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since June 19, 2001


Suckered — Family destroyed; chalk one up for the femicommies

March 10, 2003.

[Ontario, address omitted to protect the damaged from further persecution]

The Honourable Ernie Eves, Premier of Ontario
Room 281, Main Legislative Building
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Dear Premier Eves:

Re: Eviction of a mother and her four young children from their home because of Ontario’s domestic violence policies

Today, I received a legal notice from Scotia Bank indicating that they are going to foreclose on my family’s small Burlington home. I am a struggling mother but as a result of persecution by authorities related to the domestic violence courts, had fallen two months behind in the mortgage payments. This action by the bank will force myself and my four young children out into the street.

As a mother of four who is trying to desperately to raise my children in decent environment, I lay the vast majority of the blame for my current problems clearly on the Government of Ontario and its domestic violence policies which seem geared to break up marriages and to emotionally and financially destroy children and families. Our family has been forced into financial ruin because of Ontario’s repressive, draconian, anti-father and anti-family domestic violence policies.

Early last year, during a time in which I was suffering from depression and anxiety during a disagreement with my husband at our home, I wrongly made false claims to police that my husband had threatened my children and myself. I was pressured by the Halton women’s shelter to divorce my husband, take the children away from him and to get him put in jail for as long as possible. Yet my husband was a good, loving father and had never abused or threatened the children.

When I gathered the courage to face the wrong I had committed and tried to tell the Crown attorney in Halton that I was the one who was to blame and to tell them that the criminal charges made against my husband were wrong, I was accused of being a liar and further told that husbands, in general, are violent and oppressive towards women. The Crown Attorney would not talk to me about my husband’s case but was very willing to speak to the women’s shelter workers. From the very beginning, the pursuit of guilt, not what was best for our family or for Justice seemed to be the goal.

To date, nobody in the court system wants to listen to me. The Crown Attorney’s office does not want to listen. Nobody in the court system cares about myself or my children, The Crown does not care about myself or my children. Even the clerks at the courthouse, frowned at me for wanting to help my husband and to get the truth before the court. My lawyers refuse to follow my instructions. Everyone seems to be turning their back on Justice and taking the position that they have to do what they are doing because of the laws.

It seems that the only thing that those in the system care about is that my husband is found guilty, no matter what the truth is. This whole situation involving charges against my husband by police and the Crown Attorney’s Office in Halton is scandalous and an insult to the principles of Justice. Tens of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars have been spent by local authorities to humiliate, degrade, embarrass and intimidate my husband and myself. Yet, the courts complain how they are backlogged.

As a result of Ontario’s domestic violence policies, myself and my children are on welfare, my husband is on welfare and lawyers have seized all of our assets through legal aid liens. All this harm is because of the false and unwarranted charges against my husband. Now, my children and myself are going to get evicted from our family home.

Although I must admit I share the blame in calling the police in the first place, our family would not be in this current situation if only the police were more caring and understanding and if the Crown Attorney’s office more willing to accept the reality that false statements are sometimes made by couples affected by anger and depression during times of family conflict. But is seems the pursuit of a conviction seems more important that what is in the best interests of children, families and the community.

My husband and I are honest, hard working people who came to Canada with dreams of raising our family in Canada. All of our four children were born in Canada. Since the intervention of authorities in Halton after a disagreement between my husband and myself, our dreams of a good life in Canada have turned into a horrendous nightmare. Everything we have worked for in Canada has been stripped from us by the lawyers and the domestic violence court system because of my mistake in calling the police to settle a dispute between my husband and myself. My children miss their loving father and cry to see him. They are angry at a justice system that they only see destroying their father and their family. The Halton Children’s Aid Society have told me never to see my husband again and have told me that they will take away my children if I allow my children to see their loving and caring father.

Is this what life in Canada and Ontario is all about? With the authorities entrenched in their inflexible position which seems intent on destroying our family, I can see no future in this country for my family. We may very well be forced to pack our bags and leave this country in order to set ourselves free of the persecution and injustice that we face here in Canada.

Yours truly

[Name omitted to protect the damaged from further persecution]

Rosemary Underwood's follow-up letter to her MPP [Member of Provincial Parliament]:

Dear Frank Klees,

I know that you are a conscientious member of provincial parliament and we are grateful that  you and your staff have  been helpful to us personally. You have also helped our son whose wife could tell an almost identical story to the attached if only she were as honest as Ms. [omitted].  She used to be, until she fell prey to the personnel at the Sutton Women's Shelter who transformed a beautiful person  into a lying tyrant and destroyed a loving family in the process.

Because I am currently doing research with a view to writing a book on Canada's very corrupt and unjust family court system,   I have become privy to receiving copies of these testimonials.  Two or three of such reach me every week.  They all tell an almost identical story.  They make me ashamed to call myself "Canadian".

In no way do I see you as a person who would condone such a system.  Is there not anything that the decent members of your government can do to affect change and put a stop to this feminist ideologically driven travesty against husbands, children and families?


Rosemary Underwood

5 Onyx Lane
Stouffville, ON
L4A 1K3


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Posted 2003 03 14