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2003 02 28

UN warns of looming serious population decline

The latest revision (2002) by the United Nations Population Division of their world population projections contains warnings about serious population decline by 2050 in most of the developed nations and even in 75% of the under-developed ones.  Moreover, the UN estimates that the proportion of the world's elderly will nearly triple, increasing from 606 million in 2000 to nearly 1.9 billion by 2050. In more developed regions, the population aged 60 or over currently constitutes 19 per cent of the population; by 2050 it will account for 32 per cent of the population.
   That means that there will be far more elderly than children, a sure sign that the populations in the countries affected by fertility rates that are far below-replacement levels will die out rapidly.  For example, by the year 2050 the population of Italy will have declined by 22 percent, and that of the Russian Federation by 50 percent, while a disproportionately large and growing sector of the surviving population will be elderly (the vast majority of those elderly will be women left to fend for themselves).  Many other developed nations will not be much better off. Their populations are dying off, too, maybe a little less rapidly, but their fertility rates are still falling more and more below replacement levels, with no end to the decline in births in sight.
   About half of the decrease of 400 million for the population projections for 2050 from levels forecast in the UN's 2000 projection is due to taking into account now the rapid increase in the number HIV/AIDS deaths.
   Mind you, the UN has a solution in mind to soften the impact of the population calamity, massive redistribution of the world's population.
Full Story

* Is the world overpopulated?

If all of the world's people were located in the Province of Alberta (just a touch smaller in area than the State of Texas) and each were to have an equal share of all of the land in Alberta, then each of the world's people would have 98.6m2 of land to live on.

Assuming that the average household consists of three people, a family of three would have enough space (3,184 ft2) for a moderately-sized house and a garden large enough to grow some of the food consumed by the family.

  • Alberta land area: 661,565 km2, 255,541 miles2
  • World population: 6,706,993,152 (Source: CIA World Factbook, July 2008 est.)

2003 02 27

A new deal for Canada

The REPORT Newsmagazine changed its name to Citizens Centre Report.  That is a consequence of the launching of a new Canadian think tank, the Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy.
   As Link Byfield explains in his March 3, 2003 letter from the publisher, 30 years have gone by since The Report magazine was founded.  That was enough time and effort for problem identification.  It is now "time to move on to solutions and constructive options."

You may want to rush out and get yourself a copy of the March 3, 2003 edition of the Citizens Centre Report before the news stands run out of copies — if you are not subscribed already.  This edition is bound to become a collectors item.  To give you a taste of what it contains, look up these two articles from this Special Edition on Refederation.

Chretien, Canada's uncrowned monarch
By Mike Byfield, 2003 03 03
Between elections, a prime minister can now dictate his will to both cabinet and Parliament,

The [Canadian] Charter — a judicial coup d'etat
By Joanne Byfield, 2003 03 03
If voters don't support change, government can pay to take it to court

2003 02 23

AIDS in Africa

Heartbeat News #27, 2003 02 22, by Dale O'Leary

Full Story

2003 02 20

Child Custody Awards by Sex

by Paul Millar

This is a set of graphs showing the distribution of child custody awards in Canada. The pages contain also related information on the policies and politics of child custody awards in North America, in addition to pointers to sources of more information.
  Paul Millar's pages have not been functioning for a while. They can now be accessed here.

2003 02 17

Tennessee: Equal Child Custody Bill Introduced to Legislature

Full Story

Note: A bill like that has been law in Sweden since 1983 already.  Most likely in consequence of that the male suicide rates in Sweden dropped markedly. —WHS

2003 02 17

Abortion Is Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

New Studies Unmask High Maternal Death Rates From Abortion

David C. Reardon, Ph.D.

Abortion advocates, relying on inaccurate maternal death data in the United States, routinely claim that a woman's risk of dying from childbirth is six, ten, or even twelve times higher than the risk of death from abortion.

In contrast, abortion critics have long contended that the statistics relied upon for maternal mortality calculations have been distorted and that the broader claim that "abortion is many times safer than childbirth" completely ignores high rates of other physical and psychological complications associated with abortion. Now a recent, unimpeachable study of pregnancy-associated deaths in Finland has shown that the risk of dying within a year after an abortion is several times higher than the risk of dying after miscarriage or childbirth.
Full Story

2003 02 04

Supreme Court Act

An act to amend the Supreme Court Act to restore law-making powers to Parliament

Mr. John Bryden (Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Aldershot, Lib.) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-349, an act to amend the Supreme Court Act.   Full Story — Excerpt from the Hansard

2003 02 03

Dead Men Can't Cry ... Any More

The Judicial Manslaughter of Mark Edward Dexel

BC Father Blames Biased 'Family' Court for His Suicide

Full Story

2003 02 02

Fatherlessness, in "the best interest of the child"

Does a child have the right to have its father in its life and to bond with him?

Full Story

2003 02 03

Report Newsmagazine

There's no town 'square' here, man

By Colby Cosh

Judge: Right to an attorney a 'multiple' choice.

It depends on "who" is speaking to the arresting officer at the time of an arrest. Equitable justice loses and the criminal, a woman, wins.

Full Story

2003 02 03

The unfolding extinction of western Europeans shows the fallibility of the infallible

by Ted & Virginia Byfield

The article identifies that falling fertility rates threaten the existence of the Caucasian sector of the world population.  Full Story

2003 01 27

UD may offer gay studies minor program

Professor: Students in public policy, law, arts may be interested


Staff reporter,  Delaware News Journal


A University of Delaware faculty committee is working on a proposal that could establish a new minor in gay studies, making UD one of about 30 other colleges and universities that offer similar programs. ....Full Story

It may seem odd that a university should consider such a proposal, but there are in fact already some that offer formal LGBT courses and certification.  One of those is the University of Maryland.... "in the best interest of our children".    Full Story

2003 01 11

The Silence of the Good People

by Stephen Baskerville

Wade F. Horn, David Blankenhorn, and Mitchell B. Pearlstein, eds. The Fatherhood Movement: A Call to Action. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 1999. ISBN 0-7391-0022-X.

The last five years has seen an explosion of campaigns dedicated to the crisis of fathers who are cut off from their children. Some are large, well-funded national organizations, generally dedicated to promoting “responsible fatherhood” in cultural rather than political terms. Others are small, scattered, and ragtag groups concerned with the political and constitutional rights (or lack thereof) of fathers and their children.

The relationship between these two wings of the “fatherhood movement” has thus far been largely complementary and amicable. They share the aim of promoting awareness of the importance of fathers and families, and rights and responsibilities are, cliché that it is, undeniably two sides of the same coin. But as the movement grows (which it is doing by leaps and bounds), friction is bound to increase.

This collection of essays by some major figures in the more established wing of the movement makes clear that that they wish to include and accommodate fathers’ rights advocates among their ranks, at least to a point....Full Story

2003 01 07

It’s time to start listening to the people, Mr. Cauchon!

If the Minister of Justice is not prepared to listen to the people of Canada, then he should resign.

By Eeva Sodhi, social justice critic, January 7, 2003.   (MS Word.doc, 45 kB)

2002 12 29

The Report, January 6, 2003, p. 30

Still legal prey at 14

New federal divorce and child-protection amendments anger family advocates


2002 12 29

The Report, January 6, 2003, p. 30

The only safe sex is no sex

Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming epidemic, especially among teens


Full Story

2002 12 28

The Canadian gun control fiasco

The photo shown below is of a highway bill board that is being sponsored by LUFA (Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association, "25,000+ Members and over 5 million unlicenced supporters!") and is located on Highway 16A West, near Edmonton.  Tens of thousands of people see it every day, and it is only the beginning of a billbaord campaign by LUFA.
   billboard-ab.jpg (16040 bytes)  Courtesy LUFAEver since its inception, the scheme to disempower Canadians by forcing them to register their firearms and thereby to raise enough money to have them finance their own demise, many voices pointed out the inherent fallacies of such a hair-brained undertaking.  The Liberal goverment and its last three successive justice ministers, Allan Rock, Anne McLellan and Martin Cauchon, could not be deterred.  They found ever-novel ways to create and fund a new, massive, billion-dollar bureaucracy and to pull the wool over the eyes of voters and Parliament alike.  The deal was presented as a bargain that nobody could possibly resist at a price of a mere $2 million to set it up.
   However, truth is stranger than fiction.  Reality set in, and even though our government insisted that the deal was still the best possible if only we would continue to throw more money at it, on December 3, 2002 the Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, opened many people's eyes by pulling back some of the wool that had covered them and blew the whistle on one of the biggest scams ever pulled on the placid and unsuspecting Canadian public as well as on a collaborative Parliament that usually and customarily did nothing else but vote the way its leader told it to vote.
   The January 6, 2003 issue of The Report Newsmagazine contains three articles by Peter Stock that describe some of the details of the billion-dollar fiasco reported by Sheila Fraser and more that must be read.

The Report, January 6, 2003, p. 30

Irreconcilable differences

A new lawsuit says the [Canadian] Divorce Act favours women and violates men's rights


2002 12 25

The Hive Mind: Rebirth or the End of Humanity?

Will the innovations to be brought by converging technologies for improving human performance augment or eliminate humans?

The National Science Foundation and the Department of Commerce in the U.S., and their collaborators in other government-funded agencies in Japan and Europe, think so.   That is why they are intent on creating it.
   Nothing will be the same anymore when that happens during this century, but a report issued by these agencies expresses hopes that by transforming human existence into electronic form the Globe will be saved.
   It matters little whether those hopes are right or wrong.  The wish to create the hive mind exists, therefore the hive mind will be created.  To argue against it would be heresy, as serious an offence as to argue against saving the Globe from (non-existent) "man-made" overheating or as serious as to object to improving the lives of disabled people through the assistance possible when the hive mind is operating.
   The final chapter of the history of mankind will be written in the future.   Converging Technologies contains the time table for when that will be.
   And by the way, neither Mack White (who initially commented on it) nor I dreamed up the term hive mind within the context of the story, the US Government did. Full story

Note: The full report to which those comments pertain is comprised of over 400 pages, therefore the story with its 3,200 words can deal only superficially with the implications and the consequences of the hive mind.

2002 12 25

The things that men do

The last movie about the sinking of the Titanic captured the imagination of people across the world, but it did not delve all that far into the hard reality of the full extent to which many men sacrificed their lives to save those of women and children travelling on the Titanic when she went down.  Why not?  Exact figures are known and available and have been for many, many years, ever since shortly after the sinking of the Titanic.
   Men are being trained from childhood on to perform such heroic deeds, and the sinking of the Birkenhead (Feb. 26, 1852) off the Cape of Good Hope, in which all women and children were saved but hundreds of men voluntarily perished, proves the point.

....Finally, Max Schindler of NBC raised his glass. "We'd like to apologize for the women who have forgotten," he said.

Then the floodlights were turned off, the limousines departed, and there was only the night, the monument [honouring the men of the Titanic, "lest we forget"] and the Washington Channel lighted with stars.

From First-Class Tribute to Men of Titanic
By Ken Ringle, Washington Post

2002 12 12

Interview with Ezra Levant, author of the new book Fight Kyoto

 transcript by J. L. Jackson, broadcast December 9, 2002 on the Cat Country Radio show Agritalk with Jim Fisher

Make sure you do not miss the excerpt that deals with Maurice Strong, the real power behind Kyoto: "Maurice Strong: A Dr. Evil-style strategist. Owner of a 200,000-acre New Age Zen colony [in Colorado]. Designer of a proposal to "consider" requiring licences to have babies. The architect of the Kyoto Protocol."  It is an eye-opener, especially the strong ties to the powers in Canadian politics.  For example: Maurice Strong gave Paul Martin his first job during university break "and made him and his family unimaginably rich."

2002 12 06

Grant Harder's murder-suicide

Grant Harder's murder-suicide (he shot his two-year-old son and himself) at Bittern Lake, near Camrose, Alberta, Canada, received much media coverage during the past few days.  In the trial by media he and by extension all men, especially expunged fathers, have without any doubt been found guilty.  Full Story

2002 12 04

Shot in the foot by their gun registry

Auditor general confirms Liberal boondoggle has cost us at least $1B,

by Lorne Gunter, The Edmonton Journal, Wednesday 4 December 2002

Full Story

2002 12 03

Coolhunt and The Merchants of Cool

How a handful of media giants form a symbiotic relationship with consumers, target teenagers to become consumerism addicts and in the process corrupt society

Comments on the PBS-Frontline program: The Merchants of Cool

2002 11 28

Debunking the myths driving the gun-control lobby

The surprising truth about privately owned guns: more guns, fewer crimes

(Full Story)

2002 11 27

The Politics of Fatherhood,

By Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., Howard University; peer-reviewed article in PS: Political Science and Politics, vol. 35, no. 4 (December 2002).

....Virtually every major social pathology has been linked to fatherlessness: violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy, suicide—all correlate more strongly to fatherlessness than to any other single factor. The majority of prisoners, juvenile detention inmates, high school dropouts, pregnant teenagers, adolescent murderers, and rapists all come from fatherless homes. The connection is so strong that controlling for fatherlessness erases the relationships between race and crime and between low income and crime....

....Fatherlessness and the judicial–bureaucratic machinery connected with it have grown up together as increasingly worldwide phenomena....

Full Story

2002 11 24

Another Nut with a Gun?

The Washington sniper and related issues

By Stephen Baskerville
CNSNews.com commentary and article at Freecongress.org  2002 11 15

Full Story

2002 11 24

For The Children?

State-sponsored kidnapping and the consequences of paternity fraud

By Stephen Baskerville
CNSNews.com commentary and article at Freecongress.org   2002 11 05

Full Story

2002 11 23

Global water evaporation data contradict global warming theorization, ...

...but it does correlate with observed trends in precipitation.

Full Story

Look for "Pan Evaporation" on that page; see also the abstract "Evaporation Data Refute Claims of Global Warming"  of a study report by Peterson, T.C., Golubev, V.S. and Groisman, P. Ya.  1995.  Evaporation losing its strength.  Nature 377: 687-688

2002 11 23

The mythical 'shrinking' arctic sea ice area

Full Story

2002 11 23

Peter Warren's Stupidest Canadian Comment Contest

As of now a comment made by Jean Chretien ranks #1)

Full Story

2002 11 19

'Cough CPR' is not a hoax

Full Story

2002 11 16

From the Women's Ku Klux Klan in the late 1800's to the systematic destruction of American families today

By David R. Usher

The politics of contemporary feminism cannot be understood without realizing that it was founded within the Women's Ku Klux Klan.

— Dave Usher

Full story

2004 11 15

Anti-gun rhetoric fails test of time

Costs, crime statistics belie Ottawa's arguments in favour of registry

By Lorne Gunter

The Edmonton Journal, Fri 15 Nov 2002 

Full Story

Nov. 8, 2002

Political correctness drives and taints the politics of domestic violence statistics

Neutralizing Hostility between the Sexes : Solving the Problem of Domestic Violence with the Bigger Picture

Transcript of a speech by Chris Erickson, honouring Erin Pizzey at Toronto Mensa's Annual Regional Gathering, October 19, 2002

Full Story

Nov. 3, 2002

The State always robbed children, but in antiquity it was boys who were seized – and they were killed if they didn't measure up

Feminists try, and succeeded, to indoctrinate virtually all of society into believing that women were being oppressed as far back as antiquity. The truth, however, as is usual with just about all of what feminists claim, is something totally different. It was women who lived in luxury and boys and men who were being most brutally oppressed.
   Throughout history, rampant child apprehensions and state-ownership of children went hand-in-hand with totalitarian regimes and tyrannies.
   There were interesting aspects to child raising in Sparta. Boys were taken into custody by the State, who then treated them with the utmost brutality.  Spartan men received their freedom at age 60 (if they lived that long; a lot of them died sooner).
   But there is something even more interesting about those circumstances.   Women got off with luxury and freedom to such a large extent that they wrecked Sparta. You better believe it. So, what is new?

That is indisputably on the record, but, given that the education curriculum is being rigorously controlled and censored by the feminist totalitarian regime, that is not being taught anymore in our schools.
   It is as if about thirty years ago somebody marked all of the universities, colleges and schools in the developed nations where women's studies are being taught with the legend: "Here there be lies".

Here now is some of that truth: Full Story

Oct. 31, 2002

Big Sister Is Watching!

An epidemic of state-sponsored kidnapping feeds a tyrannical system hungry for revenues.  Child Protective Services and Children's Aid Societies systematically and increasingly often rob children from their parents.  Kafkaesque chicaneries that the targeted families find impossible to comply with are the tools used to keep the revenues rolling in.  Many families don't survive the ordeals that they are being subjected to by any given CPS or CAS. 

Full Story

Oct. 30, 2002

The Kyoto accord and Canadian Families

You may think that global warming or, better, the ratification of the Kyoto accord that our Leader, Jean Chrétien, the head of the Liberal Party of Canada, threatens to have passed by Parliament before Christmas and to ram down our throats will have little impact on you or your family. You would be seriously wrong in thinking that.
   Gwyn Morgan, president and CEO of Encana Corp., stated in a letter to Jean Chrétien that the Kyoto accord is "one of the most damaging international agreements ever signed by a Canadian Prime Minister." Fortunately, what worries Gwyn Morgan and other Canadians with respect to the Kyoto accord is a problem that will affect only Canadians and is entirely made-in-Canada.   If you are not Canadian and don't pay taxes- or don't live in Canada, count your blessings.  Full Story)

2002 10 24

Is our health-care system really that bad? 

Consider The death of a neighbour

Full Story

2002 10 23

[U.S.] Nursing homes quietly kill thousands

Full story (series in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Abstract and commentary (The problem of fatal abuse and neglect of the elderly on a massive scale is not unique to the U.S.)

September 2002

The power of the State

The power of the State is in the details and the chicaneries it subjects us to, according to the justified complaint by Keltie Zubko, the editor of the Western Separatist Papers, who had to re-submit evidence several times, for trivial and even unspecified reasons (once for having the books bound in covers that were the wrong shade of buff).
   'As an obviously seasoned warrior of the registry office who was standing in line behind us when we went back for the last time, commented to the children, “They do this to us to beat us down.”'....

Full Story

2002 09 30

Ontario — Father and daughter died

Murder-suicide in family garage

Full Story

2002 09 28

US — Hasbro, producer and distributor of toys, discriminates against boys!

Full Story

2002 09 28

Tomorrow is closer than you think!

Men are to breed women like dogs and cattle?

Jack Kammer, in If Men Have All The Power How Come Women Make The Rules? (Translation into French), demonstrates that women always had the power to make the rules.  The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.
   Angry Harry expresses views that appear to agree with Jack Kammer's, but he goes a little farther.  He identifies that women have been abusing their power, are doing that increasingly so now, that the machinations of feminism have wrought much and escalating hatred between the sexes, and drives home his point with solid reasoning.
   He speculates that, if women don't wake up to what they are doing to "their" men, there will be a backlash, and that because men managed to breed dogs and cattle, so as to domesticate them, they will do the same with women.  Men do have the power and natural ability to do that, far more so than women ever did and do.

Far out?  Not really, not as far-out as the idea proposed by Sally Miller Gearhart and gleefully condoned by some radical feminists like Mary Daly, that men must be reduced to ten percent of the population (to maintain genetic diversity) if women are to have a viable civilization at all.
   The innate generosity and chivalry of men towards women appears to come to the surface in Angry Harry's musings.  Angry Harry is not proposing to eradicate 80 percent of all women, but he suggests that it will be far better to increase their numbers and to produce women with the right extent of docility. 
   Why not, eh?  After all, it appears to be working.  Men already comprise the largest visible minority, relative to the larger number of women, in virtually every nation of the world.  There'll be less and less competition by other men for potential mates.  It could make for a far more peaceful world than the one we've got right now.

Mind you, I have a few apprehensions.  Will having fewer men and more women around cause women and men to be happier or more content?  Be careful what you wish for, you may get more than you can handle
   The Chinese ideograph for domestic tranquility is a symbol depicting a hearth, a woman and a roof over both.  The one indicating strife depicts a hearth and two women under one roof.  It'll take some fancy breeding to get around that little problem, but men came to terms with far worse. 
   Until men allowed the Marxist feminists into the picture and let them begin to re-engineer civilization by deconstructing the patriarchy, men did a fairly good job of getting civilization off the ground and of making it thrive.  Men domesticated wild dogs and wild cattle.  Nothing could possibly be more difficult than that, not even the taming of the shrew (or of radical feminists, if you wish).  Again, why not?  After all, dogs became man's best friend....

(Follow-up 2002 10 02: UK biologist Steven Jones: Men Parasitize Women)


It's Official: The Experiment Has Failed

  • Study report: [US] Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing: at least $112 billion a year (2008, Institute for American Values; Georgia Family Council; Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, and Families Northwest)

  • For the best part of thirty years we have been conducting a vast experiment with the family, and now the results are in: the decline of the two-parent, married-couple family has resulted in poverty, ill-health, educational failure, unhappiness, anti-social behaviour, isolation and social exclusion for thousands of women, men and children.

— Rebecca O'Neill

Experiments in Living: The Fatherless Family (By Rebecca O'Neill; Sept. 2002, CIVITAS )

2002 09 15

An opportunity to sue the police?

Ontario court decides that it is time to provide for contingency fees for lawyers.

Full Story

2002 09 13

YWCA — Week Without Violence booklet (2001 edition), Critique and corrections

By Eeva Sodhi

Full Story

2002 09 04

The "Leader" of Canada announced which way he wants his Members of Parliament to vote by the end of 2002.  He wants them to ratify the Kyoto accord.  The price Canadians will pay for that will be the loss of about 450,000 jobs over the next ten years. Have no illusions. The majority of people losing those jobs will be men.
   Lorne Gunter addresses some of the issues:

Economic harm for nothing

Alberta gave in on science against warming, and lost its best defence

Edmonton Journal, Wed 04 Sep 2002

Full Story

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