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since June 19, 2001



Family Values as Promoted by Extremist Gay Rights Advocates

Gay "Rights" and Views on Family Rights

As promoted through the American Psychological Association (APA)

The Psychology of Homosexuality, By Paul Cameron, Ph. D.


Kinsey Model of Moral Values  — The desensitization of the public under the guise of gender rights causes general acceptance of a new world view on family values.

To counter any of these views, make use of Dale's Disk — An HTML version of Dale O'Leary's files on issues of homosexuality and families — Material that has been prepared for those who are interested in promoting the truth about homosexuality.


Is Pedophilia Really Being Normalized?

The newest issue of Family Research Report is devoted to the intense, recent debate over whether the "APA is seeking to normalize pedophilia."
Conservatives have asserted that the publication of a 1998 article about the modest empirical effects of child sexual abuse meant that the American Psychological Association was opening the door to pedophiles. While some in the APA may desire to see restrictions on pedophilia lifted, FRI believes this is still a minority viewpoint. Contrary to conservative warnings, the 1998 article actually posed a reasonable corrective to "child sexual abuse hysteria." Critics should not be so obsessed about child molestation that they fail to do their scientific homework.

Full article: http://www.familyresearchinst.org/

Which One Is the Wife?, by William Gairdner, PhD.

Gay Wrongs, by William Gairdner, PhD.


Deconstructing the Essential Father

A paper by Louise B. Silverstein, Ph.D.and Carl F. Auerbach, Ph.D., was introduced 1999 07 14 by Ferrel Christensen, Ph.D., to the discussion forum EPOC NEWS of Equal Parents of Canada with the comment:

"I don't believe this article itself has been posted to the list. FYI.

As that was the extent of Ferrel Christensens's covering note with which he forwarded the full article, I had no idea that the paper had been published in the June 1999 issue of American Psychologist, published by the American Psychological Association.  A search for the paper on the Internet provided some information that I thought would interest many people.  That information is incorporated into the response I posted 1999 07 14 to the EPOC NEWS list.

Kathleen Parker responded to the anti-father and anti-family paper in an article that was published  199 07 18 in The Orlando Sentinel:

Study denouncing fathers sends danger signals

Now is the time for all good fathers to come to the aid of the family.

But you better hurry; your days are numbered.  In fact, if you happen to be a heterosexual male (further doomed by Caucasian pigmentation), your days are already over, ...

Full article...


Earlier in July 1999, Dr. Wade F. Horn had written about the APA's agenda in the destruction of traditional moral values by writing an article called  Lunacy 101: Questioning the Need for Fathers

The web page at the preceding link at which the article is shown contains also the full article by Silverstein and Auerbach that was published in the APA publication American Psychologist.

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