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2002 08 17

Eeva Sodhi's response to the inauguration of Shelternet, an Ontario-based and nationally funded Internet resource for so-called abused women.   As an abused woman, Eeva Sodhi voices very strong reservations.

2002 08 05

U.S. vs. Canada's National Debt

One of the primary reasons for run-away national debts are rising welfare costs incurred in dealing with the fall-out of the systematic destruction of the traditional nuclear family. The costs of that are enormous and unimaginably high.

feddebt.gif (8269 bytes)

The Fraser Institute, a Canadian free-market think tank, reported that in 1999 the total federal liabilities were not $565 billion as one might be inclined to assume from the data contained in the graph shown above, but rather a whopping $1.7 trillion — including the 565 billion of direct debts shown above.  
   Living on credit and the earnings of future generations is a Canadian national pastime – more correctly a passion or addiction – that extends to all levels of governments.  Taking into account the direct debts and unfunded liabilities of all levels of government in Canada, the Canadian national total debt amounts to $3.5 trillion, or about $116,000 for every man, woman and child living in Canada.
   Some Americans are inclined to feel smug about the sorry state of Canada's fiscal affairs, but according to Walter E. Williams, in "Which is worse: WorldCom or Congress?", July 3, 2002, townhall.com, the U.S. fiscal disaster appears to be even worse than the Canadian one.

Washington's deception about federal debt can be found in a report by Andrew J. Rettenmaier, a senior fellow at the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, titled, "How Big Is the Government's Debt?" Rettenmaier says that, as of 2001, the accumulated federal obligations to all people who've earned Social Security and Medicare benefits are $12.9 trillion for Social Security and $16.9 trillion for Medicare. Combined with the public and intragovernmental debt, the total federal debt burden is an unimaginable $35 trillion. That amounts to roughly $120,000 for every man, woman and child in America.
Full Story

Assuming that exactly the same attributes were used by the Fraser Institute as were used by Andrew J. Rettenmaier to calculate the U.S. national debt, and using the current exchange rate of  Cdn$1.5963 for one US$, it appears that the per capita share of the national debt in the U.S. is roughly and at least 67 percent higher than the average Canadian's share of the Canadian national debt.

Related article: Financial Armageddon Is Unfolding in South America, by Gretchen Small,  Executive Intelligence Review, August 9, 2002

2004 08 05

Update by Health Canada:  

Adolescent Sex Offenders

Full Story

Information from ... The National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

Female Adolescent Sex Offenders

XXX. Though a majority of adolescent sex offenders are male, research emerging over the past ten years has begun to document female sex offending. Studies of hospital, child welfare agency, and treatment programs have found that females comprise between 3% - 10% of the sex offender population. General population and victimization surveys report significantly higher numbers and extend the range up to 50% (12)

2 and even higher (13)

3, depending on the victim sample population studied.
[My emphasis --WHS]

2002 07 29

From the out-of-this-world department; you better not believe it:

Among women aged 15-44 worldwide, gender based violence accounts for more death and ill health than cancer, traffic injuries and malaria combined.

-World Bank Report, UNIFEM Press Release 2000

That outrageous whopper was told by Shelternet in their announcement of the launching of Shelternet, a taxpayer-funded enterprise, ostensibly designed to help women but most likely doing little more than provide employment to selected radical, family-hostile feminists, on August 13, 2002
Full story

2004 07 22


Posted: 22 July 2002, 1:00 a.m. Eastern

Meet 'Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA'

Website celebrates sex between adult women, young girls

By Art Moore

Celebrating erotic relationships between women and young girls is the theme of a website called "Butterfly Kisses,*" which indicates the relatively unknown fact that pedophilia exists in significant numbers among females....
   Linda Halliday-Sumner, a sexual abuse consultant in Courtenay, B.C., Canada, told WND that when she first began in 1980, about 1.5 percent of her cases were women who abuse minors. Within six years that increased to 11 to 13 percent. In the last 10 years, she said, at least 33 percent of her 325 cases a year have been women....
   Studies in the 1980s by researchers David Finkelhor and Diana Russell estimated that in the United States about 14 percent of abuse cases involving boys were perpetrated by females. About 6 percent of the cases were of women who abuse girls.
   While these studies give some clues, the true number of women who have sexual contact with children is probably severely underestimated, according to German psychologist Marina Knopf. ...
   She writes that it "is less spoken of, more hidden, and the women do not have any groups they attend or have formed themselves as do men. ... The strength of this taboo might help explain the enormous difficulty we had in finding women to interview."
   Well-known pedophile advocate Pat Califia... writes in an article posted on the "Butterfly Kisses" site that, "It is possible that sexual activity occurs more often between mothers and children or other women than between men and children. Women have more access to kids, and there are fewer taboos surrounding women's handling young people's bodies."....
Full story

2002 07 20

Activist Supreme Court Justices

Best Interest of the Children and Conclusion

Part IV, the last part of Eeva Sodhi's response to Canada's Chief Justice Madam Beverley McLachlin's speech to the Canadian Bar Association is now accessible.

Excerpt: The order of granting the father "liberal and generous access" that involves travel from Saskatoon, Canada, to Adelaide, Australia, is an oxymoron. Madam Chief Justice of Canada’s expansion of the order is an obscenity as she ordered the then seven-year old girl to travel alone that distance so that she can have "liberal and generous access" to her father and "maintain contact with her friends and extended family" while having as little as possible interference with her school attendance.
   ...I have no doubt that we would see fewer parents wanting to move if they were sent the message that they could not take their meal tickets and pawns with them. A parent's constitutional right to move does not conflict with the child's constitutional right to remain. That conflict is created by the judges who regard the child as the property of the custodial parent.

— Eeva Sodhi, in Part IV of her critique of
Canada's feminist jurisprudence dealing with family matters in
the best interest of the children

2002 07 11

World Population Control — U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program

In April 2002, LifeSite Daily News published a report from The Interim, apparently first published in Australia's The Age.  The report identified that Australian Nobel Prize winner and world-famous microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet supported biological warfare as a form of population control, moreover, that Third World de-population has been U.S. strategic policy since '74.

The story seems far-fetched and totally unbelievable, but, sadly, it is true.  A search of the Internet for "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests", (the title of the U.S. National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), written by Henry Kissinger) provides 182 search returns. Whole books have been written about the US strategy for the depopulation of the less developed countries.  Full Story)

2004 07 02

Friday, June 28, 2002 – Print Edition, Page A18

Panel votes to keep policy on arrest files


The Toronto Police Services Board has voted to retain permanent arrest records – even for people never charged – and to make those records available to some employers despite objections from city officials and outraged citizens. ...noted criminal lawyer Edward Greenspan said no compromise is acceptable because the policy is unconstitutional.
   "The disclosure of arrest records of the innocent is the most offensive thing I've ever heard," he said. "I would love to be the lawyer in the case that strikes it down." Full Story

My letter to Toronto Mayor Lastman, July 4, 2002

Dear Mayor Lastman,

The Toronto Police Services Board's vote to permanently retain arrest records - even for people never charged and for cases in which charges were dismissed or didn't result in convictions - is an outrage. It demonstrates a blatant disregard for the human rights of the citizens of your city and of all Canadians. The measure contemplated is worthy only of the worst totalitarian regimes in human history. The members of the Police Services Board who voted for this measure need to be recalled and dismissed from their positions, immediately!...Full text of the letter

2002 07 02

Staggering AIDS Report From U.N.

By Jordan Lite

NEW YORK -- The global AIDS epidemic has only just begun, reaching proportions once considered impossible in the world's most affected countries, the United Nations says in a devastating report released Tuesday.

Full Story

2002 07 02

NOW Court Report Lacks Facts

By Wendy McElroy

A "report"  just released by the California chapter of NOW (CANOW) on the alleged abuse of women in family courts is fluff without substance. Nevertheless, a submissive media is eating up the report and rushing to sound tired alarm bells.

Full story: FOXNews

The story is also at ifeminists.com

2004 07 02

Stephen Baskerville's comment on the NOW family court report:

NOW: Family Courts Not Corrupt Enough

The National Organization for Women reports that America's family courts are "incompetent and corrupt." Family law is rife with conflicts-of-interest and routinely denies due process of law, says NOW.
   No one familiar with family court would argue that they are not corrupt. Yet NOW's objection seems to be that family court is not corrupt enough. NOW claims family courts are biased against mothers, but their only evidence is that the courts do not throw enough fathers out of their families.

Full story at Men'sNewsDaily

2002 07 02

World Congress of Families Update

Family Research Abstract of the Week

Not Just Genes

Would science still be stuck with Newton if Einstein had grown up in a single-parent home? Such a question may cross the minds of readers of a new study on how social context affects a child's intellectual development. Published in Social Forces by a team of researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this new study seeks specifically to establish to what extent "family S[ocio]E[conomic]S[tatus] characteristics affect the realization of genetic potential for intellectual development."

Full Story

For another good report that deals with the same subject as that covered in the main part of the Family Research Abstract of the Week see: "How Broken Families Rob Children of Their Chance for Future Prosperity," a Heritage Foundation Report, June 11, 1999, by Patrick Fagan. The report provides clear and easily comprehended statistics on various social indicators, comparing children from various backgrounds and ethnic origins and identifying in each case the outcomes in children from divorced and separated families with those in children from intact families.

That report bears out what is stated in the Family Research Abstract of the Week identified above.
   It is beyond all reason that no governments insist that the facts in reports like these are taught in the education systems and be reflected in social policies designed to alleviate them.
   Governments everywhere must begin a program for the restoration of our families and to repair the damages caused by half a century of feminist social engineering that is designed to do nothing other than achieve the systematic deconstruction of the traditional nuclear family. Let's face the undeniable truth, the Marxist reconstruction of society that modern feminism foisted on civilization is the most massive social disaster ever experienced by humanity.
   The deliberate implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family is unconscionable and will cause without any doubt what Patrick Buchanan calls "The Death of the West" (title of his latest book). There may still be time, but not much, to take corrective action.

Similar reports by or co-authored by Patrick Fagan

Regardless of how much the Marxist ideologues at NOW rant and rave against the family, the reports identified in this entry are much more than sufficient to identify NOW and other political advocates like them as a main part of the causes of, not the bearer of solutions for, our social problems.

2004 06 16

The expelled fathers

Bild am Sonntag, the weekend edition of the largest daily national paper in Germany, provided excellent coverage of the issues addressed by the hunger strikers in Berlin, 16.06.2002 : Die verstoßenen Väter ("The expelled fathers"; the original article is in German, but a link to translated excerpts is provided at the end of this entry.)
   It is too bad that there is not enough time to translate the whole article, but it is too long.  It provides excellent, objective, factual and very supportive coverage of the issues.  It is an amazing article.  Unlike comparable coverage of such issues in the press in the English-speaking parts of the world, the article is almost totally free of any bias against- and vilification of fathers. 
   Mind you, Germany is far more aware of the consequences of the planned destruction of the family — simply by means of disfranchising men — than are many other nations.  There exist great concerns in Germany about its population decline, which is estimated to be in the order of 23 million people over the next 50 years.  That decline is due to the fact that the total fertility rate is barely 1.3 children for the average German woman of fertile age – about half of what is required to maintain Germany's population.
   It appears that even for a whole nation, and not just for individuals, the reality of approaching death brings about a considerable extent of honesty.

Translated Excerpts

2002 06 24

U.N. Women's right treaty should be ignored

John Leo

Town Hall, June 24, 2002

...CEDAW, the U.N.'s women's rights treaty that has been hanging around since 1979. CEDAW is the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

There's a good reason why the Senate has ignored it for a generation: It's an incredibly toxic document, the work of international bureaucrats determined to impose a worldwide makeover of family relations and "gender roles." CEDAW is a blueprint for foisting the West's radical feminism on every nation gullible enough to sign on. (Talk about cultural imperialism.) Some 167 nations have signed the treaty, many with no intention of observing it. But the CEDAW ferociously monitors every nation's compliance. ...

Full story

See also: CEDAW — Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women; Comments by Jim Conceison, regarding the C.E.D A.W. Treaty, Saturday, March 15, 1997

If the term "radical feminism" (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism) is somewhat new to you, you need to expand your knowledge.  After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.  See,

Carey Roberts column

Carey Roberts is an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.

Carey Roberts' best-known work, his exposé on Marxism and radical feminism, is not necessarily easy to find, but this link will help with that. (Some of the URLs for the article series appear to keep changing.  For that reason the identified link leads to an Internet search for the series.  The first or second link in the return list will most likely lead you to the series.)

2002 06 15

Grimsby, Ontario:

Five left dead in murder-suicide

Full Story

2002 06 15

Toronto Star

No end in sight for family doctor shortage

A million Ontarians suffer as family practice loses lustre

By Vanessa Lu and Karen Palmer, HEALTH POLICY REPORTERS

Full Story

2002 06 11


Royal LePage promotes anti-male propaganda. 

Keep that in mind when you must choose a real-estate agent. Royal LePage has a vested interest in the promotion of women's shelters, as those most definitely promote divorces.  A large share of Royal LePage's earnings stems from the sale of real estate that is part of marital property being disposed of after divorce.

Full Story

2002 06 06

OTTAWA: In her second installment of her critique of Canadian Madam Chief Justice McLachlin's speech at the Family Law Dinner of the Ontario Bar Association, Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, January 24, 2002, Eeva Sodhi examines evidence of all-pervasive, feminist anti-male bias in Canada's jurisprudence in relation to family violence. 

Part II of Eeva Sodhi's critique deals not only with anti-male bias but also identifies evidence of a very strong bias towards denial of the culpability of women in cases of family violence against men and children.

2002 06 03


Speech by the Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools
Text as supplied to Prof. Stephen Baskerville



MAY 27, 2002, WASHINGTON, D.C.

Full Story

2002 05 29

OTTAWA: In her first installment of her critique of Canadian Madam Chief Justice McLachlin's speech at the Family Law Dinner of the Ontario Bar Association, Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, January 24, 2002, Eeva Sodhi examines evidence of all-pervasive, feminist anti-male bias in Canada's jurisprudence in relation to family violence. 

Part I of Eeva Sodhi's critique deals with the fact that some of Canada SupremeCourt Justices are radical feminists, judicial activists that dropped all pretension of being impartial.

 — OTTAWA: Canadian Madam Chief Justice McLachlin declared that the Supreme Court judges "...stopped ignoring it ["family" violence, meaning "wife abuse"] and have put it on the social agenda."  The Department of Justice recommended that "you may develop two different information brochures on domestic violence: one relating to victims, largely women, and one relating to abusers, largely men."
   From that it is clear that the largely feminist Canadian jurisprudence pursues an agenda, yet the gender lens through which Canada's feminist judges view things does not permit them to see it that way.  Departing Madam Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dubé, announced that she did not know of any judge who has an agenda.  Besides, even if our feminist judges were to recognize the truth, they still don't have to make any concessions to it because they are feminists.  Feminist judges do not have to abide by the absolute truth and nothing but the whole absolute truth.  They have given themselves the right to manufacture their very own reality.

There you go.  Carry on with your snoozing. The world is safe, or is it?  Eeva Sodhi begs do differ, for very good reasons:

Both McLachlin and L'Heureux-Dubé are self-confessed feminists. In a just society no law can be applied according to the personal agenda or perception of a judge, especially if that judge openly embraces such radical ideology as feminism. We could hardly tolerate a member of the Aryan Nation to deliver a verdict concerning racial tolerance.

Full Story

Excerpts from a related story: (posted with permission) Mr. Justice McClung fired off a letter to the National Post criticizing Supreme Court Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dube's "graceless slide into personal invective...Whether the Ewanchuk case will promote the fundamental right of every accused Canadian to a fair trial will have to be left to the academics. Yet there may be one immediate benefit," he wrote. "The personal convictions of the judge, delivered again from her judicial chair, could provide a plausible explanation for the disparate (and growing) number of male suicides being reported in the province of Quebec." (The comment about Quebec's male suicide rates was, in my opinion, either bigoted or uninformed.  Alberta shares the dubious honour of having the highest suicide rates in Canada.  However the suicide rates in Nunavut (formerly part of the North-West Territories and comprising the portion of the Canadian Arctic in Northern Quebec and North of Quebec) are many time higher than those in Quebec and Alberta.  In fact, they are just about the highest for any society in the world. —WHS)
   The attack sent legal circles into a flap and made headlines across Canada. An enterprising reporter found out that Justice L'Heureux-Dube's husband, Arthur Dube, a metallurgy professor, had committed suicide in 1978. Others recalled that in 1991, her 22-year-old son had brandished a loaded gun at her in her apartment and she had feigned illness so he would call an ambulance. His lawyer argued that he was depressed.....
   ...Edward Greenspan, Canada's most famous criminal defence lawyer, rushed to Mr. Justice McClung's aid, writing in a published column that Madam Justice L'Heureux-Dube "drew first blood." Her "unnecessary and mean-spirited" concurring statements in Ewanchuk, Mr. Greenspan wrote, "in effect" labelled Mr. Justice McClung "the male chauvinist pig of the century, the chief yahoo from Alberta, the stupid, ignorant, ultimate sexist jerk" in a Supreme Court decision that would be "recorded forever in Canadian legal history." Madam Justice L'Heureux-Dube "was hell-bent on re-educating [Mr. Justice] McClung, bullying and coercing him into looking at everything from her point of view."....
   The conservative-leaning REAL Women of Canada entered the fray by filing a CJC complaint against Madam Justice L'Heureux-Dube. Her "failure to impartially apply the law and decide cases with their legal merit" justifies her removal from the bench, REAL Women contends. Judges are supposed to refrain from political activity, but after her appointment to the bench in 1973, the judge founded the feminist Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women in 1976 and then served on its board of directors until 1979. In 1981 she served as the Canadian vice-president for the feminist International Federation of Women Lawyers, which endorsed the UN Convention Against All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, a document Madam Justice L'Heureux- Dube quoted with approval in the Ewanchuk case.
   REAL Women also objected to the justice's citing of the works of American feminist Catharine MacKinnon, who was closely involved in drafting Bill C-49, which was introduced by justice minister Kim Campbell in 1992 and which became sections 273.1 and 273.2 of the Criminal Code-the sexual assault laws being interpreted in the Ewanchuk case. Ms. MacKinnon is renowned for her view that in a patriarchal society, all heterosexual sex is rape. ....
(Source: No Such Word As 'Yes' — The Supreme Court Has Dealt A Death Blow To The 'Myth' Of 'Implied Consent.' Has It Turned The Presumption Of Innocence Into A Myth Too?, by Celeste McGovern, Alberta Report, 1999 03 15)

2004 05 28

The End of Humanity?

By Walter Schneider

A review of the progress of the planned destruction of the family, with contributions by Robert Whiston (UKMM), Stuart Birks (Massey University, NZ) and Greg Darragh (feminist)

Full Story

2002 05 27

Washington DC — Stephen Baskerville reports:

Sen. Cools Stuns Washington in Historic Address

Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools addressed a Washington audience of 2,000 public policy and community activists today, calling for shared parenting and criticizing family courts and "radical feminist extremism" for destroying fatherhood.

Full Story

2004 05 26

Sunday Tasmanian

26 May 2002, Page 11

Nowadays the vow is not to tie the knot

By Gerard McManus

Australian men are avoiding marriage because of the financial ruin marital break-ups bring.

Full Story

Great news!

 New Hampshire's progressive FEMALE governor, Jeanne Shaheen signed into law to become effective July 1st, a bill authorizing a Commission on the Status of Men in New Hampshire.
   This is the first state commission of this sort in the nation!

Rationale for the new state commission

2002 05 27

THE REPORT Newsmagazine, 2002 05 27


The Report Newsmagazine responds to ruling by Human Rights Tribunal on freedom of the press.

Full Story

[This is a follow-up on Link Byfield's May 1, 2002 article: HURT ANYONE'S FEELINGS LATELY? WATCH OUT]

2002 05 13

THE REPORT Newsmagazine, 2002 05 13

Back-street butchery, FDA-approved

By Celeste McGovern

Six women have taken seriously ill, including two who died, after taking the drug cocktail RU-486 to induce abortion, the Washington Post reported April 18. Among them was the Canadian woman who died last summer of a gangrene infection that spread rapidly from her uterus following a chemical abortion. Another woman, according to a letter from RU-486 manufacturer Danco Laboratories and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to doctors, died as a result of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy--one that develops outside the womb, usually in a fallopian tube. Two other women who were prescribed the abortion drugs also had ruptured ectopic pregnancies and bleeding. Another woman suffered a serious infection and a sixth RU-486 patient, 21 years old, suffered a heart attack three days after taking the drug.
Full Story  (Sorry, but that article can no longer be accessed, and it is not contained in the free Internet Archive.)

2002 05 13

The formula from hell in a secret document

Two articles in the May 13, 2002 edition of THE REPORT newsmagazine describe the formula used in the development of Canada's child support guidelines:

The formula from hell – A divorced dad uncovers a deliberate policy to drive separated parents farther apart

The secret document – Describes the secrecy surrounding the development of the formula from hell.

2002 05 06

Paternity fraud:   Should courts allow DNA testing ... in child-support cases?

Two articles in Insight Magazine, one arguing that we should be honest in the interest of justice, the other that we should lie in the interest of the State, the mothers and the children.

2002 05 06

Dairy Queen loses out on profits due to population control

Steve Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, proposes elimination of funding by Berkshire-Hathaway for 'charities' who promote culture of death.

Full Story

2002 05 06

Irish father ineligible for election nomination because he identified himself as a father.

The Returning Officer made her ruling under section 52.(D)of the Electoral Act 1992, asserting that the term "father" was a " political and/or emotive reference."  In Ireland it is apparently not politically correct for a man to be a father or to be political in political elections.   It seems that Irish fathers, never known to be particularly stoic, are being socially engineered to display not the slightest trace of emotion and are being excluded from the feminist monopoly of evoking emotivity, as they are being expunged not only from their families but also increasingly so from the political process.
   If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy feminists? 

John Waters, writing for the Irish Times, suggests that there may be safer labels the Irish father, Liam Ó Gogain, could have used to make himself out to be more politically correct.

Irish Times, Opinion, Mon, May 06, 02

A political vignette for our times

2002 05 05

David Clancy, an Edmonton police officer, shoots himself

A standoff with an Edmonton police officer ends when his body is found in a house surrounded by SWAT team and police officers.   Full Story

2002 05 05

This could save your life!

You are most likely alone if a heart attack hits you.  Here are simple instructions on what to do to save your own life.

Full story – short and simple

2002 04 29

The Report, April 29, 2002, p. 51

Boys are people too

Experts finally realize that male children have unique educational and social needs


The accepted wisdom in modem western culture is that girls face a variety of problems growing up because of society's patriarchal and sexist nature. Last month in Toronto, however, teachers, psychologists and youth workers from across Canada gathered to discuss a crisis in boyhood—problems, some say, exacerbated by ignorance and feminist bias.  Full story — 775 words

2002 05 03

Concerned about Global warming?

Lorne Gunter (from the Edmonton Journal) asked of the "IPCC" (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) about the climate trends, and the "IPCC" responded in extremely short time with good advice on how to cope with it.  Make sure you read it.  It'll warm your heart and keep you from shivering as we freeze our butts off while exploring new ways of keeping warm in summer.  Full Story)

May 3, 2002 05 03

Wired News

A Virus Writer Heads to Prison

By Michelle Delio

The writer of the Melissa virus heads for prison, one of only three such saboteurs ever serving time for what they did.  Let's hope it won't be the last.  Full Story

2002 05 01

In Jeopardy: Freedom of the Press


May 1, 2002, Edmonton




The Edmonton-based Report Newsmagazine has lost a key media-freedom case before a tribunal of the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission. In Kane v. Alberta Report, the tribunal determines which parts of a news story are newsworthy and which are not; it "strongly suggests" that the magazine's staff submit to human rights training by the commission; and it warns that henceforth findings of discrimination will be based on the injured feelings of "vulnerable groups," not on the intent of a publisher nor on the facts of a story. The tribunal has ordered the magazine to give the complainant what amounts to about four times more space for response than the material he complained about.

Full story (with links to related articles and to the full decision of the human rights tribunal.  Unfortunately, the link no longer functions, the Report Newsmagazine is no longer being published, and its website is no longer in operation.  Time permitting, the article will be scanned and posted at the website of Fathers for Life.)

Commentary: Calling judges to account in Canada — The Canadian judiciary, agent of the collapse of a society

Update May 27, 2002: The Report responds to ruling by Human Rights Tribunal

2002 04 29

Andrea Yates notwithstanding, …all men are beastly brutes, if we are to believe what Jeff White told us.

(Report, Apr. 29, 2002, p. 40)

According to Jeff White, "Men have always specialized in wholesale killing of older children." Well, maybe he has always done so (how did he get away with it?), but nobody else I know did. He told more whoppers in his article.  It's an article that is nothing less than a prime example of how even seasoned journalists fall prey to feminist propaganda, advocacy numbers and very selective statistics designed to vilify men and to tar them all with the same brush.  Fortunately, some people, very few yet, are a little more difficult to sucker.  Eeva Sodhi is one of them.  She wrote a very cutting critique of what apparently is the same Statistics Canada report that was the basis for Jeff White's mistaken assertions.

A response by F4L to Jeff White's article (somewhat edited and shortened) got published by  MEN'SNEWSDAILY.   Another version of it will likely be published in the upcoming edition of the The Report.  If not, it will be posted here (including footnotes and links to sources).*  The response shows that women, not men, cornered the market on violence against children.  
   However, unlike Jeff White's article in relation to men, that response by F4L does not tar all women with the same brush just because very few of them are bad and violent to children or men.  It would be irresponsible journalism to jump to the illogical conclusion that because very few women abuse children — although they do that more than twice as often than men and far more often than natural fathers — women therefore, to paraphrase Jeff White, "have always specialized in the serious abuse of children, often to visit revenge upon straying or separating husbands."   No self-respecting woman or man would let anybody get away with such an outrageous claim.  Just the same, neither should any self-respecting man or woman let Jeff White or anyone else get away with stating misleading information about men.
   An end must be put to the wholesale vilification of one sex or the other, or our whole society will come to hate itself and we all one another.  Let's allocate blame according to where it belongs.  Let's put it on the minuscule fraction of the population that commits evil, not according to the fall of genetic dice and find a whole sex guilty by association instead.

* The response I had written for, and had been commissioned by, The Report was not put into print.   Apparently it was overlooked and forgotten, but you can find it here.


2002 04 25

PRI’s Weekly Briefing
Vol. 4 / No. 8
April 25, 2002

UNFPA's Leaky Condoms Poke Holes In Colin Powell's Safe Sex Theory

By Steve Mosher

A shipment of ten million defective condoms from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been seized by the Tanzanian government at the port of Dar es Salaam. The UNFPA condoms failed permeability tests carried out by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (in plain English, they leak), and the government has confirmed that they will be destroyed.  Full story

Aw shucks.

That reminds me. When the foreman of the Canadian condom factory picked up a new work order for the production of a million condoms to be one-foot-long each, to fill an order for some Asian country, he went back to the office and complained, "That can't be right. Somebody made a mistake." He received assurance that there was no mistake. "That's the way things are and if you don't like it, we can always get someone else to do your job."
   He went back to the shop floor and told his crew, "Well, fellas. They tell me it's not a mistake and that we've gotta make'm. All right, let's make'm, but make sure to stamp'm, each and every one of them: "MADE IN CANADA, Medium Size."

The moral of the story is, never trust what they say about condoms, whether it is: "MADE IN CANADA, Medium Size" on a foot-long condom, or whether it is Colin Powell who says that condoms ensure safe sex. In either case it's an exaggeration or an outright lie. The choice is yours whether you want to be conned out of your life, but never take anyone else's word for it who wants to sell you a bill of goods so that he can promote sexual promiscuity or the sale of condoms.

If you want safe sex through condoms, maybe Tanzania is the place to buy them. They seem to have better quality control than we have, who make or buy them uncritically. It would appear that Tanzanian bureaucrats are more honest than ours, but then the Tanzanians had to learn the hard way the price of being lied to. A good portion of the Tanzanian population is now suffering from AIDS ("close to 15 per cent of persons aged 15-49", see PRI article). Being honest has become a matter of survival for them.

The fear of death has made an honest person out of many a man, while the search for profit at any cost has turned many into liars. But just as Tanzania is not the prime location for having safe sex, so condoms are not the prime means of getting it. The best way for any nation to stay healthy still is to practice chastity and marital fidelity. That's guaranteed to be 100 percent effective.

If you have any illusions that the condoms we get here are safe, you better think again.   They aren't.  According to Dale O'Leary, Jeffrey Kelly and his associate, Janet St. Lawrence, stated in a letter to The Lancet,

"condoms have a substantial failure rate...13-15% of women whose male partners use condoms as the sole method of contraception become pregnant within one year, and condoms are generally regarded as unreliable." They suggested that: "Failure rates may be even higher during sexual activities between male homosexuals." Full story

Related article: Sex Education

2002 04 22

Guidelines Declared Unconstitutional

New article in the child support debate:

Men's News Daily

Laura Morgan at the Bottom of the Slippery Slope

April 24, 2002

By Roger F. Gay, Project Leader
Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology

This is a must-read

Laura Morgan chairs the Child Support Committee of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association. She is also one of the world's most devoted advocates of the current child support system. Through a variety of activities she has turned this passion into an integral part of her career.

Among her ongoing activities, is the maintenance of a sophisticated website that promotes acceptance of the new system, through information and advice on how the laws should be perceived.

When a Georgia court declared their child support guidelines unconstitutional, Laura Morgan responded immediately and with characteristic intensity. She criticized the ruling and promised a series of articles in rebuttal. This article is a response to the first of those articles, which is called The Constitutionality of Child Support Guidelines, Part I.

As legal support for her position, Laura Morgan focuses on relatively recent unsuccessful or partially unsuccessful challenges to child support law while ignoring the previous two hundred years of constitutional case precedent....
Full story

2002 04 21

Dads on Strike

Disfranchised fathers oppose abuse by Child Support System

It has often been said that only a strike by disfranchised fathers offers any hope to put an end to them being increasingly abused. Well, here it is. These men feel they have had enough. They drew a line in the sand.

If you join this new movement, be sure you know what you'll be getting out of it. Even if you have no assets and nothing else left worth living for, if you still have your freedom, you'll lose that too. However, in the end that will be the destiny for many fathers anyway. It appears that the system is out to destroy them one way or another.

What else can be done? Nothing else has worked in the past 30 years. The systematic vilification and exploitation of fathers has grown steadily worse and no end to that is in sight.

A few men taking this desperate action won't make much of a difference, but, if thousands do, it will.

See what these men say

2002 04 18

To Preserve and Protect

An examination of a century of men and war and of the 'changing' role of women in it

Full Story

2002 03 27

Scottish Press Riled up over Government-sponsored Hate Propaganda Directed at Scottish Men and Families

[Scotland] Daily Mail, Wednesday, March 27, 2002 (page ?)

Executive is ordered to drop claims about 'wife-beating' Scots

By Jonathan Brocklebank

THE Scottish Executive was last night accused of falsely portraying Scots as a nation of wife-beater's as a watchdog rapped its campaign against domestic abuse. Advertisements highlighting violence against women have been criticized for saying one in five women live with the constant threat of abuse.
    The completely unfounded claim, repeated almost daily in newspapers and television advertisements as part of a £4.5million campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence, has infuriated family groups who said the Executive was vilifying not just men but entire families.
    (Full story)

Daily Mail, 2002 03 27


Abuse claim that insults a nation

DEFAMATION of a nation: that is what the Scottish Executive's misleading advertising campaign on domestic abuse amounts to. Its Behind-Closed-Doors advertisements on television and in newspapers claim that 'one woman in five lives with the constant threat of domestic abuse'.
    Yesterday the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ordered the Executive to withdraw that assertion from newspaper advertisements, after it emerged that the nearest figure that could be justified was one woman in 20.
    Since the ASA has no authority over television commercials, the Executive is defiantly continuing to run them, despite the fact that the information they carry is now thoroughly discredited. .... "The survey showed

'A dishonest and
   Sexist campaign'

one in five women had experienced domestic abuse during their life, not that they lived with the constant threat of abuse.
    'The survey stated that only 95 respondents said that they had had force used against them or had been threatened by a partner in 1999 and that its findings had to be interpreted with care.....the television commercial continued to be screened yesterday.....
    George McAulay, of the UK Men's Movement, accused the Executive of conducting a 'dishonest, sexist and anti-male campaign'. He said that domestic abuse affected women and men and should be dealt with on a 'gender-neutral' basis.
    The survey showed that while 19 per cent of women had experienced threats or force from a partner at some time in their lives, 8 per cent of men made the same claim.
    Tory social justice spokesman Lindsay McIntosh said: 'My preference would be to see an amendment in the newspaper and the television campaign. It's still important to raise awareness of the issue.'
    An Executive spokesman said: 'One in five women has experienced domestic abuse. These are the figures and the ruling does not affect the integrity of the campaign.'  Really! Full story

2002 03 25

Trouble with power?

Albertans reel under the consequences of Ralph Klein's Folly: Deregulation of the utilities. 

   The page will lead you to a tool for figuring out what is on your power bill and how much and how much longer Albertans will have to pay, to pay off the debts on the power bills they were forced to rack up during 2001 (to get the answer, all you have to do is input the number of kWh you consumed).
    Still, deregulation is worse than a dud.  It back-fired.  The power bills for the the average Alberta household are now double of what they were in 2000.  Where is the advantage in that?  The advantage is to the producers, who now reap vastly increased profits, and to the federal and provincial governments, who now rake in vastly increased royalties and production taxes.  To add injury to injury, the federal government now rakes in twice what it did from its GST it imposes on what we pay for our increased power prices.  Full Story

2003 03 22

Inside a women's shelter

Kids spill the beans

Ontario Taxpayers Report, 2002 03 22

Full Story

2002 03 19


Tuesday, March 19, 2002 11:06 p.m. EST

NOW Took Clinton Cash Before Falling Silent on Sexgate

The National Organization for Women received a series of unprecedented federal grants from the Clinton administration totaling over $700,000 before the women's group fell silent on charges of sexual harassment, sexual assault and even rape in the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky cases four years ago.
    In an exclusive interview with NewsMax.com, Tammy Bruce, former head of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW and more recently the author of "The New Thought Police," said the federal windfall to the nation's premier feminist group came in 1997, just after the Supreme Court decided that Ms. Jones could sue President Clinton before he left office....Full Story
    Read more from trailblazing feminist Tammy Bruce on NOW's betrayal of Paula Jones, its secret alliance with Jesse Jackson and how the left waged war against talk radio's Dr. Laura Schlessinger in NewsMax magazine's May issue.
    Order Tammy Bruce's blockbuster book "The New Thought Police" at an unbeatable price at NewsMax.com's bookstore. 

2002 03 04

The Report

Divorce without poison

A family-law innovation empties Medicine Hat courtrooms and gains attention around the continent (

Full Story

2002 03 03

Balancing work, family life and shrinking populations

Full Story

2002 02 28

Tennessee Shared Parenting Bill

Could Help Children, Reduce Divorce

2002 02 26

US Heart Disease Fatalities

The Hype and the Truth

Full Story (see also US Cancer Deaths, 2000 09 21)

2002 02 26

Anorexia Nervosa

Changing Ideal of Beauty or insane Obsession?

Full Story

2002 02 23

Canadian law-locator now on line

2002 02 21

Paternity Fraud Bill (AB 2240) Introduced in California

 (Full Story

2002 02 20

Canadian Suicides

Men's suicide rates continue climbing to ever new, unprecedented heights

Full Story

2001 11 17

A Million-Dollar Domestic-Violence-Funding Fraud

In a case that came to light through the efforts of the Toronto Star, it was nothing but sheer greed that motivated the National Society for Abused Women and Children to collect a million dollars in the course of a single year but to hand over no more than only $1,365 of the money collected to charitable works. "The ability and swiftness by which the main principals (of the Society), or indeed anyone acting within the system, can extract from trusting citizens a large amount of money is rather stunning," Loukidelis, the judge that stripped the society of its charitable status, stated in a Jan. 28, 2002 ruling.
    Hundreds of millions of dollars are given each year from Canadian tax revenues to women's organizations and to "battered" women's shelters - alone to women's shelter programs from provincial revenues about $100 million (that doesn't include moneys from the federal government, from United Way and from other private sources). Yet, domestic violence is not a very pressing problem in Canada.
    Over-all, rates of violence are falling, and violence against women in particular more so than other violence categories, although violence by women is on the rise. . Violence against women comprises about half of the incidents of violence against men. According to Statistics Canada pub. "Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile 2000" (Cat. no. 85-224; see Eeva Sodhi's comments), a little more than half of all inter-partner violence is initiated by women.
    Most of what is called domestic violence is actually not domestic violence. It should more accurately be called extramarital violence or "EV", because of all social institutions and life-styles, marriages are the safest for women (and men and children) to be in.
    If you want the promotion of rampant misandry and social destruction to end, dry up the funding. Hit the misandrists where it hurts them the most, in their cash boxes. If nothing else, thereby you'll keep control over where your hard-earned money goes. Don't be suckered into being ripped off and defrauded of your money, only to find that you are feeding somebody's greed or that you are supporting the agenda for the planned destruction of our families.

Full Story

Neo Nazis and other overt hate groups are amateurs. THE HATE MONGERS explains how some elements of the women's movement use lies and hate to make big money for themselves, and how they harm our culture and our economy.


2002 01 16

Virginia Senate Joint Resolution No. 113: to establish marriage-strengthening commission

Full Story

2002 01 16

Colorado's latest shared parenting Bill, House Bill 02-1190

Full Story

2002 02 13

Injuries Due to Violence Against Women Account for  Insignificant Fraction of Hospital Emergency Room Visits

For every woman needing help for injuries inflicted on her, there are three men who seek help for comparable reasons.

According to the Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Report, South Fraser Health Region, women's visits to emergency departments due to injuries purposely inflicted by others comprise an almost insignificant fraction of total emergency department visits.   Men made 359 and women 117 visits for such reasons, out of a total of 10,509 visits to emergency departments in four hospitals over an interval of three months in 2001.  

2000 12 12

No more time limits to launch persecution of men

Full Story

2001 10 29

Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes in various countries in the world

Full Story

2001 10 18

New Hampshire: HB 1301

No more no-fault divorce for parents with minor children?

Full Story

2001 09 22

Winning Strategies against Paternity Fraud

Full Story

2001 07 21

History: The Industrial Revolution and the Plight of Men

Full Story

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