional; and

WHEREAS the ruling in Romer v. Evans, while historic, may not close the door on further attempts to legalize discrimination against lesbians and gay men; and

[Maybe they should just get it over with and call for the elimination  of all men.]

WHEREAS the hateful rhetoric that permeates anti-lesbian and -gay ballot initiatives incites a severe increase in violence against lesbians and gay men;

[Has anyone seen any evidence of there being an increase in violence against homosexuals as a result of anti-lesbian and -gay ballot initiatives? It does not matter. All that matters is that they say so and pretend to be worried about it.]

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NOW continue to monitor anti-lesbian and -gay ballot measures, organize to defeat any future such initiatives, and provide materials to NOW members and to the general public as necessary to defeat such initiatives.

[NOW and the gay and lesbian alliances will manage to do it.  United they will be victorious.]



[The majority of these have been burnings of churches that belonged to black congregations.]

BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) shall immediately issue a press statement to denounce the racially targeted church burnings which are a cowardly attempt to intimidate and silence all people working for social and economic justice; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW join the efforts of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other allies in the civil rights community to keep pressure on the U.S. Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and the President to uncover and prosecute the responsible individual(s) and/or group(s) to the fullest extent of the law.

[Offering their alliance and allegiance to these organizations will sure do much to increase the power of NOW.]



WHEREAS, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has adopted resolutions condemning sexual harassment in public schools; and

WHEREAS, NOW has adopted resolutions supporting federal mandates that require sexual harassment policies and compliance with Title IX; and

WHEREAS, many school districts are not in compliance with these mandates;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW prepare and provide to all NOW subunits materials on the pervasiveness of, and legal issues involving, sexual harassment and also implementation of Title IX in public schools; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these materials include a list of resources, sample letters, and sample checklists for revising school policies sufficient to allow NOW subunits to educate themselves on the complexity of the issues, and enable them to take action to end sexual harassment and ensure compliance with Title IX in public schools; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW strongly encourage all NOW subunits to develop and implement a program to monitor local school districts and individual schools for compliance with and enforcement of the requirements of Title IX and sexual harassment policy.

[Of course, just like with everything else, that will be a girls-only program.
    Boys aren't members of the right sex.



[For a moment, I had faint hopes that they really meant it.]

WHEREAS, an estimated 40% to 50% of men who frequently abuse their spouses also seriously abuse their children (Finkelhor, 1990; Gondolf and Fisher, 1991; Walker and Wolovick, 1994); and

[Yeah, I suppose that for every case of abuse of a female spouse (claimed by some to number 4,000,000/year in the states) there must be numerous cases where the male perpetrator also abused his children.

But what about the fact that most abuse of children is committed by their biological mothers? Does child abuse count only when a male is the perpetrator?]

WHEREAS, nearly three-fourths of all spousal assaults nationwide involve separated or divorced victims (House Hearing, Violence and the Law, 1987); and

[That says a lot for the safety that is to be had in the bosom of the family!  The obvious solution stares them in the face.  They only have to look at it.  Promote a program of keeping marriages whole.  That will cut welfare roles and three quarters of all DV right on the spot. It would save an hundreds of billions of dollars each year.]

WHEREAS, abusive fathers often ask for custody in order to gain control in divorce cases (American Psychological Association Study on Family Violence, 1996); and

[Why concentrate on the minority of cases where the perpetrator is the natural father? In most cases, when child abuse takes place, it is being perpetrated by the biological mother of the abused child. I'll just quote Senator Anne Cools from her speech to the Canadian Senate Thursday, March 21, 1996:

Despite 100 years of hard evidence on the well-known role of women and mothers in severe and lethal child abuse, many maintain a state of disbelief and denial. This disbelief must be suspended as evidence on feminine aggression enters our consciousness.

... a London coroner, Edwin Lankester, testified in the 1800s that he:

... had never known of a woman's being punished for killing her baby, no matter how flagrant the circumstances.

Senator Anne Cools' speech contains numerous references to sources of facts about women's proclivity towards serious abuse of their biological children and to society's reluctance, even unwillingness, to punish women for being the perpetrators of frequent, serious and severe child abuse, even murder. Senator Anne Cools mentioned in her speech that in 1994 alone there were 27 cases of murder of a child younger than one year, and that in the decade preceding 1994 there were an average of twenty infanticides per year in Canada.

If Edwin Lankester had to testify today in Canada, he would have to say much the same about our jurisprudence. I looked at information provided by Correction Services Canada on the type of crimes committed by the total of the 150 or so Canadian woman who "languish" in Canadian federal prisons. The figure for women who serve time for infanticide is 0, a big fat zero!
    There are not even any women on parole for committing infanticide.

That would indicate to me that any women who have been found guilty of infanticide in the last few years have either received no prison sentence of any kind or at worst have been sentenced to a few days in jail, with probation ranging from zero to less than the time interval from the time they were sentenced for the  murder of their child or children and the present time.

In view of all of this, it is the height of hypocrisy for NOW to point the finger at men for being the perpetrators of child abuse.
    How low can feminists sink in their hatred of men. But, even though men are a visible minority they can be maligned with impunity by the feminists. Just like the Jews were in Nazi-Germany in 1933 so are themen in our society now.

Jews were accused of ritual murders of infants.

Men are being accused now of being brutes who batter their wives and children.

WHEREAS, women seeking relief from domestic violence through divorce are often required to give primary or joint custody of their children to the abuser due to gender bias in the courts (Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Rosalie E. Wahl, 1993);

[Can you believe it? One case!!! That hardly makes it a frequent occurrence. ]

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that state and local National Organization for Women (NOW) chapters are encouraged to take steps to make the justice system and the public aware of this trend by working with existing women's shelters and court advocates to establish court watches, document cases of court gender bias, document cases of abusers gaining custody and issue press releases;

[That will most certainly be an effective tactic. Look at what happens to judges who dare to make impolitic remarks, such as Saskatoon Court of Queens Bench Justice Allyre Sirois, who is now under fire just because he commented that "it takes two to tango" in a case relating to domestic violence in which he did sentence the male perpetrator, or such as Quebec Superior Court Judge Jean Bienvenue, who was forced to resign on account of having made some such remarks. It makes one seriously doubt whether our courts can actually be impartial when they have to be so enormously careful about what to say.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that state and local NOW chapters be encouraged to take steps to change the justice system, protect women and children from domestic violence by calling for review of suspect judges, work to recall or defeat judges that do not treat domestic violence as a serious issue, and lobby for laws that require courts to take domestic violence into account when determining custody.

[See? They are not happy with all of the changes that have already been brought about.  No, they want more changes in their favour, and most likely they'll get them implemented too!]



WHEREAS organizations advocating "fathers' rights," whose members consist of non-custodial parents, their attorneys and their allies, are a growing force in our country; and

[Who might the allies be? Might that be an underhanded reference to second wives? Other than that, I can't really think of any allies that men have!  However, if anyone should dare to stand by the side of men, he is, of course, the ENEMY and guilty by association.]

WHEREAS the objectives of these groups are to increase restrictions and limits on custodial parents' rights and to decrease child support obligations of non-custodial parents by using the abuse of power in order to control in the same fashion as do batterers; and

[The best definition of that statement would be an eight-letter word!          If fathers would be treated equitably in the courts, then one would expect that one half of all "custodial parents" would be fathers.
    Assuming that fathers are being treated equitably, they would be cutting their own throats by increasing "restrictions and limits on custodial parents' rights" and by decreasing "child support obligations of non-custodial parents". But, the most ludicrous part of that statement is its last part: "..by using the abuse of power in order to control in the same fashion as do batterers;" It seems to me that someone really got carried away in the effort to sling mud. It's a prime example of the old shot gun approach to mud-slinging: Use enough indiscriminately and some of it will stick.

WHEREAS these groups are fulfilling their objectives by forming political alliances with conservative Republican legislators and others and by working for the adoption of legislation such as presumption of joint custody, penalties for "false reporting" of domestic and child abuse and mediation instead of court hearings; and

[It seems that the only people who may be permitted to form political alliances are the feminists. But, why in the world are the feminists so hard against the doctrine of presumption of joint custody? Why in the world would they have any objections to the due process of the law with respect to false allegations of "domestic and child abuse" (even assuming that they mean domestic violence and not the abuse of domestics)? Why would they object to mediation? I suppose that, now that they know that the courts are biased in favour of women and against men, they fear that all of these objections are no more than the result of their fears that they might be losing a good thing.]

WHEREAS the success of these groups will be harmful to all women but especially harmful to battered and abused women and children; and

[I'm becoming speechless! Why would justice in the court system be harmful to "all women"? That term would include single women, lesbian women, second wives, nuns, happily married women (of which there still are quite a few) widows, etc.. But, why would justice in the courts be especially harmful to battered and abused women and children?
    What would be wrong with having a little bit of justice for battered and abused men and children who are being battered by women, of which we have at least as many as we have people who are being abused by men?

WHEREAS the efforts of well-financed "fathers' rights" groups are expanding from a few states into many more, sharing research and tactics state by state; and

[What a joke!!! Where are the well-financed "fathers' rights" groups?
    All of the public funding that is being handed out to gender rights groups goes to anybody but fathers' rights groups.

WHEREAS many judges and attorneys are still biased against women and fathers are awarded custody 70% of the time when they seek it per the Association of Child Enforcement Support (ACES);

[A typical NOW statement, like so many of the others that have brought about social changes in our society. It is almost as good as the one about the increase in domestic violence during the football finals, or the one about the alleged increase in the standard of living of fathers after divorce, or the one about men being the sole perpetrators of spousal battering.]

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) begin a national alert to inform members about these "fathers' rights" groups and their objectives through articles in the National Now Times (NNT); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, as a part of this alert, NOW establish a clearinghouse for related information by sharing with NOW state and local Chapters the available means to challenge such groups, including the current research on custody and support, sample legislation, expert witnesses, and work done by NOW and other groups in states where "fathers' rights" groups have been active; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that NOW encourage state and local Chapters to conduct and coordinate divorce/custody court watch projects to facilitate removal of biased judges; and

[That is already being done in Canada. God have mercy!  The unfortunate thing is that what the allegations of bias cover isn't bias by any definition, but rather the labeling of any criticism of women, justified or not, to be bias.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that NOW report to the 1997 National Conference on the status and result of this national alert whereupon its continuation or expansion will be considered.



[I have nothing to offer here other than that women should definitely be treated as equals in all endeavours. There should be no more concessions or handicaps allowed in favour of women. Feminists should be allowed and even forced to compete on a totally even footing. It would give me great pleasure to have them do that in boxing.]



[Supposedly, it would not hurt to have a few more NOW supporters in Hawaii. Might as well go after them too! Maybe NACSOW in Canada will take a clue and go after the First Nations people for support. If it works, why not? And why stop at the year 1893? Maybe we should go back a bit more, maybe even as far as 1492! By all means, it's only another four centuries.]

WHEREAS, the Native Hawai'ian peoples are the indigenous peoples of the islands of Hawai'i; and

WHEREAS, Queen Lili'uokalani did not abdicate her throne, but was forced to relinquish it on January 16, 1893, in order to protect her Hawai'ian peoples from certain violence and genocide; and

WHEREAS, in the 1993 Apology Bill to the Native Hawai'ian peoples, President Clinton acknowledged the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai'i and formally recognized the American and the Hawai'ian societies; and

WHEREAS, prior to statehood, Hawai'i was scheduled to become an independent nation recognized by the United Nations; and

WHEREAS, under statehood the children of the indigenous Hawai'ian peoples have experienced a U.S. government-imposed, two-tiered system of discrimination based on fifty percent blood quantum, both below and above, which has divided the indigenous Hawai'ian peoples; and

WHEREAS, the indigenous Hawai'ian peoples have been deprived of the exercise of their sovereignty, including self-determination, control of their islands and ocean resources, use of their language, and exercise of their cultural and religious practices; and

WHEREAS, the self-determining indigenous Hawai'ian rights movement has sustained momentum from the first contact with other nations; and

WHEREAS, the Hawai'i National Organization for Women (NOW) has formally recognized the existence and work of the independent indigenous Hawai'ian peoples' NOW VISION SUMMIT self-determining grassroots sovereignty movement since October 1, 1994; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. government is currently conducting a sovereignty vote through the State Office of Hawai'ian Affairs (SOHA);

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW provide moral support for and encourage political recognition of the self-determining indigenous Hawai'ian peoples and the newly forming independent indigenous Hawai'ian women's non-governmental organization.



WHEREAS, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has a longstanding policy of supporting health care, true informed consent, and safe products for women; and

WHEREAS, breast implants contain toxic chemicals, known carcinogens, and heavy metals such as aluminum and platinum, which bleeds into the body for decades at levels exceeding OSHA maximum allowable levels in the workplace air by 1,500%; and;

[That's not too surprising, seeing that breast tissue, artificial or not, and workplace air have such greatly differing densities!]

WHEREAS, cancer victims have been further injured by silicone implants, and early research suggests that some children may also have silicone-related illnesses; and

[Yes. That would be hard to take, if one were a cancer victim and had to content in addition with injuries caused by silicone implants. Too bad that no cites were given of the illnesses that children suffered. It sure make you wonder how far the male conspiracy goes when even children have silicone breast implants, or are they referring to children that suffered from trying to feed from silicone implanted mammaries.]

WHEREAS, over one million American women, and thousands more worldwide, were told silicone breast implants were safe and would last a lifetime without any clinical trials, and even after 30 years of use, safety data is still inadequate; and

WHEREAS, hundreds of thousands of women have manifested a constellation of atypical illnesses, whose common link is breast implants, which are known to bleed silicone within 24 hours of insertion into the human body; and

WHEREAS, the use of breast implants continues today even though the rupture rate is reported as high as 71 percent; implant manufacturers have been found guilty of fraud with one charge upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court; and doctors and manufacturers continue to profit from women, while scientific data is still inadequate; and

[In view of all of the controversy surrounding breast implants, it sure makes one wonder why women persist in having them done at rates that are at levels similar to those in the past]

WHEREAS, the Breast Implant Accountability Act (H.R. 2796), was introduced in Congress to aid victims by making manufacturers responsible for the removal recall of their ruptured or defective products; to require further research on the physiological, neurological, and immunological effects of the toxicity of silicone and other chemicals in breast implants; and to ensure that no physician refuse to treat a woman because she has breast implants.

[And let's not forget that along with that we need a bit of funding for research in the field of cancer of the prostate; there's hardly any at the moment, and more men die from that than women who die from cancer of the breast. But, while we demand funding for research into the harmful effects of cosmetic breast enhancements (none of the enhancements do anything in the way of increasing the production capacity or quality of the mammary glands) we should not forget to provide equal amounts of funding for research into the adverse results of surgical operations for penile enhancements or radical surgery for foreskin removal.]

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW work to educate women and men about the details of the breast implant issue and to continue to empower people to accept their bodies as they are; and

[And let's not forget prostate cancer and circumcision. Those are problems of much greater proportions. Millions of people are affected by these every year. Complications arising from breast implants pale in comparison.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that NOW support individuals affected by the breast implant issue by supporting legislative intervention and avenues of relief.



WHEREAS, it is important for the future of the feminist movement that we maintain continuity with our foremothers and forefathers so that their experience and wisdom are available to us; and

WHEREAS, too often the voices of such women and men have been lost with each reincarnation of the modern feminist movement;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) maintain, with input from the Veteran Feminists of America, a contact list of early activists, with particular emphasis on those who have played key roles in the NOW; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that a dialogue between veteran and newer feminists be scheduled at the 1997 National NOW Conference.



WHEREAS, the global economy promotes slavelike conditions and sweatshops in "Maquila" (piecework) factory industries throughout the world, including Nike subcontractors in developing countries; and

WHEREAS, women who are forced to migrate due to economic or political conditions lack basic human and labor rights throughout the world;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) in conjunction with other human rights organizations and with the labor movement expose the companies that practice or allow discriminatory labor practices against women workers and demand a change in policy.



[Parthenogenesis should play a role too! There should be demands for research funding, after all, to have the poor same-sex marriage partners rely on the efforts of heterosexual people for their children is really not fair. It could even be said to be discriminatory.

What surprises me about this item is that it was not listed as the first item on their list of resolutions.]

WHEREAS, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has been on the cutting edge of supporting equal rights for lesbians and gay men; and

WHEREAS, in 1995, NOW acknowledged that marriage is a basic human right and an individual's personal choice that should not be denied to lesbians and gay men; and

WHEREAS NOW has endorsed Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's "Marriage Resolution" and is an integral part of the coalition fighting for the right of same-sex marriage; and

WHEREAS thirty-six states have faced bills banning same-sex marriage, and the radical right has pledged to introduce similar bills in all fifty states; and

WHEREAS a bill banning same-sex marriage has been introduced in Congress;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW encourage its state and local chapters to organize coordinated nationwide actions supporting same-sex marriage to take place on Valentine's Day 1997; and

[Well, that's a good day; just at the end of winter. We should not see too many lewd demonstrations. Maybe, just maybe, it might be safe to take our young children to whatever places they have to go on Valentine's Day.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW provide state and local leadership with resources to assist in planning and implementing these actions, including but not limited to: talking points, fact sheets, sample action plans, sample speeches and letters to the editor.



WHEREAS, many, if not most, state organizations of the National Organization for Women (NOW) work in state legislatures to pass a feminist agenda and/or to stop the anti-woman agenda promoted by the radical right; and

[Who is doing the equivalent for men?]

WHEREAS, our experience shows that the radical right is engaged in organized campaigns to introduce model or "boilerplate" legislation on topics such as abortion, sex education, child custody, marriage and divorce, lesbian and gay rights, AIDS, and other issues of concern to NOW into state legislatures around the country; and

[It's amazing. Here I thought all along that men were losing ground. Now NOW says that all along it was the women who were losing ground!
    Is the "Ministry of Truth" (1984) involved here somewhere?

WHEREAS, such bills are typically part of a national effort that provides local right-wing organizations and networks model legislation, lobbying strategies, "fact sheets," model testimony, and other assistance in nationally orchestrated campaigns; and

[Look how effective men can become in coordinating their efforts! Who said it couldn't be done?]

WHEREAS, many of these bills are identical or nearly identical to legislation introduced at the federal level; and

WHEREAS, NOW's effectiveness will be greatly increased if campaigns to support or oppose legislative measures are waged at the state as well as the national level;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW undertake a coordinated program to promote a feminist legislative agenda and to "fight the right" in state legislatures through the following actions:

  1. 1.Continue to include state legislative issues and organizing in the job description of at least one current staff position in the NOW Action Center;

  2. 2.Promote networking on legislative issues among the states by committing each state to identifying and providing a list of legislative/lobbying contacts in the states;

  3. 3.Support state legislative efforts and empower NOW's membership by publishing a kit on grassroots legislative lobbying;

  4. 4.Work with state NOW coordinators/presidents or their designees through the      Chapter and State Development and/or Legislative department to forge strategies for effectively combating anti-feminist boilerplate bills introduced in state legislatures and to disseminate research, statistics, legislative testimony, and lobbying strategies for moving a feminist agenda through state legislatures;

  5. 5.Identify feminist legislative initiatives introduced and/or passed in state legislatures across the nation and encourage NOW state organizations to organize statewide campaigns to introduce and pass legislation supported by NOW;

  6. 6.Commit the state organizations to initiate contact with national NOW regarding legislative issues and strategies active in their states.

[All of these seem to be sound and effective strategies. They always worked in the past.]



WHEREAS, Native Americans have alarmingly high rates of health problems such as alcoholism, heart disease, diabetes, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects, suicide or attempted suicide, death from breast cancer, and accidental death; and

[Not too much different from what a non-custodial father experiences.]

WHEREAS, economic conditions on reservations are appalling including contaminated water, no electricity or plumbing, and a lack of adequate housing; and

[The non-custodial fathers who spend time in jail or sleeping in their cars (if they are still lucky enough to have one) in the street somewhere lack all of these things too.]

WHEREAS, many young Native Americans are growing up in a dangerous and even lethal environment demonstrated by the high incidence of gang rape, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, murder, and child sexual and physical abuse; and

[Let's assume that we consider one half of the Native Americans to fall into that category. That makes their number about equal to the number of the fathers who are in jail at this moment, 0.8 million of them in the USA, for being in default for as little as by a month in paying their court-ordered child support. Why not have a bit of compassion for them too. Many of them are being gang-raped. Many of them contract AIDS and other STDs as a result. I don't know about the rate at which these 800,000 men are being murdered in jail, but we all know that happens there. They definitely are at risk of committing suicide, which they do more often than is normal for the rest of the population. So, please, pretty please, may the men in jail for defaulting on CS payments that they are most likely making for children whom they hardly, sometimes never, see, have a bit of compassion too? Let's consider too that many, if not most or virtually all of these men default because of poverty for which the courts have no compassion!
    I really think that these poor fathers, being a group of comparable size, and suffering at least as much, should be meted out some compassion, if compassion is assigned according to those parameters.

WHEREAS, the future of Native Americans has been jeopardized by the loss of their children through such programs as forced attendance at boarding schools and adoption and placement outside the tribe without tribal permission; and

[Non-custodial Fathers too lose their children through adoption and placement without their permission, and although I don't know the numbers, I suspect that they are in excess of those that apply to Native American Families.
    With respect to the Native Americans losing their children through programs such as forced attendance at boarding schools, if we are to accept what Ted and Virginia Byfield wrote in the November 4, 1996 issue of the Alberta Report (in response to an article by Lisa Hobbs Birnie in Vancouver Sun) is that not largely a thing of the past, at least in Canada, and was it not that on average only about one out of every six Native children wound up attending residential schools? Were these residential schools not "patterned on Eaton, Harrow, and the 'great schools' of the empire? Was it not that many native parents were very much in support of their children getting an educational opportunity without which their children would have grown up illiterate? In Canada, only some of these schools survived until the 60's.
    But, as far as the removal of children from their parents is concerned, why would anyone think that a father and his children, whose children have been removed from all or most contact with him suffer only if they are Native Americans? Does NOW feel that the other fathers and children in our society don't feel pain because of such situations?

WHEREAS, obstacles to reproductive freedom abound such as limited access to&127; safe contraceptives, lack of access to safe abortions, and a history of forced sterilization which has now evolved into coerced sterilization; and

[Many men in our society are being coerced by their wives into sterilization.]

WHEREAS, Native Americans' culture has been debased through forced assimilation, laws forbidding religious practices, and disrespect of sacred sites; and

[That's where The Native Americans have a bit of an advantage. At least they are being assimilated into what we consider an acceptable form of society, whereas 800,000 men are being assimilated into the ranks of jailbirds, and into the ranks of the unemployable as a result of that.]

WHEREAS, governmental policies have fostered extermination of Native Peoples (i.e. genocide), as demonstrated by the fact that Native Americans currently number less than 2 million people nationwide with an average life expectancy of 45 years.

[Aha!! Now we come to the hard evidence of what constitutes evidence of discrimination: a shortened life span.
    There too, non-custodial fathers in our society are not far from the life-expectation of the Native Americans.
    On average, men live 7.5 years less than women in our society. But, non-custodial fathers' life-expectancy is no more than about 57 years on average. Now, if we include the average age at death of people who are the product of broken families, then it is very likely that non-custodial fathers and their children on average have a life-expectancy that is not too much different at all from that of the Native Americans, and again, as a group they are about of comparable size.
    So, once more, pretty please? Let's have at least a bit of compassion for non-custodial fathers and their children too!

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) solicit input from Native American women on current problems and issues affecting them; and

[Why not from the men too? Oh, I see. First we generate sympathy for all Native Americans, use the high mortality of the Native American men to paint a horrible picture, and after that we make sure that we divert all of the attention to the Native American women. Right?]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW develop educational materials on Native American issues to be distributed to chapters and the general public; and

[Want to bet that little information in there pertains to men?  I saw an example of that not too long ago in one of the social services' offices in Edmonton.  There were two types of pamphlets for take-out that gave advice to women about AIDS and where to turn to for help.  There were none for men.  I asked the staff why that was so.  They couldn't or wouldn't give me an answer. ]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW encourage chapters to increase participation of Native Americans in NOW events by such means as fundraising for NOW memberships or conference attendance; and

[Should that not be "Native American women"? NOW wouldn't actually encourage Native American men to participate in their activities!?]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW calls upon Congress and the President to respect tribal sovereignty with regard to placement of their children by amending the 1996 Child Welfare Act to reinstate tribal permission regarding adoption and placement outside the tribe; and

[That certainly would give the Native Americans more rights than the average non-custodial father has.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW form alliances with Native American groups to actively promote reversal of the damage done to Native American cultures and encourage the nation to celebrate the strengths and acknowledge the contributions, both current and historical, of Native American groups.

[There it is again, another alliance, more power for NOW.]



WHEREAS, the religious political extremists are attempting to erode previously won rights by restricting or banning specific medical procedures such as the dilation and extraction (D&X) procedure; and

[A euphemism that sounds so much more acceptable than "killing an almost fully developed child either during, or just prior to the onset of birth — by sucking out its brain and collapsing its cranium", but is it really?
    In Canada, it is possible to do anything to an unborn child at any time during the pregnancy. Unborn children have no recognition as persons until the last toe is out of the womb. What women in Canada strove so hard to achieve and did not get until 1929— legal recognition as persons — our unborn children have not yet been able to attain, except that few people ever dared to kill a living breathing female — "non-person" or not.
    Whereas unborn "non-persons" are being killed in North-America at the rate of 1,600,000/year now, the number of female humans that have been murdered has never been much higher than it is now in the USA: 7,127 (1995 figure, the corresponding figure for males in that year is 16,630, although it has been considerably higher in times of war.)
    The corresponding figures for Canada are: Females 245, Males 487 (1992).

What a terrible revenge women exert on our society, for every female murdered 217 unborn non-persons are killed!! Don't forget, the decision to kill her unborn child is made by a woman and NO-ONE else.

WHEREAS, abortion providers and women's health centers remain under attack; and

[Why should anybody be surprised at that? For some people the killing of unborn children in North-America has taken on the proportions of a holocaust.]

WHEREAS, attempts by the Roman Catholic hierarchy and religious extremists to deny access to, and prevent dissemination of, information and services about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS; and

[I'm no expert on what kind of health information I would be able to get from a priest, but it seems to me that a person would have to be a bit dense to ask a priest for advice on health and HIV/AIDS matters. If I have problems concerning my health I go to the best qualified person for advice, a medical doctor!]

WHEREAS, the current economic climate that encourages the proliferation of hospital mergers and the privatization and elimination of school health services directly threatens women's reproductive options; and

[Women still have considerably more options than men have. Men have only two options after a child has been conceived. They either will be living fathers or they may make their soon-to-be-born son or daughter a half-orphan by committing suicide. With respect to whether they will be functioning fathers who are totally involved in the lives of their children, or whether they'll just be wallets whom their children might never see at all, they are at the mercy of the mothers of their children.]

WHEREAS, historically the National Organization for Women (NOW) has remained on the frontlines, uncompromising, for women's reproductive freedom;

[Certainly sounds weird to hear that NOW is uncompromising. I never thought they would admit to being rigid, especially after bashing everybody else who is rigid and uncompromising in their view (e.g. the Roman Catholic church and any other religious denominations who believe in the sanctity of life from the time of conception.]

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW reaffirm its original and consistent position, represented by prior National Board motions and previous National Conference resolutions, that a woman's right to have a safe, legal, and accessible abortion is an absolute right without restriction.

[And what about the right to live for the unborn child???]



WHEREAS, NOW, the women's movement, and the social environment have evolved over the last 30 years; and

WHEREAS, in order to continue to create opportunities and respond to the challenges of the 21st Century, NOW must re-Vision itself; and

WHEREAS, we need a vision that comes [f]rom the combined ideas of our members with their enthusiastic support as an essential first step toward redefining a mission, values, goals, and strategies that will make us effective and successful in the 21st Century,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that members are strongly encouraged to continue the visioning process on the chapter, state, and/or regional levels and prepare to share those ideas at a Visioning Summit as the primary focus of the 1998 National NOW Conference, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that each sub-unit of NOW be provided with instructions in the National NOW Times and a leadership mailing that enable them to contribute ideas about their vision for NOW, and that the results of these small group sessions be published in the materials provided at the conference.

[Now that NOW may have run out of ideas on in which area of society to become more equal than the other members of society, would it be safe to dream again? Is it possible that just maybe they have really lost their lust to be more equal than men and really are intent on becoming the champions of the small and underprivileged minorities?]



WHEREAS, as a result of the 1994 elections, the conservative onslaught on Congress and on the states threatens all of the progress made by women resulting in all of our rights hanging in the balance; and

WHEREAS rather than flocking to the polls in 1994 women stayed home in record numbers because candidates and parties did not address the real issues in their lives, which resulted in devastating losses for progressive candidates;

WHEREAS the new motor voter law allows us increased ability to identify potential new voter registrants around support for feminist issues and to register them.&127;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) declare that reversing the right wing assault on women be its highest priority in 1996 and direct its local and state chapters to stress the importance of targeting, registering and turning out the feminist women's vote to elect feminist candidates and defeat discriminatory ballot measures; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW urge NOW Political Action Committees (PACs) to ensure that the 1996 elections represent a turning point in this nation's history in which women will flock to the polls to seize power by electing those candidates who will truly protect women's lives, their families, and their livelihoods; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW urges NOW/PAC to prepare and distribute materials on targeting districts, precincts, and voters that will maximize our goals.



WHEREAS, the purpose of the National Organization for Women's (NOW) Political Action Committees (PACs) is to increase the number of feminists elected to public office; and

WHEREAS, protection of civil rights is a paramount goal of NOW; and

WHEREAS, experience has taught us that increasing feminist and minority representation at every level of government is critical to achieving progress on our priority issues; and

WHEREAS, recent Supreme Court decisions undermine the progress achieved by the Voting Rights Act, which allowed the election of record numbers of feminist minority candidates;.

[Can anyone give me a pointer as to what this refers to?]

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW urge its PACs at all levels to work with renewed fervor to elect feminist candidates to positions which control judicial appointments to stop the right wing erosion of our political rights; and

[That smells of impropriety!]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW reaffirm its support for a strong, effective, and enforced Voting Rights Act; and;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that NOW urge its PACs to prevent feminist minority candidates from losing their seats through court ordered reapportionment and to work diligently to reelect those redistricted candidates wherever they are forced to run.

[Does that not sound like tampering with the legislative process? And what minority are we talking about? Women comprise the majority of voters! Perhaps they are referring to feminists who are gay or lesbian!]



WHEREAS, in order to have an effective third wave of feminism, the National Organization for Women (NOW) must address the needs of the people who are going to fuel it; and

[One would think that the most successful way to raise a third wave of feminists would be to have good sound families to produce them. The first wave of feminists came from functioning whole families. They didn't do too badly!]

WHEREAS, NOW has formally demonstrated its desire to incorporate young feminists as fully participating NOW members and activists; and

WHEREAS, young feminists have expressed the desire to organize themselves through and with NOW in order to be an active and visible feminist presence in their schools and communities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NOW continue to actively involve and recruit young feminists through such efforts as continuing to organize actions around young feminist issues, electing young women to chapter, state, and national leadership positions, creating young feminist-oriented literature, and organizing at schools and community youth centers; and

[Oh boy! More feminist literature, as if we didn't have enough of that already! But, as far as getting them while they are young is concerned, that worked quite well for Hitler and Stalin. They must have taken lessons.]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW encourage intergenerational dialogue in order to maintain and develop stronger ties between activists of all ages by including a workshop addressing intergenerational issues at the 1997 National NOW Conference and continuing this dialogue at future conferences; and

[Intergenerational dialog used to be the way in which one or two generations in a family passed on their knowledge to the developing generation. Considering that that process is important for the survival and continuation of society, the family setting still appears to be the most effective way to achieve that transfer of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Families can't help but be more effective in that process than a loose-knit national organization of feminists can be, especially when there are more functioning families than feminists.

Perhaps the membership of NOW is dropping. That would be the case if we can believe their claims of membership numbers. In the beginning of this year they claimed to have 300,000 members. Later in the spring they claimed to have 270,000 members. Now they claim that they have 250,000 members. Perhaps there is hope yet for all of society to salvage something of a once functioning society. (Update: 1997 figures appear to indicate a membership in the order of 200,000, other people have estimated that the real membership is now more than likely in the order of 90,000.)

But the best thing would be for society to make sure that families are functioning. Children that are brought up within the confines of the families can't be seduced by the feminists.

There is obviously much merit in supporting home-schooling!

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW and the Young Feminist Conference Implementation Committee (CIC) renew their commitment to implementing previously passed resolutions such as those mandating a Young Feminist Resource Kit and the development of strategies and programs to assist young people in combating sexism in their school environments; and

[New-speak: Combating sexism = promoting feminism.]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW encourage the Young Feminist CIC in its efforts to create a NOW young feminist network by maintaining a full CIC membership of diverse, pro-active regional representatives interested in creating and maintaining such a network on a national level; and

[An effective way to counteract that would be for families to form effective networks of their own.]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW support young feminists' efforts to organize themselves by encouraging the establishment of official NOW entities such as task forces, chapters, g[i]rl clubs, and other subunits; and

[If more family-oriented organizations would be in existence, the feminists would not stand a chance!]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW encourage young feminists' efforts to create their own forms of networking, such as adding an additional web page onto the existing NOW site for news, updates, and actions regarding young feminist issues, establishing an e-mail list for young feminists, and adding young feminist contacts to the existing World Wide Web contact list; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NOW continue unique approaches to reaching out such as offering young feminist sleep overs, summits, and mentoring programs in NOW's continued effort to recognize that, although young feminist issues are as varied as the women who confront them, young feminists are unique in having grown up in an era where feminism is already prevalent; and

[Try to keep your children away from such events.]

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that all efforts on behalf of young feminist activism encourage young feminist independence and flexibility, yet ensure that NOW structure, administration, and goals stand firm.

[One could get the impression that the establishment is afraid to be shaken by the up-coming feminists.]



WHEREAS employers are increasingly using tactics to limit their own liability under federal and state laws and to limit access of their employees to civil rights laws and

WHEREAS employers including Saks Fifth Avenue and Purity Supreme have asserted that employees who are victims of rape and/or sexual assault in the workplace can only seek redress through workers compensation boards and not through the civil courts, and a recent decision from the highest court in Massachusetts has already interpreted state law to restrict employees' rights in this manner, and

WHEREAS the securities industry requirement that all employee disputes, including allegations of sexual harassment and assault, must go before employer-selected arbitration panels and this has created a hostile work environment for women in the securities industry, and

WHEREAS mandatory arbitration having been approved by the courts, is spreading to other industries through employee manuals, pre-employment contracts, court decisions, and legislation.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization for Women (NOW) educate its membership through the National NOW Times about the legislation, court decisions, and employer tactics to deny employees access to Title VII protection against discrimination, a hostile work environment, sexual harassment and assault; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Action Center develop a national press and legal strategy in opposition to these tactics.

[One of the best refutations debunking all of the workplace violence hype was written by Bert Hoff.]

That is all of the 1996 Agenda of NOW.  No doubt, if you have read any of the documentation relating to the VAWA II, you'll recognize that virtually all of the item in the 1996 Agenda of NOW are now firmly embedded in VAWA II.  NOW is formulating national policy in the US, not only lobbying to formulate, but actually controlling national policy.

Anyone may wonder why that should concern a Canadian.  The reason for that concern is that NOW and other "women's" organizations in the world, such as NACSOW (National Action Committee Status of Women) in Canada are closely collaborating to dominate world politics.  That is done through their extraordinary influence at the UN, in every possible sector of the UN imaginable.

The UN isn't an elected body.  It is a government body that is run and controlled by special interest groups.  There aren't any effective checks and balances, such as a senate that has to ratify new legislation before it can be implemented.  What the special interest groups want they get.  The most vocal and powerful groups get the most, and the most powerful of all are organizations that ostensibly speak for all women, but who are in reality pursuing an agenda that is family-hostile, because it is enormously biased in favour of lesbians, who have obviously no pressing interest in keeping legislation in power that favours or promotes traditional family values.

We know that virtually all outspoken and well-known radical feminists at the helm of NOW are lesbians who are openly hateful of men and fathers.  They express their hatred openly, publicly, and without hesitation at any opportunity that offers itself.  What is not so well know is that it is lesbians in other countries as well who comprise the leadership in radical feminist organizations.  REAL Women, a pro-family organization, an organization that is regarded by NACSOW (not too surprisingly) as The Enemy, stated that the staff of the office of The Secretary of State Status of Women (for all intents and purposes an adjunct to NACSOW, which in turn receives liberal funding in the order of many millions of dollars per year from the Canadian Federal Government) is comprised entirely of women (123), of whom 40% are openly declared lesbians, except for the assistant to the Secretary, he is a gay man.

The Canadian federal government is obsessed with implementing policies devised in collaboration between the office of the Secretary of State Status of Women and NACSOW.

Whether a global agenda for the destruction of our families is in existence or not is immaterial.  A never-ending stream of family-hostile legislation is coming our way from all levels of government.  It is driven by radical feminist organizations.  Anybody who is following the trend in the slightest way has no doubts left in his mind that a program is being implemented that will bring about world domination by lesbians — with gay rights activists jockeying for favoured status.

The June 29, 1998 issue of the Alberta Report explains in its cover story how the implementation of such world domination is being brought about through the UN.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that we should heed very much the note of caution expressed by Sir James Wheatstone?

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