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2003 11 23

Catholic Feminism

There is no reality! There are only perceptions!

— Phil McGraw, The Dr. Phil Show, 2003 11 20

Although I have no idea whether Phil McGraw is a religious man in the Christian or any other sense, the world view he promotes fits in well with feminism, Christian feminism, and, more specifically, Catholic feminism.  His world view is an expression of the foundation of feminist ideology: modern liberalism.

In a nutshell, Catholic feminism is not much different from any other variety of radical feminism. Catholic feminists hate men, or at best they have disdain for them, they promote the vilification of men, spread lies about men as batterers and women as victims, and they wish to replace God with the goddess.

Catholic feminism is actually a "goddess movement" in which the "goddess within" replaces the Christian God of objectivity and becomes the object of feminist worship.

— quoted by John F. McCarthy in a review of
Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism
by Donna Steichen.

Full Story (about 20 minutes of reading — 40 minutes if read out aloud)


2003 11 22

U.K. Father (Timothy Forder) to be jailed for refusing to use violence against his son.

The son, Henry Forder, has been removed from his fathers home — through the use of force — by the court and secreted away.

By Dr. Michael Pelling, Nov. 21, 2003

Full Story


2003 11 12


Research debunks greenhouse theory: Proof exists (that greenhouse does not), but believers would rather denounce than debate

By Lorne Gunter

Too many scientists have based their research, their reputations and their incomes on the greenhouse theory to let it go now.

Full Story


2003 11 09

Quebec's Götterdämmerung

According to MerriamWebster's, "Götterdämmerung:  twilight of the gods : a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder."  

It appears that Quebec's justice minister Bellemare believes that he has just the thing that will save the newly-declared Nation of Quebec from the consequences of its crushing decline in its birth rates, arguably the lowest of all nations on Earth.

According to a Nov. 7, 2003, Montreal CBC article:

Bellemare said the current law discriminates against low-income parents to the point that it may even discourage them from having children with new partners.

He said that Bill 21 may reverse that trend and give Quebec's sagging birth rate a boost.

The Third Reich faced the reality of a similar catastrophe, and Hitler and Bormann (his personal secretary) had just the thing for that, too, but,

....When the slogan began to circulate "Honey, come on, let's go at it; let's make babies for the Leader,"*  Hitler and Bormann became the laughing stock of their nation.

(* In the original German: "Liebchen, komm wir wollen reiten, Kinder machen fuer den Fuehrer.")

Let justice minister Bellemare take care that his handlers may not lead him to become the laughing stock of his nation on account of him trying to burden low-income second families with the duty to save Quebec's population from its looming extinction....

(Full story)

As the article at the preceding link explains, it will take far more than a Band Aid to solve the problem that the Powers in Quebec wish would go away.  Pardon the pun, but Quebec's population decline is a pregnant issue that cannot be resolved by second families in a mere nine months, not even within ten years or more.


2003 11 05

Global Temperature Changes — Update

What The Satellite Record Reveals

By Willis Eschenbach, (Nov. 4, 2003)

Willis Eschenbach made an analysis that shows that the global surface temperature record is riddled with errors, and that it just doesn't measure up to the quality of the satellite-measured temperature data that has been compiled since 1979. There isn't much global warming, and what of it exists is obviously not due to CO2 emissions, or else, according to the IPCC, the polar regions would be showing the largest temperature increases over time. Instead, the Arctic temperatures are showing only marginal increases, while the Antarctic experiences a cooling trend.
Full Story

A summary of satellite-measured temperature-trend data produced by the NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center agrees with the conclusions reached by Willis Eschenbach. (Full text — about two minutes)


2003 11 04

Men's News Daily

Whiplash vs. Trueheart: The Politics of Melodrama

October 30, 2003
by Paul C. Robbins, Ph.D.

The plot was simple: Snidely Whiplash versus Tom Trueheart for the love of Tess. Tess was young and desirable, torn between Whiplash and Trueheart....Full Story

Snidely Whiplash wanted to ravage Tess and cared not a whit about her welfare....He wanted to do her in, and then Tom Trueheart came to Tess' rescue and did Snidely Whiplash in.

As Paul Robbins explains, such a story teaches morals, and the moral is that in today's society Joe Average is Snidely, feminists are Tess, and the politicians are Tom Trueheart (or successfully pretend to be — not to gain "Tess'" love but to gain her...But I better not tell all of it and let you read the rest.

It is an eye-opening read; give a copy to your friends


2003 11 01

Michele Landsberg no longer staff-writer for Toronto Star

After having written throughout the past 25 years pro-feminist, man-hating, left-wing opinion columns that often presented innovative and startling conclusions about the bad deeds that she alleged men do to married women and other people in epidemic proportions, Michele Landsberg "retired" from her position as staff-writer of the Toronto Star.  Few journalists can claim to have contributed more than she did to the systematic destruction of Canadian families and the persistent slandering and vilification of men.
   As a result of two findings by the Ontario Press Council following complaints about her creative ways of manufacturing concern, Michele Landsberg, banner carrier and icon of Canadian  redfems, now stands officially exposed as a journalist who in her columns does not present the truth, nothing but the truth and all of the truth.  And she finally "retired".
   Michele Landsberg is the wife of Stephen Lewis (former leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party for years, in the '80s Canada's ambassador to the UN, then the U.N. Secretary General's Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa) and mother of Avi Lewis (host of the CBC's ultra-liberal talk show counterSpin Sunday).

Avi Lewis (UC ’88, Host and Producer) until last year he was host and a producer of CBC Newsworld’s counterSpin, as well as a former MuchMusic personality. He is a member of Canada’s leading socialist family: his father Stephen led the provincial NDP, grandfather David, the federal, and mother Michele Landsberg and wife Naomi Klein are left-leaning authors and journalists. Adapted from Young Offenders by Margaret Webb (University of Toronto Magazine, Summer 2001).

Great Alumni Broadcasters and Journalists
From the website of Upper Canada College

Avi Lewis said that he was raised as a feminist.

Stephen Lewis (UC ’59, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS) is at the forefront of activism calling world attention to the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Great Alumni Humanitarians
From the website of Upper Canada College

Principles, especially when they were waved by her in everybody's face to promote her left-wing causes, were a big part of Michel Landsberg's repertoire of rhetoric, but, like other radical feminists, she did not stick to them if it wasn't convenient.

...Michele Landsberg, whose political orientation ought to make her one of public education's staunchest supporters, recently responded to a Maclean's reporter's question about why she had sent her son to private, and very expensive, Upper Canada College by saying: "It was against our principles to do it, but you do not sacrifice your kid to political principles."

Source: an essay at conservativeforum.org
Curing the Schools to Death: Saving Public Education from its Defenders

Perhaps Michele Landsberg feels as Hilary Clinton does, who once defended the state of the public education system by stating that under-educated people are much easier to govern. (by extension, that means also that those who got the best education will govern those that are under-educated or dumbed down.)

Canadian taxpayers and union members (a portion of the taxes and union dues we pay goes toward promoting and funding the NDP) have been kind to the Lewis family over the generations.  Good bye, Michele Landsberg.  It was mostly not nice getting to know you.  (More)



An eyewitness account of the Oct. 22, 2003 demonstration by Father4Justice, London, U.K.

By George Rolph

Full Story



Controversy Within Family Violence Research

Reena Sommer, Ph.D.
University of Manitoba, Canada


Washington, D.C., 14-15 October 1995

I have been involved in the study of partner abuse for the past eight years. My interest in this issue began with my concern about violence against women. Initially, my examination of partner abuse focused on courtship violence and spouse abuse perpetrated by men. My sense of curiosity led me to go against what I believed to be the essence of partner abuse and examine the prevalence of abuse perpetrated by women. Quite to my surprise, I found that women too, abused their male partners at equivalent rates. This led me to search out other research examining this issue, and again to my surprise I found my findings were not an anomaly, but had considerable support.

Considerable controversy has emerged as a result of studies finding equivalent rates of abuse for males and females. The rift within family violence research centers on how researchers have approached their investigations. On one hand, there is the unidimensional approach to partner abuse advanced by feminists. They view abuse between intimates as a problem of women being abused by men whereby the abuse is perceived as a dichotomous variable (abuse/no abuse) and seen in its most severe forms. On the other hand, sociologists and family researchers view partner abuse as being gender neutral and occurring along a continuum with no abuse at one end and very severe abuse at the other end.

I would like to address this controversy by first providing a backdrop to how the divisiveness in the study of partner abuse developed, and then by discussing some of the methodological and practical issues that have contributed to it.

(Full Story)


2003 10 25

Freedom, Equality, and Society's Treatment of Men and Families

A discussion of the totalitarian roots of the politics of sex and the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of our families

The use of force to achieve equality of outcome destroys freedom and families. To bring equality of outcome about for women requires discrimination against men and massive asset- and income-transfers from men to women.  It's a lure that many women find impossible to resist. On the other hand, men, as well as women, are lured also through sexual freedom (the early communists called it "free love") although there is nothing free about free love. Both trends motivate more and more people to forego the altruism of families for the care by Father State via  increasingly harsh, progressive and family-hostile taxation.

In the course of the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of our families, in all nations in whom the concept of western chivalry is part of social traditions, men die between six to fourteen years sooner than women.  The two most populous nations on Earth experience virtually no differences in the average life expectancies of the sexes.

Full Story


2003 10 23

Ontario father in danger of being destroyed by the Canadian judiciary, for wanting to protect his daughter from violent, abusive mother

Eric Bouchard's case

Update 2003 10 23

Mother violent, abusive, made several suicide attempts, but CAS (Children's Aid Society — the gate-keeper when divorced or separated Ontario fathers long to see their children)  refuses to inform the fathers of the two children about the mother's hospitalization on account of her latest suicide attempts and further refuses to tell the fathers anything about where the children are.
   With the help of the judiciary, the mother demands child support for the same child from two different men, from the natural father whom she consistently denied all access to his daughter (for which she was even jailed during the course of one single weekend — one of only two women in Canada ever to be jailed for that criminal offence) and from the father of her second child, whom she denies access as well.

Are you willing to participate in a demonstration at the court house in St. Catharines (Oct.30, 2003) to protest the marginalization of fathers, and to see first-hand how the judiciary treats fathers who wish to protect their children?


2003 10 20

Rights — One individual's right is another's or all others' duty

When rights are enforced, freedom is lost.

A commentary on affirmative action, individual rights and freedoms, and related concerns. Full Story


2003 10 17

Birth-control implant for men

Don't hold your breath. It's at least seven years off.

A Man's Way to Keep Sperm at Bay (Med-Tech Center 2:00 a.m. PDT)

For decades, a man's options for contraception have been limited to the temporary (condoms) or the permanent (vasectomy). Researchers are close to a long-term, reversible solution -- implants. By Louise Knapp.  Full Story (Link no longer functions)

If you are sexually active, it is a good thing if are worried about birth control.  Fathering a child more likely than not will cause you to be indentured to a life-time of financial servitude, especially if you are not married or are about to become divorced.  Check: Advice for Men


2003 10 16

Politics of Child Support

American Political Science Association;
Political Science, Oct. 2003

"The [US] child support system is utterly corrupt and perhaps the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the public."  Full Story

—Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.


2003 10 15

The Edmonton Journal

Red Canada?

There is no doubt that Canadian men, especially if they happen to be disfranchised fathers, are left with few rights, but it is necessary to understand the context in which that happened.

Property rights are being eroded by the charter, court decisions: Recent ruling allows expropriation of interest owed to veterans, widows  Full Story

By Lorne Gunter,

If you still have misgivings about this, consider also that the ratio of incarceration in Canada is about 100 men for every woman serving time in federal prisons.  In the USA that ratio is approximately 18 men for every woman.

And if that is not enough, consider the much shorter average life expectancies for men, and that in the USSR, of the tens of millions of people killed in the GULAGS and elsewhere, about 96 percent were men.

How red do you want to be?


2003 10 15

Inbox Repair Tool

If you came to this page because you have been looking everywhere in vain trying to find Microsoft's Inbox Repair Tool, you came to the right place.  Contrary to what your so-far-futile search may have led you to believe, there is an Inbox Repair Tool, and it will most likely enable you to recover all or a good portion of the e-mail data you lost access to because either your PC crashed or Outlook seems to conspire to motivate you to do something really stupid, like kill yourself or your PC.


2003 10 06, with update 2003 10 10

Cheap solar power! Cheaper than anything so far by far.

Is this it, finally?

STMicroelectronics announced Sep. 30, 2003 that they expect soon to have solar cells on the market and in mass production that will generate power at a cost per Watt of one twentieth of that of conventional solar cells and of one half of the cost per Watt generated by means of fossil fuels.

There is more to the story than meets the eye, but even if looked at somewhat more critically than a corporation intent on attracting investment capital is apt to let on, the announced technological breakthrough could well prove to be attractive.  (Full Story)


2003 10 09

Canada: Men's State of Health

An overview of how our politicians and their handlers think men's health rates in the scheme of things

By Eeva Sodhi

Full Story


2003 10 08

Kyoto Breakthrough 

by Prof S. Fred Singer 
From The Washington Times


2003 10 07

Men have all the power?

Any man who believes in that feminist-inspired hoax is in for a rude awakening.

Full Story


2003 10 06

Eugenics still very much in vogue

Full Story


2003 10 03

The Edmonton Journal, p. A16

With no thanks to the gun registry: Marginally lower firearms murder rate shows registry has had zero impact

By Lorne Gunter

 Full Story


2003 09 24

Absurdistan in America

Stephen Baskerville on the American gulag for fathers.

Full Story

Stephen Baskerville teaches political science at Howard University.  See also his website.


2003 09 19

Restitution for Paternity Fraud

The duped and cuckolded fathers condemned to a life-time of indentured servitude to mothers of children by other men are not the only ones who have to foot the emotional and financial bills for children with whom they should by rights have nothing to do.  What about the other members of the "father's" half of the extended family and the emotional and financial investment made in vain by them to a cuckoo's egg?  Will any of them ever get compensated for the loss and the great void in their hearts, the confusion and emotional turmoil they feel when they find out the truth?  What about the children?  What will they learn from what is being done to the men who are supposedly their fathers but obviously aren't?  Will all that they learn be that honesty doesn't matter and that, if you are a woman and pregnant by a man you chose to impregnate you but whom you don't like for some reason to be the father of your child, just finger the wrong man to be the father –  any convenient man – and the crime of lying pays so big that it is just as if you won the jackpot in the lottery.

If the law wishes that children should have respect for the law, let the law have respect for children, respect for the children's fathers and respect for men who are falsely alleged to be fathers.
(Full Story)


2003 09 14

The men's movement is coming!

Either lead or follow, or get the heck out of the way.

Whatever place or rank you hold or feel you hold, — in society, in life, in government, in the media, in business, in social engineering, in the feminist's women's "liberation" movement or in the allegedly non-existent men's movement — you must read Angry Harry's:

Gaea Theory, Part IV

Read it, enjoy it and take courage from it.

Angry Harry posits that the men's movement is coming, and that there is no possible way anybody can stop it from rolling over anything and everything. The world as we new it and as the women's movement has made it will never be the same anymore.


2003 11 13

Who 'owns' the children?

By Roger Eldridge

This is an important question in the light of the recent case in Britain where a mother and father of four children have been jailed for 12 months, not for child abuse, but for asserting their right to rear their children contrary to the way the state dictates.

(Full Story)

2003 10 03

Global Warming Bubble About to Burst?

By Sherwood, Keith and Craig Idso
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
Editorial Commentary
Volume 6, Number 37: 10 September 2003

...[T]wo scientists from the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences challenge the politically-correct global warming dogma that vexes the entire world.  Bashkirtsev and Mashnich (2003) say that "a number of publications report that the anthropogenic impact on the Earth's climate is an obvious and proven fact," when in actuality, in their opinion, "none of the investigations dealing with the anthropogenic impact on climate convincingly argues for such an impact."....

In light of these several sets of real-world observations, we would not be at all surprised to find that Bashkirtsev and Mashnich will indeed be proven correct in their prediction of imminent, if not already-in-progress, global cooling.  Full Story


2003 08 10

Australia: Older women urged to become Lesbians

Dykes makes better partners for older women – they don't wear out as fast as husbands do

Full Story


2003 08 06

Debunking the hype on homosexual "marriages"

  • Same-sex Couples and the Law
    A Submission (2000) by the NZ Education Development Foundation (now amalgamated with the Maxim Institute)

  • Same-Sex "Marriage": Should America Allow "Gay Rights" Activists to Cross The Last Cultural Frontier?
    By Anton N. Marco (1996-1999, Christian Leadership Ministries, Revised, 1999)
    This is a consummate research paper on the issues surrounding, and the historical context of, same-sex "marriage". (Off-site)

  • Same-sex "marriages" and the Roman Catholic Church
    Vatican speaks out on the universal truths regarding the importance of marriage as we have known it for millennia and the social harm same-sex "marriages" would bring.

By Joseph Card. Ratzinger Prefect, Angelo Amato, S.D.B. Titular Archbishop of Sila Secretary, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (July 2003, Vatican) (Off-site)


2003 08 01

From Marxism to Feminism: The planned destruction of the American family

Statement of Bill Wood

FC-8 Hearing on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse July 17, 2003

The planned destruction of the family was part of the communist agenda from its inception by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels.   It became government policy in the USSR in about 1917. It was so successful in the USSR that it threatened to destroy society in the USSR.  Curiously, while in the 1940s the USSR took steps to repair the damages its family-hostile policies had caused, American communists imported the Soviet agenda for the planned destruction of the family into the USA.  It has been and continues to be promoted by left-leaning liberals in the West ever since.
(Full Story)


2003 07 27


July 28, 2003

Johnny Can't Add

But Suresh Venktasubramanian Can

By Fred Reid

Maybe we need to wake up.

The other day I went to the Web site of Bell Labs, one of the country's premier research outfits. I clicked at random on a research project, Programmable Networks for Tomorrow. The scientists working on the project were Gisli Hjalmstysson, Nikos Anerousis, Pawan Goyal, K. K. Ramakrishnan, Jennifer Rexford, Kobus Van der Merwe, and Sneha Kumar Kasera.

Full story


2003 07 22

False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims

By Wendy McElroy,


Full Story


2003 07 20

Feminists, pro-family activists and blacklists

Incredibly, in the face of catastrophically declining birth rates, escalating divorce rates and epidemic numbers of children who increasingly suffer the consequences of fatherlessness, the federal government of Canada provides $640,000 in funding to "women's" organizations for the express purpose to operate a program that will ferret out, label and eventually prosecute pro-family men, their supporters and their organizations as enemies of feminists?

In other places and other times such state-sponsored purges were launched to eradicate so-called enemies of the state, but never with the express purpose of destroying a country's economic and moral foundation, the wish to form families.

Different names, identical goals — welcome to the People's Republic of Canada.

Full story


2003 07 18

Two articles by Lorne Gunter, relating to the new world order and one of the driving forces bringing it about:

"Economic growth is not the cure; it is the disease."


2003 07 13

U.K. Justice Singer abuses child

Retaliation for resistance to his abuses

Report by Dr. Michael Pelling


The Edmonton Journal, Sunday 13 July 2003, p. A14

Gun-laundering registry a farce

One billion dollars a big investment for a national firearms lost and found

By Lorne Gunter

Wes Winkel, the manager of Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods in Orillia, Ont., -- "For all your hunting, shooting, fishing and camping needs" -- says "OPP[Ontario Provincial Police] officers were laughing their heads off," when they came this week to confiscate a hunting rifle from his store, just "two minutes north of Weber's barbeque restaurant," on Route 11. . . .

The rifle had been listed in the RCMP's national crime computers since it was reported stolen in Quebec in 1992. Still, the Liberals' national gun registry had registered it not once, nor twice, but three times. On the fourth, someone at the registry finally got around to matching the rifle to the RCMP's list of heisted guns and prevented its re-registration; actually, its re-re-re-registration.
Full Story


2003 07 09

Who Really Failed: Students Or The System?

By Phyllis Schlafly

All over the country, students, their parents and teachers are in an uproar about the tens of thousands who flunked the test designated as the requirement for high school graduation. Threats of withholding diplomas have brought out accusations, recriminations, and even angry mobs.
Full Story


2003 07 08

The Federal Bureau of Marriage?

An expose by Stephen Baskerville

Liberty Magazine, July 2003

Following its resounding successes in stopping drug use and eliminating poverty, the government now sets out to save marriage.

"If we truly wish to restore marriage, we must change not males but laws. Yet we are refusing to face this politically unpleasant truth and filling the public payroll with therapists and police."  Full Story


2003 07 04

Edmonton Journal

Cosmic ray flux zaps pro-Kyoto types

New study puts paid to overheated theories on climate change

By Lorne Gunter

It's the sun. And apparently the stars, too. But that shouldn't surprise anyone, since the stars after all are just other planets' suns.

Fluctuating levels of solar and stellar radiation are the cause of climate change on Earth, not rising carbon dioxide levels. Ebbs and flows in the sun's energy raise and lower Earth's temperature far more than CO2 ever could, according to an extensive new study by Jan Veizer, a University of Ottawa geologist and paleoclimatologist, and Nir Shaviv, an astrophysicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem....Full Story


2003 06 23

Skewed road map to Kyoto

According to a June 19, 2003 article in the Washington Times, the attorneys general for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine are attempting to circumvent the decision by Congress not to implement the Kyoto accord.  They are suing the US federal Environment Protection Agency to force it to impose restrictions and regulations on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Full Story


2003 06 21

Human rights are not for men

By Melanie Phillips

Daily Mail, June 19 2003.

This is an article that provides a snapshot of the progress made in the planned destruction of the family.

The government’s war against men is now plumbing ever more astonishing depths....men are being demonised as intrinsic rapists, wife beaters and child abusers as part of a broader agenda. It is nothing less than an aim to destroy the married family, cripple ‘male power’ by emasculating men’s role and undermine masculinity itself.

Full Story


2003 06 19

Feminist Fury

Men's rights groups voice legitimate concerns, not hatred

Louise Malenfant

For The Calgary Herald

Monday, June 16, 2003, p. A12

A commentary in which Louise Malenfant expresses disappointment that she did not receive the honour to be listed on SWC's (Status of Women Canada) blacklist of writers and activists that need to be monitored and scrutinized for possible persecution by SWC and prosecution under Canada's bizarre hate-crime laws. Full story


2003 06 17

'Roe' sues to overturn Roe v. Wade decision

Winner of landmark '73 abortion case challenges ruling, wants 'justice' done

By Art Moore,


Full Story


2003 06 14

The Alberta deregulation fiasco revisited

Not much has changed since it got launched.  It remains a fiasco.

The Report, January 22, 2001, pp. 36, 41

Alberta's self-inflicted crisis

The government's costly electricity fiasco provides a national example of how not to deregulate electricity

by Mike Byfield

Full story:


2003 05 27

Canada's declaration of war against pro-family- and pro-male activists

Big Sister is watching!

Status of Women, which is a Canadian federal government department (formerly headed by the infamous Hedy Fry), seeks funding to monitor statements expressed by pro-family- and pro-male activists on Internet websites, with the aim to ferret out criticisms of feminism and label them violations of Canada's hate-language laws, so that instances of such crimes can be legally prosecuted.
   Status of Women published a hit-list of organizations and individuals targeted for scrutiny and possible persecution.  The list contains not only the names of Canadian organizations and individuals but also a considerable number of names of organizations and individuals in the USA, Australia and France.  Full Story


2003 05 23

Infanticide — "SIDS" in Australia; four children killed in one family

Proving that women who kill no more than one of their infants get away with murder, Kathleen Folbigg raised the suspicion of the authorities only after she had killed her fourth child of her four children she had killed, a 19-month-old baby girl.
   Mind, you, if her husband would not have found her diary, she would have gotten away with murdering that child, too. Full Story


2003 05 17

Secrets of the Dead-Baby Industry (Revisited)

Aborted fetuses are being dissected alive, harvested and sold in pieces to fuel a vast research enterprise, by Celeste McGovern, Alberta Report

Aug. 23, 1999

Yes, that's no mistake! That is what happens with the results of abortions, they provide material for a thriving trade in body parts derived from unborn children ripped from their mothers' wombs. If you think that sounds bad, read the article! Here are a couple of excerpts:

The doctor walked into the lab and set a steel pan on the table. "Got you some good specimens," he said. "Twins." The technician looked down at a pair of perfectly formed 24-week-old fetuses moving and gasping for air. Except for a few nicks from the surgical tongs that had pulled them out, they seemed uninjured. "There's something wrong here," the technician stammered. "They are moving. I don't do this. That's not in my contract." She watched the doctor take a bottle of sterile water and fill the pan until the water ran up over the babies' mouths and noses. Then she left the room. "I would not watch those fetuses moving," she recalls. "That's when I decided it was wrong."....
   Routinely, the women would go into labour before the final surgery. "They [the children] were coming out alive," says Kelly. Aside from the incident with the twins, she says, there were three to four live births in a typical two-week period. "The doctor would either break the neck or take a pair of tongs and basically beat the fetus until it was dead."
Full Story


2003 05 06


Sweden Backs Off U.S.-Style Child Support Reforms

Government Investigation Reveals Fundamental Flaws

By Roger F. Gay

1975-2000 was an era of radical international child support reform, beginning in the United States. Swedish investigation into the effects of U.S.-style child support reform revealed the creation of massive debt and a high percent of fathers forced into poverty. A new government report suggests corrective action. The article below explains why we should not be surprised that Sweden was among the last to fall to radical child support reform arguments and the first to begin the process of restoration; while the U.S. record of reform is an ongoing embarrassment. Full Story


2003 04 25

Why is Communism worse than Capitalism?

Feminism is Communism

An excerpt from Aaron Burr's e-mail discussion forum.   In it he states that "communism is feminism" and backs up that claim with many quotes and references from communist-feminist writers and sociologists who expressed their views throughout radical feminism's rise to power.  Full Story

Related diagrams of the patriarchal versus the feminist family model


2003 04 20

Child Support and Alimony

Some [hair-raising] Case Law Examples

By Eeva Sodhi

2003 04 12

Resurrecting the Self-Defence Review

Eeva Sodhi analyses Canadian feminist jurisprudence in light of Justice Canada's March 2003 report on sentencing for manslaughter in cases involving intimate relationships.

Canadian men have every reason to be afraid, very afraid.

Full Story


2003 04 11

ACT New Zealand

Time To Look At The Bigger Picture

Weekly  Column by Dr Muriel Newman

Chief Youth Court Judge Andrew Beecroft yesterday identified six characteristics of serious youth offenders: 85 percent are male, the majority have no contact with their father, 80 percent do not go to school and have chronic drug or alcohol addictions, most have psychological or psychiatric issues, and 50 percent – up to 90 percent in some courts – are Maori. Full Story


2003 04 04

The Gratitude of Home and Country

Military dads seek fair child support

By Marilyn Gardner | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor ; 2003 04 02

Like many military reservists, Mark Wetzel took a pay cut when he was called for active duty last year. Instead of the $31,000 he earns as a nursing assistant in a Philadelphia hospital, he received $27,000 as a Navy corpsman serving in Kosovo.
   But one thing didn't change: his child-support payments. A family court declined to reduce the $899 a month he pays to his estranged wife and two children.
   As more National Guard and reserve units are deployed for the war in Iraq - 216,800 have been called to active duty so far - more noncustodial parents find themselves in the same circumstances that Wetzel did. If they fall behind in child-support payments because of reduced wages, they could incur penalties when they return home.... Full Story

The article does not mention another consequence for children of non-custodial dads who served in the military.  It should have.  There have been numerous instances where family courts restricted or even prohibited children of servicemen and ex-servicement who are non-custodial dads from having access to their fathers.  The courts hold that their heroic fathers are trained killers and cannot be trusted to come into contact with their children.

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Update 2008 05 10: "This year we passed the milestone of 3,000 deaths in Iraq, and of those, 2,938 were men, 62 were women." -- Is There Anything Good About Men?
By Roy F. Baumeister



2003 03 20

Another "privilege" of being a man.  Just in time for another war....

Iraq Blog

Things on Iraqi TV today:

-yesterday the last 500 prisoners from the Iraq-Iran war were being exchanged. I can’t believe they are still doing this, ...that war ended in 1989. every Iraqi family can tell you a hundred heart br[e]aking stories about things that happen when you have thought you[r] brother/father/son is dead and he suddenly appears after 10 years.

:: salam 12:21 AM [+] ::

See also: To preserve and protect


2003 03 17

Long-Range U.S. Drought Forecast

Dr. Theodor Landscheidt from the Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity predicts that it will remain dry until 2007, upon which there will be seven to eight years of wet weather followed by another dry period that will peak in the 2025-2030 interval.  There are good reasons to believe the prediction.  Unlike the general circulation models used by climate alarmists, Dr. Landscheidt's forecasting technique produced other predictions that were right on the nose.  Moreover, his technique accurately simulates the climate the way it was – going back to the year 1900, a level of accuracy that the climate alarmists still only dream of and hope to be able to achieve if only they were to receive increased funding from our hard-earned tax-dollars. Full Story


2003 03 13

Suckered — Family destroyed; chalk one up for the femicommies

A mother of four, pressured by social service agencies into poverty and to divorce her husband, tells her harrowing story to the Premier of Ontario.
   She got led down the garden path.  She and her whole family must now bear the consequences: mortgage on family home foreclosed, ex-husband jobless, and all of the family – well off before the poor woman got duped into making false allegations in the heat of a moment of anger – now living on welfare.   Full Story


2003 03 08

The misery of being a French man

An article on the Status of Men in France.  The article appeared in – of all places – Elle, a woman's magazine.  Full Story


2003 03 04

Austria launches program for the examination and improvement of the status of men

Many people are enthused about what the Austrians are doing, and some of what is in the program outline is impressive.  However, there is also considerable reason for concern.  Rather than to spend time on an exhaustive analysis and assessment of what the proposed program may and may not do, comments were appended that address concerns relating almost entirely to the context in which the Austrian Program for the Examination of the Status of Men will be operating, as well as to concerns about what seems to peek through, fairly obviously, between some of the lines of the program outline.

In general, there is reason to be considerably less than enthused about the Austrian plans. They seem to contain a liberal dose of further intrusion by the State into personal lives and into the lives of families. More on that is provided in the individual footnotes linked throughout the translation of the program outline.  The question arises whether it is the government's business and duty to define and implement the rules for what comprises families, or whether families still have any power at all to have the government support, promote and nurture the concept of the nuclear family. 

Full Story



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