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since June 19, 2001


Mother Cuts Off Part of Back-Talking Son's Tongue


Georgian Sentenced for Cutting Off Part of Back-Talking Son's Tongue With Hot Scissors

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

McDONOUGH, Ga. A mother accused of cutting off part of her son's tongue with hot scissors avoided a 5-year prison sentence and was sentenced to 10 years probation.  (Full Story off-site)

Ruth, my better half and editor-in-chief of Fathers for Life, feels that a proper sentence for the woman would be to cut off part of her tongue with hot scissors, "Then she would know what it feels like."

We tend to blame "the system" for the endemic miscarriage of justice caused by leniency when women generally get of scot-free after committing crimes, and especially violent crimes.  The issue is an age-old problem that already in 1908 was addressed in depth by Belfort Bax in an essay, The Legal Subjection of Men (if necessary, try this link: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Legal_Subjection_of_Men).  As we today are prone to do, Belfort Bax, too, blamed "the system." We should not blame politicians, lawyers and judges (judges are lawyers, too).  "The system" is something we put into place to make sure that our feelings receive attention, support and enforcement.  "The system" is nothing more than a consequence of our feelings, actions and inactions.  The blame for the fundamental causes of what is wrong with our society rests with each and everyone of us.

If that is not the right way to look at things, then how can we explain-away what happened in the case of the mother who cut off part of her 6-year-old son's tongue? 

...the state's case was hampered when Toby Davis [the boy's father] filed court papers refusing to cooperate with the prosecution and asking that charges [against the demonically cruel mother] be dropped. The boy also signed an affidavit saying he did not want his mother prosecuted.

Never was our innate inability to see mothers (and we project from our own mothers to all women) as merely human with all of the failings that can affects all humans, and deserving of equal punishment when committing crimes of equal severity demonstrated to me more than when I read in a study report that a severely and cruelly mistreated child (whom its mother ultimately attempted to murder) held out its arms, begging to be comforted by its torturer.  Here is an excerpt from the description of that incident:

From: Covert Video Recordings of Life-threatening Child Abuse: Lessons for Child Protection
PEDRIATRICS Vol. 100 No. 5, November 1997; Dr. Southall et al.

Case 34, 18-Month-Old Female Child


Day 2

16:08 PM: the mother deliberately pinches the child who begins to cry and develops breath-holding.  She reaches for comfort from her mother but is ignored.  After 20 seconds, the mother presses an alarm to call the nurses.  They don't appear.  The child reaches for the mother again who draws back from her.  The mother has a nurse coming but the breath-holding has stopped; she slaps the child hard on the leg.  The child cries and the nurse enters the room.  The mother appears to be comforting the child.  The mother tells the nurse that the child had suffered a small event [of apnea, or stopping to breathe F4L]....

Day 4


16:14 PM-. the child walks past her mother who deliberately trips her up with her leg and kicks her in the abdomen and back on three occasions.  The child cries and reaches for her mother who initially ignores her and then, suddenly, picks her up and cuddles her.

16:41 PM: the mother changes the child's diaper.  The child is passive and lies on the bed quietly for 2 minutes.  She then attempts to get up.  The mother takes a pillow and forces it over the child's head.  The child struggles to breathe.  After 8 seconds, the mother removes the pillow but then replaces it for 3 seconds and then lifts the child roughly by the arm.  A nurse enters the room after being alerted by the CVS observers. (Full transcript of that and other incidents in the report)

Truly, daughters (as well as sons, as described in the transcripts of some of the other cases in the report) have a boundless capacity to love their mothers.  It is astonishing that it happens in some cases, but it is what God intended.  "The system" does nothing more than to give substance to our basic instincts:  Mothers (and by extension all women) can do no wrong.  That is why we let women get away with murder, and, furthermore, that is why let radical feminists (who are in absolute denial of any woman's capability and tendency to be violent) destroy our society.

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Posted 2006 08 08