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since June 19, 2001


Political Correctness 101

This page contains a collection of links to articles describing the evolution of feminist group-think at Canadian academe, the resulting consequences and the fate of some individuals who attempted to take corrective action.

There was an article in the [then] Alberta Report, summarizing the situation from a national perspective, with emphasis on the Province of Alberta.

  • Deconstructing the arts faculty — Doctrinaire feminism tightens its grasp on the U of A's biggest department; Alberta Report (now REPORT Newsmagazine), 1996 09 30

Update 2010 11 09: Upon request by the author of that article, [name of the author removed, as requested by the author], the article no longer resides at the website of Fathers for Life. He wrote: "...there are alleged errors in the article and reposting it exposes me and you to legal action."

Although the article was posted at our website with the permission of the Alberta Report, it has been removed because it would not be appropriate to present an article whose author fears that it may contain inaccuracies contains an inaccuracy (a wrongly spelled name) that may expose him to legal action. (The last part of that sentence has been changed after the author complained that the phrase "may contain inaccuracies" was not true to fact.)

Some professors and lecturers suffer the consequences of being honest about men's status in society.  Mind you, they didn't come out and criticize feminism, they merely told the truth about the relative status of men and women.  The price?   They lost their teaching positions as the result of Maoist perversions of common sense and on account of feminist persecution.

At the University of Winnipeg, I ran smack into a "glass wall" of discrimination because I questioned radical feminist dogma.

And as to Heinz Klatt, at Western University of Ontario, a man who knows group-think first hand (because he grew up with it in Communist East Germany) and attempts to examine its workings in the 'free' world, let's hope that the feminist totalitarian regime doesn't have the same fate in store for him.  However, as of now he still enjoys a measure of academic freedom and attempts to launch at the UWO a regular course dubbed by the media "PC 101."

    Heinz Klatt, Department of Psychology, King's College, UWO

  • Politically correct prof leads the way, By Stephanie Cesca
    Gazette Staff

    This fall a King's College psychology professor will be teaching what may be the most controversial course ever to be taught at Western.

    Heinz Klatt said his full-year course, entitled [sic] Psychology and Ideology: The Study of Political Correctness, would challenge the dogmas associated with political correctness.

    Klatt said he defined political correctness as a set of claims society is not ready to question. Some of the issues, he said, are homosexuality, teenage pregnancy and welfare.

    Martin Wall, chair[man] of the psychology department at the University of Toronto...said he had heard about Klatt's course, but...was doubtful his psychology department would consider it at this time.  [Of course, it's sooo much safer to maintain the status quo than to teach the truth.  —WHS]

So far [in 2001] Prof. Klatt still has his job.

See also:

Posted 2001 12 21

2002 12 23 (added references relating to freedom of expression, to propaganda, and to feminism and related issues)