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since June 19, 2001


Anorexia Nervosa

Changing Ideal of Beauty or insane Obsession?


The costs to society of treating anorexia nervosa are enormous.  Perhaps it would be best to just let these women do what they want to to.  However, the problem is that some of them are mothers.   They cannot function properly in that capacity.

skeleton2.jpg (28273 bytes)That often brings the psychologists into the picture, with all of the problems that they often cause.  They seldom achieve to cure the condition of anorexia nervosa, but the families of the women who pick the lifestyle of apparently starving themselves to death have to face the costs of almost exclusively futile psychological counseling that stretches on for many years, as long as the health care system will cover them, or for as long as the families are willing to cope with the emotional and financial burden.  The counselling only stops when the client is either permanently hospitalized or when all sources of funding dry up.
   The costs of therapy per patient easily run to $30,000 and more.  Given that the psychology industry estimates that there are 5 million aficionados of anorexia nervosa in the US, if all of them would receive treatment, one could be led to believe that anorexia nervosa could turn into a gold mine for the psychology industry, except that health-care funding is not inexhaustible.  If one multiplies $30,000 by 5 million, the total comes to $150 billion, which, even if spread over a good number of years, would burden the already over-stretched health-care system beyond its limits.
   Once hooked to a given therapist by very strong emotional ties, few clients ever manage on their own to break away from that form of abuse and exploitation by what Tana Dineen, author of Manufacturing Victims — What the Psychology Industry is doing to People, identifies as deliberately "destroying families, promoting of hostile views of men and women, promoting distrust and suspicion, and misusing science." (Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, co-author, The Myth of Repressed Memory)
   Unfortunately, even if families or society can bear the costs of the lifestyle choice picked by their female members, the emotional burden is often far more than many people can bear.  Prolonged psychological counseling frequently poses the risk of devastating dangers.

The obviously deviant behaviour of compulsive, self-induced starving frequently leads psychologists to surmise that it was sexual abuse in childhood that subsequently led their clients to choose the lifestyle of becoming anorexics.  These therapists try their best to "recover" the memories that they assume must be there to fit their hypothesis for the alleged cause of their clients' condition. They assure their clients that childhood sexual abuse is without any doubt the cause of their condition, the memories of which merely need to be "recovered," because they must, so they say, of necessity be there.
    Of course, forms of therapy that often lead their victims to believe that they can remember events in their lives going back to their time of birth, that have them even "remember" being born, can and are being used to "recover" memories that therapists induce in their clients.

Recovered memory therapy has fallen into ill repute in many jurisdictions and countries and is no longer admissible in many courts as evidence to substantiate that childhood sexual abuse did occur.  Furthermore, even in the US – notorious for having courts that give credence to superstitions – there has lately been a rash of damage awards to victims of recovered memory therapists, some of which therapists imbued their clients with, amongst other things, as many as a hundred different "personalities." There were instances where some of these "personalities" were alleged to be those of Satan, a duck and even a frog. The amounts of the damage awards ran to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even to over $1 million.
   Although we may have the illusion that clients abused by their therapists are thereby being compensated for the dreadful damages they received, little of that money gets into their hands.  Nevertheless, the amounts will eventually be paid, largely to the lawyers that got in on the game.  The therapists pay, through their insurance companies, costs that will be passed on through increased insurance premiums and increased service fees to the end consumers of medical services.

Whether therapists are good or bad, damaging to their clients or not, they are still permitted to operate, because the Psychology Industry is a self-regulating industry that is in essence not regulated at all.  It appears to be profit oriented and not at all to have the best interest of its clients in mind.  Moreover, it lacks any scientifically acceptable standards by which it would be capable to assess its own performance.  The only concrete standard of performance seems to be the bottom line on the balance sheets of the therapists.

The next page contains some statistics relating to the consequences of recovered memory therapy.

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Posted 2001 08 28
2001 09 04 (inserted paragraph containing cost estimate for therapy)