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since June 19, 2001



Published in Balance Magazine (Date not known)

On Tue, 08 Sep 1998 in soc.women dpier@compusmart.ab.ca (Doug Pier) posted the following:


By Sean O'Connell, Ph.D.

This exposť may amount to the most heinous and massive betrayal in the history of humanity; I am betraying the entire male gender.

For millennia, probably since the invention of walking, men have happily pledged their fidelity to the most closely guarded of secrets. As part of a world-wide conspiracy, one whose sole aim is the absolute and never-ending subordination of the entire female gender, every male on the planet, every one, has promised to serve the cause faithfully and to promote its masculine interests. But I must be the first to break with the planetary tradition. I am a kind of Messiah for the New Age, and hence expect to be reviled and scorned for the tidings I bring. I must be the first for a couple of reasons.

Well, the first is not so much a justifying reason, as an excusing condition. It's just that a few women, mainly sociologists, are on the verge of figuring this out for themselves. The least I can do for the brotherhood, if I am to betray it so monstrously, is to prevent a woman from making the most important discovery of the last 1.5 million years.

My second reason is better. I have come to really love women, and I want to see their suffering end. This, of course, is a double-cross, right at the heart of masculi[ni]sm. The international male conspiracy is rooted in misogyny and sadism, as feminists have recently begun to discern.

The facts surrounding this world conspiracy are really quite simple, so simple, indeed, that it is a wonder that it took women so long to suspect their sinister implications. One understands the dark and malicious male plot if one understands one original fact: women once ruled the earth. They were the first sex, genetically and historically. Men were an evolutionary afterthought. The evidence for this is the diminutive and lowly Y-chromosome. Because they were inferior, in every existentially significant way, men were systematically relegated to marginal functions and status, away from the mainstreams of life.

Here the story really begins. Small numbers of men, behind the backs of their women, expressed discontent. Within a few centuries, the phenomenon was international. Enclaves popped up on every continent and, inevitably, the underground movement became a formal, fraternal organization. The international male conspiracy was born.

The first world-wide congress convened in the Falkland Islands about 30,000 BC, and has met there annually ever since (the exact date is unknown, since records were not maintained until about 3,500 BC, when the movement invented writing as we now know it). This is why Britain sent half its navy to rescue the Falklands; more than a few sheep were at stake. The Admirals and Generals, all of them men (who very cleverly brainwashed Margaret Thatcher into doing their dirty work for them), knew that the planetary male privilege was vulnerable.

In the 31,994-year period since the first Falkland Congress, the conspiracy has had an unbroken record of stunning breakthroughs and successes in its devoted efforts to dehumanize, humiliate, subordinate, exploit, oppress, enslave, disempower and terrorize women. Year after year, these secret hives of patriarchy have produced brilliant male inventions and subterfuges for keeping women in their proper place as the pariahs of the planet.

I have just mentioned one. Men invented writing. After a few centuries, they decided to teach it to a few women, but they did so in such a way that they could never use it properly. This was the first instrument of male dominance, and probably its most powerful one: Control the means of communication and everything is yours. (In all these examples, it should be noted that in the early stages of each new development, men have used a small number of women as pawns in their deadly machinations. They hypnotize these few to want what men already have, thus giving all other women the mistaken idea that the wish originates in females.)

So the teaching of disordered language to women was the first of many steps toward their complete enslavement.

From there, it was not a long step toward the invention of reason, logic and science. Again, some recent feminist writers have pointed out that these are exclusively male innovations, beautifully designed and implemented in the interests of patriarchal power and privilege. They are absolutely correct. They are tools of oppression and, consequently, these feminists are on the right track when they abandon them entirely. But what they do not know is how they work to male advantage. Here is a case in point.

After men taught women how to read and how to write, they taught them logic. This was in the fourth century BC. In fact, the proliferation of reason in women followed swiftly after Aristotle explained his principles of syllogistic reasoning to the Falkland Congress of 318 BC. But we must remember that teaching logic to women was part of a male conspiracy; hence we must expect there to be a diabolic, crafty deception involved. Indeed there was. The first stroke of male genius was to recognize what feminists insist on:

Reason, logic and science are foreign to the female psyche. They are inhospitable invaders in the earthy domains of emotion, fertility, intuition and nurturance. I need not argue this, since feminists have done it so well. Even more brilliant though was the decision to teach one incomplete and inconsistent system of language and logic to women, while reserving the most fecund and efficacious systems for men. That is why, as all men know after induction into the international conspiratorial brotherhood, men speak and think in one system publicly and in another system among themselves. The net result is that women, who are not constitutionally disposed to thinking anyway (at least according to some of their prominent ideologues), are chronically confused, making them perpetually vulnerable to male oppression.

That is also why all major advances in thought have come from men. Since they created reason, and since they have kept it to themselves, only they know how to use it. Male reason invented the wheel, the first spacecraft and everything in between. This is all evidence for the feminist suspicion that a male conspiracy is at work. Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Copernicus, Descartes, Galileo, Newton, Kant, Darwin, Marx and Einstein are a few cases in (I exclude all the performing and literary arts, which is another story with the same plot.)

The second most potent strategy to issue from the Falkland Congresses was the control of socialization. Men discovered that women could be kept in perpetual servitude if they were socialized to it. Now that men had control over language and logic, they did not encounter much difficulty in getting control over the content of speaking and thinking. Two socializing institutions proved particularly effective; education and religion. The conspiracy controls both of them. One provides the means and the other provides the motivation.

The unending oppression of women was guaranteed when men realized that one key would lock women into their roles for good. Again, using few well placed pawns, the conspiracy convinced women all over the world that motherhood was their special privilege. They told women how to socialize their children to male advantage and female disadvantage. By now, the international male conspiracy had become a complete success: it had the mothers in its spell. After this, it was not very difficult to brainwash almost all women into accepting (and vehemently defending) the Myth of Female Privilege. It took more than a few Congresses to work out this subtle, sinister plot. In fact, it was modified several times, and in the course of its fine-tuning, men came as close as ever to accidentally revealing their conspiratorial intentions.

The Myth plays upon the specious dignification, almost canonization, of Motherhood. And since every woman is a potential or actual mother, the men reasoned, why not hoodwink the entire sex into believing that every woman is innately blessed with elevated status and privileges. Millions of male martyrs have given up their lives and their seats on the bus in order to preserve this myth in the minds of women.

The logic behind this epochal subterfuge is chillingly potent. By granting a privileged status to women, men made them completely vulnerable and dependent, standing in desperate need of physical protection, the provision of life's necessities, and someone to tell them what to think and what to feel. Naturally, male fascination with female beauty and charm, the rhapsodic romanticization and glorification of femininity, is all part of a conspiratorial smokescreen. Hell, men have even convinced women that men need female company, friendship and sympathy, to the extent that men are willing to fork over truckloads of money to get and keep it.

As I said, many feminists are already familiar with my conspiracy thesis and have gone so far as to promote it and provide empirical support for it. But a final, decisive piece of information is missing before the conspiracy can be fully comprehended, and it is this missing link I intend to reveal.

It is this: feminism itself is the conspiracy's most deadly ploy. Men have used feminism to divide and conquer women. Although it has not caught on in every country, its effects have already been staggering: Women are more disoriented and confused than ever.

That feminism is a male invention is easy to see. It makes its first recorded appearance in Plato's Republic, in which women were given equality with men, especially in the army. Plato also argued for universal daycare and the abolition of marriage and the family, both tenets of contemporary radical feminism. But feminism did not really catch on until more than 2,000 years later, because a small but influential fringe group insisted that the strategy was simply too cruel. This "Wimp Factor," after several centuries, was finally declared undesirable when another Falkland Congress voted to increase men's efforts to confound women with feminist dogma.

Two delegates to the 1867 Congress, Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill, later produced documents which were to become the ideological platform for contemporary feminism. Not long after that, men manipulated women into believing they wanted to vote and, presto, women were on the road to equality with men. This, of course, was a most tragic step for women and a thoroughly conclusive victory for the male conspiracy, dazzling in its deception and execution.

One pivotal conception makes the conspiracy's exploitation of feminism comprehensible, namely that men have collectively convinced women that they should be more like men. But of course they can't, because the tools of masculinity are the tools of oppression, and they are all in the hands of the world conspiracy. So women are caught in a debilitating contradiction. They shouldn't be women and they can't be men. Game over.

Let us examine just a few examples which demonstrate how the cunning conspirators have turned feminism, that most elegant of all male contrivances, to their own advantage.

First, under the banner buzz-word of "EQUALITY," the conspirators beguiled women into thinking that one way they could he more like men would be to behave more like men, sexually. "Cast off your traditional shackles of modest femininity:" they hinted, "and liberate your loins. Be free with your sexuality." So women discarded their bras, male invention, much to the delight of men; they devoured birth-control pills, much to the relief of men who invented them; and they provided lots of uncommitted sex, much to the satisfaction of men.

Second, women tried to become more like men by relieving men of much of their traditional drudgery and stupid work. Once women became convinced that they could be equal, men tamed this idea against them and demanded that they share equal obligations. "Provide for yourself' became part of men's private language, so that larger numbers of families were headed by women alone. And, of course, their economic hardship made them particularly vulnerable to other male predators. The conspiracy wins again.

Third, and this fact is still incipient, women are beginning to accept the idea that they can do all the fighting and killing. Men are still waiting for their feminists to promote this idea with greater force, although Canada has now graduated its first female combat pilots. The conspiracy will savor its most delicious moment when every police force, fire department and armed service is peopled by females. This will be the greatest Victory of all: Women will he doing all the working and fighting while men spend all their time fishing and plotting. Men will even be relieved of domestic drudgery, because they have convinced a number of very vocal women that fathers are constitutionally incapable of parenting.

Brotherhood, you see, is powerful. The total destruction of womanhood is by now virtually accomplished. But this fact contains an alarming thought, which has been aired with increasing frequency at the last few International Congresses. The fact is, men may have run out of misogynist strategies! How do they top their invention of feminism without resorting to old and obvious tricks? The situation is clearly distressing.

As I said at the outset, my main reason for revealing all these conspiratorial secrets, for which I expect to pay dearly at the blood-thirsty hands of the Brotherhood, is that I love women with abundance and without shame. And if men are running out of strategies, I am fearful of what they might do next out of sheer desperation.

There seems to be only one sure escape from the encroaching horrors women face. Let us just describe it as creative counter-conspiracy. It is the most potent retaliatory measure currently available to women. In effect, it deploys all the conspiratorial weapons men have hitherto used with such undisputed success. And since the weapons are conspiratorial ones, their effective deployment presupposes one absolute, inviolable condition: Women must conspire in total secrecy. This is crucially important.

It is beyond doubt that any female conspiracy will succeed only if it is carried out in the same way men did it: privately, secretly, silently. Any attempt to enlist male co-operation or support will torpedo the first launch. Then women will be ruined forever.

Duplicity is the core of conspiracy. Hence, I suggest that women, without delay, undertake the revamping of Western Civilization in toto, replacing male language, logic, science, religion, art, philosophy, education, economics, politics, industrialism, technology and the family with female institutions completely incomprehensible to men. But every step, every one, must be diabolically concealed from men and ruthlessly executed with legerdemain, fraud, seduction, prevarication, mystification and a satanically-false appearance of sincerity and goodwill.

Only by doing this will women achieve reparation and revenge for the grotesque suffering and indignities perpetrated upon them over the past 30,000 years by the Male Conspiracy. But, sadly, by doing this women will also intensify what some take to be the natural state of relations between the sexes: fear, hatred, suspicion, envy, competition and war. And, more sadly, it will make it nearly impossible for anyone trying to break free from such patent insanity to do so.

Sean O'Connell, Ph.D.
Edmonton, Alberta.

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