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since June 19, 2001


Ten Ways to "legally" Kill a Woman

The following was sent by a friend.

Excerpts from Lime 5: Exploited by Choice
by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics Incorporated
(any typographical errors are mine)

[This is pretty horrible stuff, but the word has to get out - TB]

On June 2 1989, "Margaret" went to Acme Reproductive Services 21 to have an abortion performed by John Roe 295. After she was dismissed, she started experiencing pain and bleeding, and called the facility about her symptoms. They did not advise her to seek medical care. Two days later, she sought medical treatment on her own and was told that she had a perforated uterus and retained fetal tissue. A D&C was performed to complete the abortion and, due to infection, a hysterectomy was also necessary. Unfortunately, despite all efforts to save her life, Margaret died of the complications of her abortion, leaving behind her husband and one-year-old son. PAGE 25

[The book uses Acme Reproductive Services or ARS as the generic name for abortuaries so as not to identify them in the text of the book. It also uses John Roe as the generic name for abortionists. The number behind each name identifies a different person or enterprise. All incidents are footnoted to media sources, court records, or other sources. These are American incidents. We don't know how often this happens in Canada because the research has not yet been done. - TB]

"Cassandra," age 20, underwent an elective abortion at a California hospital on September 2, 1971. She was treated for heavy bleeding on September 15, and was sent home following a D&C. Two days later she returned, still complaining of heavy bleeding. She went into convulsions and was transferred to another hospital, where she died on September 19. The cause of her death was cardiopulmonary insufficiency due to blood loss from a perforated uterus and lacerated uterine artery. PAGE 21

On June 3, 1975, 35-year-old "Sandra" had an abortion at ARS 14. During the abortion, her uterus was punctured and she bled to death. Sandra left behind four children. As they had done in several other instances in which they injured women, employees of ARS 14 claimed that they were simply repairing an injury caused by the patient's botched attempt at a self-induced abortion. In fact, this is a fairly common claim made by abortionists [WHY NOT JUST CALL THEM COLD-BLOODED KILLERS? OR ARE WOMEN NOT REALLY HUMAN EITHER - WHILE THEY'RE PREGNANT? - TB] who injure their patients. Of course, this contention defies logic. First, why would a woman self-induce when abortion is legal? Second, even if she did, why would she go to an abortion clinic for repairs instead of an emergency room? And third, since the injured woman often traveled to the clinic from out of state, the obvious question is why would a woman who injured herself trying to self-induce an abortion would go out of state for help. In reality, this is simply a shabby bit of deception abortionists use to avoid responsibility for the harm they do to women. PAGE 21

[According to the author, one of the reasons the large majority of incidents the documented come from the 1970s and 1980s is because those presently involved in legal proceedings tend to disclose very little or nothing about their cases while they are in process - it is not because baby killers have become any better at what they do. - TB]

On January 15, 1982, 34-year-old "Shary" had an abortion performed by John Roe 368 at ARS 22 in Dallas. During the procedure, she sustained a one-inch tear of her cervix and began to hemorrhage. She died the next day. The clinic where she had her abortion was a member of the National Abortion Federation. PAGE 28

"Patricia" underwent an abortion by John Roe 13 to terminate her 24-week pregnancy on March 3, 1984. During the procedure, she suffered a deep laceration two inches long and passing through the entire cervical wall. Roe then left her alone while her performed abortions on other patients. Patricia, age 16, bled to death while at the abortion clinic. PAGE 28

On October 10, 1970, 23-year-old "Maria" traveled from Massachusetts to New York for a legal abortion by Erma Roe [Erma's as opposed to John's are female abortionists - TB] 741. Roe estimated the pregnancy at two months and started the abortion, but could not extract the fetus. She concluded that Maria was not pregnant and sent her home. In fact, there was a fetus, but Roe could not find it because she had perforated Maria's uterus and pushed the fetus into her abdominal cavity. That night, Maria died from complications created by the retained fetus. PAGE 36

Twenty-eight-year-old "Linda" was hospitalized after John Roe 477 performed a second-trimester abortion on her in June 1973. Roe had left a fetus of nearly five months gestation, missing a leg, an arm, part of the skull, and part of the torso, in Linda's uterus. Linda died from a massive infection created by the retained fetal parts. Roe was put on trial for manslaughter in the case, during which the South Dakota Attorney-General is quoted as saying, "You take a three-inch leg off something, you have to know that there's more in there than just the leg." The defense argued that the state could not prove that Roe intended to harm Linda by leaving so much of the fetus inside her. The expert witness for the prosecution said that infection would result in every case when so much tissue is left behind, and the defense argued that infection is an accepted risk. Roe was acquitted. He was tried for another manslaughter following the 1985 abortion death of 18-year-old "Yvonne," and was again acquitted. PAGE 37 [THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN DEATH-LOVERS SIT ON THE BENCH - TB]

[If you managed to stay with me so far, there's just three more to go - I've been reading just about 100 pages of example after example of death, sexual assault and brutality by the hatchet-men of feminism and liberalism who pretend to be the champions of women's rights - the right to die, maybe, but not much else. - TB]

Twenty-four-year-old "Patricia" went to ARS 32 for an abortion on May 4, 1987. Abortionist John Roe 333 placed her under general anesthesia, despite the fact that he was not a qualified anesthesiologist and ARS 32 was not equipped to treat anesthesia emergencies. Immediately after being given the anesthetic drug, Patricia went into cardiac arrest. When paramedics arrived, they found that no emergency care was being provided, and Patricia had not been breathing for at least 20 minutes. Roe told them that he had injected Neo-Synephrine and sodium bicarbonate into her heart in an attempt to revive her. Neither of those is recommended for such use. He later testified that he had actually injected Epinephrine, which was kept in the same drawer with Neo-Synephrine, but that he wrote down the wrong drug in the confusion. ARS 32 also advertised that it was "licensed by the state," even though abortion clinics are not state-regulated in Oklahoma. In fact, this particular facility had not been inspected since the attorney general declared state oversight unconstitutional in 1984. PAGE 45

[And one from the archives of PP - is that Pol Pot or Planned Parenthood? Sometimes the difference is a little fuzzy - at least Pol Pot is dead, we need to work a little harder to get Planned Parenthood outlawed. Hey, I've got a great idea: the International Criminal Court people were talking about using the court against Pol Pot, maybe they'll let us use it against Planned Parenthood! Now that my hallucinating is over, we can continue - TB]

On November 11, 1977, 21-year-old "Elizabeth" believed that she was two months pregnant and underwent an abortion at a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. She called the clinic in December to report that she was still not menstruating, but they assured her that the abortion was complete. On February 1, 1978, it was discovered that Elizabeth was five months pregnant. The Planned Parenthood facility referred her to a local hospital for a saline abortion. That evening, she packed a nightgown and told her family that she was going to spend the night at a friend's house. That was the last time they saw her alive. She died the next day from complications of the abortion. The coroner's report indicated that she had acute pulmonary edema, congestion, and hemorrhage. PAGE 38  

On March 2, 1985, 38-year-old "Ellen" sought an abortion at ARS 30. Her abortion was performed by John Roe 797, who earlier that day had left portions of a fetus in another patient (See "Patricia" under "Incomplete Abortion or Retained Tissue.") On March 4, she returned to the clinic complaining of high fever, severe cramps, and excruciating pain. The clinic's owner/director gave her tea and called Roe. He arrived four hours later, examined Ellen, performed a second D&C, and sent her home with a bottle of antibiotics. The next day, suffering from pain and high fever, she was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of a local hospital where she was rushed into surgery. She died, leaving two children behind. Her autopsy report listed cause of death as peritonitis from uterine and bowel perforations. Roe told reporters that he did not ordinarily work at ARS 30, but was "strapped for cash" and had agreed to fill in for abortionist John Roe 338. He said that he was "not an abortionist, just an honest, easygoing guy looking for something temporary." [HE MADE ELLEN'S LIFE PRETTY TEMPORARY, BUT I GUESS THAT'S NOT WHAT HE MEANT! - TB] He left the clinic after Ellen's death saying, "It was a bad month." PAGE 24

Yeah, I know some people will want to burn the messenger and give me a hard time for reprinting this gruesome stuff, but playing semantic games with abortionists and their defenders in all political parties, especially among the Liberals, on their turf has shown no evidence of slowing down the rate of murder, brutality and other grizzly behaviour towards women and children in Canada. This is probably just light, dinner-time reading for some of them. BUT REMEMBER, IT'S THOSE RIGHT-WING FANATICS, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, WHO ARE THE ENEMIES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN - AND ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT IN THIS SOCIETY. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT BECAUSE IF YOU DO YOU MIGHT START BELIEVING THE TRUTH, THEN YOU'LL GET ANNE MCLELLAN, HEDY FRY AND ALEXA MCDONOUGH, AND THEIR ILK, REALLY UPSET.

As I said earlier, we don't know how much of this is happening in Canada because death advocates refuse to "sufficiently" regulate and collect data on what happens in abortuaries and hospitals here. Advocates of abortion can demonstrate their claim that their primary concern is the welfare of women by demanding that abortuaries and hospitals open their "books" to the public. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We also need to demand that all mainstream media outlets double their journalistic staff so as to have an equal representation of pro-lifers to advocates of baby-killing so that the data revealed is actually publicized. Meanwhile, the countdown for hell freezing over is . . .

Lime 5, Mark Crutcher, Life Dynamics, Incorporated, PO Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202; Phone: (817) 380-8800. 1996.


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