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Index to, and abstracts of, archived articles; 2003 12 03 — 2004 03 03

2004 03 03

Some of the latest articles by Lorne Gunter

2004 02 28

Defense of Marriage requires a constitutional amendment

President Bush [2004 02 24] : ...a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization. Their actions have created confusion on an issue that requires clarity....Ages of experience have taught humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society....Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass, and to send to the states for ratification, an amendment to our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as a union of man and woman as husband and wife....
(Full Statement)

2004 02 22

Extremist and cunning misandry: Alberta FV round-table discussion workbook

A workbook published by the Progressive Conservative Government of Alberta is a misandrist polemic against men, an elaborate and cunning piece of propaganda, and a self-serving product of the government-sponsored feminist family-violence industry. The workbook reinforces the anti-male propaganda already produced via our hard-earned tax dollars and that the Alberta Government published at its family-violence website.  Full Story

See also a related comment by Erin Pizzey, anti-feminist and founder of the women's shelter movement.

2004 02 18

Alberta Government's website promotes hatred against men

The site depicts women as saints, healers and madonnas, and men as just men — well, it shows men and boys to be violent and not trustworthy, of course, although women and men engage to equal extents in violence against one another, and even though women commit the vast majority of violence against children in families.
    It is hard to overcome hate-propaganda directed against men, especially if it is driven by virtually unlimited taxpayer funding — of which most is provided by men for feminists and women, and of which much is used to fund misandrist (man-hating) propaganda that promotes the vilification of men.
   Meanwhile there is no funding for men's issues or to strengthen families (about one dollar for pro-family issues for every $1000 that are allocated to programs intended to systematically deconstruct the family), and men in trouble because they can't afford treatment or medication commit suicide or are often simply shot to death.
   No wonder men in the developed nations live on average, depending on country, from about six to 13 fewer years than women do.

Full Story

2004 02 13

Concern over Liberal corruption spreads in media

Two days ago only two Canadian dailies dared to call the Liberal fiscal scandal by its proper name: corruption.  Today there are at least 130 articles accessible through google.com that call it that.  The Edmonton Journal published one of them.

The Edmonton Journal, Friday 13 February 2004

Impossible Martin didn't know of scam

Claiming ignorance suggests either he is dumb or he believes Canadians are

From the article:

His explanation for failing to blow the whistle on the massive, putrid corruption within the Liberal party in Quebec was Stop Welfare for Politiciansnot to deny personal involvement, but rather to deny any knowledge of anyone's involvement. [My emphasis —WHSFull Story

You may also wish to read today's Toronto Star article, Fraser to pull back veil a little further [sic].  Don't neglect to look up the auditor-general's report.

Keep in mind that in the excitement that focuses on the $250 million involved in the sponsorship scandal uncovered by the auditor general, Sheila Fraser, the vastly greater portion of the fiscal rot she exposed goes unnoticed; and that is most likely seen as a great thing by the culprits.

If current trends continue, no-one will be married in 2077.
 (posted with permission)
 See more TRUE cartoons by Daryl Cagle

2004 02 13

Divorce issues revisited

Shattered Myths

When it comes to child custody, Canadian divorce law is weighted in favour of the wife.  But new research has stripped women of their moral superiority: It suggests they initiate divorce twice as often as men.
   When children are present in a marriage, the likelihood that the wife will file for divorce increases.  That is due to child custody routinely being awarded to mothers, providing mothers with a powerful incentive to file for divorce.
   It has been found in a few states in the USA, where presumption of joint and equally shared custody became the norm divorce rates decreased considerably.  Full Story

The article quotes extensively from the study report "These Boots are Made for Walking: Why Wives File for Divorce," by Margaret F. Brinig and Douglas W. Allen. 

2004 02 11 Stop Welfare for Politicians

Canada: Auditor General's report reveals massive fiscal irregularities

Hundreds of millions went to friends of the Liberal Party, for no discernible reasons and for no perceptible value received in return.  Full Story

2004 02 01

Application of Equity to Child Support [in Australia and elsewhere] by Anthony Farr and Gary Buurman; published in Agenda, Volume 10, Number 2, 2003, pages 113-128

This is a study report that examines the economic of equity principles in child support legislation in Australia.  Farr and Buurman conclude:

...that equity principles can be applied to Child Support and that they provide considerable illumination. We also conclude that the current Australian formula is overly onerous to NRPs [non-residential parents] and overly generous to RPs [residential parents] when compared against equity principles.

2004 02 01

EDMONTON JOURNAL, Sunday 1 February 2004, p. A14

There's rot in the ship of state

By Lorne Gunter

Something is rotten in Ottawa, but it is doubtful whether Martin is the man to eradicate the blight.  Full Story

2004 01 31

Netherlands Nabs Nigeria Scammers

03:25 PM Jan. 30, 2004 PT

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Dutch police have arrested 52 people suspected of defrauding gullible Internet users in one of the largest busts of the infamous "Nigerian e-mail" scam.

Also known as an "advance fee" or "419" scheme, the scammers sent spam e-mails asking for help in transferring a large sum of money out of a politically or economically troubled country, in exchange for a generous percentage.  Full Story

2004 01 30

John Daly, one of the foremost activists in the world involved in debunking the global warming hype, passed away.

Here is the announcement of his death as it appeared at his website Still Waiting for Greenhouse.

Last update   -  2011 ,  29th January, 2004 

 It is with deep sadness that the Daly Family have to announce the sudden death of John Daly.

Condolences may be sent to John's email account


As a lasting tribute to John, we (Rachel, John's Daughter and John's close friend) am endeavouring to keep this web site not only active, but also up to date. If anyone is able to contribute to this in any way please contact me by email daly@john-daly.com and type "Rachel" in the subject heading.

John Daly was a man that wanted to leave the world a better place than it was when he came into it, as well as a better world than opportunistic political activists wanted to turn it into, and to a large extent he succeeded.  May his legacy live on and thrive.

Walter Schneider

2004 01 26

Death by Numbers

Some mostly Canadian statistics — 19 out of 20 job-related fatalities are men.  Full Story

2004 01 25

Stephen Hawking and the burden of western chivalry


2004 01 21

Ireland's modest proposal for EU sex-trade ban hardly a satire: Dour feminism teams up with Marxist logic to demonize males everywhere

The Edmonton Journal, Wednesday 21 January 2004

By Lorne Gunter


2004 01 19

Faking It

A Brief Textbook Of American Democracy

Monday, January 19, 2004

By Fred Reed  Story

2004 01 18

Extremist enviro-activists seek to damage the fish-farming industry

Propaganda tactics that served to promote ethnic cleansing; the killing of mining and forestry industries; the vilification of men and thereby the systematic destruction of our families; the futile and economy-destroying fight against benign, almost immeasurable and most definitely not unprecedented global warming — the very same tactics are now being used in attempts to destroy fish-farming, an industry that can solve many of the world's hunger and starvation problems.

Give a starving family a fish, and you will feed it for a day.  Give a village community a fishing net and teach it how to make good use of it, and it will feed its families forever.

However, the enviro-extremists would like nothing better than to get rid of all fish nets — especially those used for fish farming, label all fish as poisonous and have all people starve to death.  That way they can eliminate all humans, whom they consider to be a cancer on the face of the Earth.

(Full Story)

2004 01 17

‘First Wives Club’ author Olivia Goldsmith dies at 54

Death caused by complications from anesthesia during plastic surgery

Olivia Goldsmith, who died Jan. 15, had been in a coma since last Wednesday after complications resulting from anesthesia during plastic surgery, according to her lawyer, Steven Mintz. She was 54.

The Associated Press
1:16 p.m. ET Jan. 16, 2004

NEW YORK - Olivia Goldsmith, a best-selling novelist whose book “First Wives Club” was made into a movie starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, has died. She was 54.

(Full Story)

2004 01 16


January 16, 2004

Fathers and Children

by Stephen Baskerville, PhD

LRC contributor Stephen Baskerville has been elected president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. This is based on his January 7, 2004, acceptance address:

"It is a tremendous honor to be asked to serve as President of the American Coalition of Fathers and Children. We stand at a critical point. Families today are under attack as never before. But this attack does not come primarily from pornography, television, rock music, drugs, or even homosexuality. The attack comes from government, and it targets the family's weakest and most vulnerable point: the father. The wholesale separation of children from their fathers, the mass incarceration of fathers without due process of law, the seizure of children from both mothers and fathers, the abuse of children by the very officials who claim to be protecting them – this is hidden behind a media blackout, hidden behind the silence of the politicians, but it is the terrifying reality for millions of Americans.

(Full Speech)

2004 01 16

Fraser Institute Warns that the Alberta Advantage is Being Jeopardized Through a Lack of Fiscal Vision


2004 01 13

Florida Sun-Sentinel.com, Jan. 11, 2004

Charges against Boynton Beach teacher shed light on role of women as sex abusers

By Scott Travis, Education Writer

Sexual abuse against children used to be considered a man's crime.

And while the vast majority of cases still involve men, women have been making headlines these days -- accused of having sexual relationships with boys.  Full Story

The vast majority of journalist does not write about men as sexual abusers.  Most of those that do, don't write about women as sexual abusers of children.  Most of the very few journalists that write about women as sexual abusers of children believe that men perpetrate the vast majority of all child sexual abuse.  The truth is stranger than fiction.

2004 01 13

Men's News Daily

Jan. 12, 2004

Social Engineers vs. Divorcées

The Real Marriage Movement Steps Forward

by David R. Usher

Dave Usher of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition states in the article,

The real Marriage Movement has stepped forward, but it is not yet a unified movement. Some of us don't even know we "are" the Marriage Movement. Some of us are father's rights activists. Some are pro-family activists. Some are working the shared-parenting issue. Some are working to block lesbian marriage. Many want to reform divorce or child abuse laws. Others are religious activists who are just beginning to understand that you have to do more than work things at the moral level in order to win in the courts and legislatures. Some are beginning to listen to those who have been working the hard social and legal divorce issues for many many years. Some have done reasonably well, such as former Louisiana Rep. Tony Perkins, who I worked with fairly closely, and who has gone on to become President of Family Research Council.  Full Story

It seems that we all who fall into the categories identified in that paragraph need to take a long hard look to gain the recognition that there are fundamental goals and objectives that should unite us.  However, we also need to determine against which common enemies we need to be united, and that may be the first step we must take.  After all, common enemies have been powerful unifying forces throughout history.

2004 01 13

Ludwig von Mises Institute, Jan. 6, 2004

What Has Government Done to Our Families?

By Allan Carlson

An examination of the history of the Swedish "family" model and of the consequences of importing it into other countries in the West.  Full Story

2004 01 12

War on Secrecy in the English Family Courts

UK Attorney-General Seeks to Imprison Dr. Michael J. Pelling,

By Dr. Michael Pelling, Jan. 12, 2004  Full Story

2004 01 08

Dr. Daniel Amneus passed away.

Daniel Amneus was one of the first people who assessed the causes of the socially devastating consequences of the systematic destruction of our families and wrote about it.  He was the author of Back to Patriarchy (1979), Mystery of Macbeth (1983), The Three Othellos (1986), The Garbage Generation (1990) and The Case for Father Custody (2000)

More publishing information and links for works by Daniel Amneus

On account of his seminal literary works on the family as the foundation of a healthy and thriving society in the time-proven style of the patriarchy, Daniel Amneus is regarded by many as the father of the modern Fathers Rights movement.  His death is a great loss, all the more so on account of the manner in which it occurred.

From an unidentified source:

We are all still in shock over his death, particularly since he was in such great health and spirit the last time we met. It was a sprained ankle which put him in the hospital on November 11, 2003, and it was in his recovery in a rehabilitation center where he died on December 18, 2003.

An account of the impact Daniel Amneus had on him is given by Robert Cheney Jr., a Fathers Rights activist. (PDF file, 124kB)


2004 01 05

What is femprop?

Femprop is short for feminist propaganda or for propaganda that promulgates the feminist ideology, "men bad - women good".

The function of propaganda is, for example, not to weigh and ponder the rights of different people, but exclusively to emphasize the one right which it has set out to argue for. Its task is not to make an objective study of the truth, in so far as it favors the enemy, and then set it before the masses with academic fairness; its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly.

— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter VI

That is no different than to state, as Eeva Sodhi identifies in the examples she cited in her analysis of femprop,

...develop strategies to circumvent the potency of neutrality as a core bureaucratic value and transcend levels of government and ideology to co-ordinate and co-operate strategically across government levels.

Full Story

2004 01 01

How to undo more than three decades of feminist/liberal social engineering


2003 12 21

Independent on Sunday (IoS)

Inside the HQ of the 'militant dads'

IoS Investigation: The 'IoS' looks on as a secret, military-style operation is planned, complete with decoy suspect  Full Story

2003 12 21, originally published 2003 12 15


New MP advocates greater rights for fathers


2003 12 21

REAL Women of Canada

REALity, July/August 2003

The Sordid Story of How the Same-Sex Issue Was Manipulated in Canada


2003 12 17


Stephen Baskerville provided transcripts of his two latest radio commentaries for Free Congress Foundation. 

They are extremely important and must be read!  The transcripts have been posted at the blog for Fathers for Life.  The preceding links will take you there.  Comments are requested.

2003 12 17

The witch hunt is over.

Reason Online

December 17, 2003

Sceptical Environmentalist Vindicated

Posted by Ronald Bailey

According to a press release just in, Bjorn Lomborg, author of the controversial The Skeptical Environmentalist, has been vindicated by the Danish Ministry of Science. Earlier this year, the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty, as part of a sustained smear campaign by committed ideological environmentalists, issued an infamous decision that Lomborg's book "objectively speaking" fell "within the concept of scientific dishonesty." Now the Danish Science Ministry has issued a ruling which repudiates the DCSD decision and remits the matter back to them.  (Full Story)

See also the commentary by John Daly (Still Waiting for Greenhouse)

2003 12 17

On Dec. 10, 2003, The Australian proudly declared that Australia set a world precedent for gay asylum.

Australia sets world precedent on gay asylum? Not at all!

Australia is not the first country in the world in which homosexuals can find asylum, not by a long shot!

As of now, Australia has not set a world precedent for granting asylum to homosexual refugees and never will or can.  Australia is merely the last country to cross the line in regard to granting asylum to homosexual "refugees" or those that claim to be.  Other countries got to that state long before Australia did,  Canada (1993), USA (1994), UK (2000 or earlier), Israel (2000 or earlier), and most likely a few other countries.  However, it is quite possible that more countries will follow Australia across the line.  The aim of the game is to get them all across that line.  But then, oh-me-gosh, there will no longer be any "refugees" that can claim asylum on account of their sexual orientation.  Don't be so sure of that.  There are a lot more sexual orientations that have not yet received much attention.  The obvious one for which some people already clamor is polygamy.  We will be made to cross that line when we are ordered to cross it.

(Full Story)

2003 12 12

The chronology of the destruction of a Manitoba man

Here is the chronology of the destruction of a man against whom the players in the Manitoba family-justice system (in the man's case it turned out to be a system for family destruction) colluded to destroy his bond with his child, but not only that.  The system gradually and inexorably destroyed his financial security and livelihood as well.  He lost his job on account of being harassed with increasingly more serious and false allegations by the system.  He is deeply in debt and helpless to do anything to get back the life of which he got robbed.

In his own words the man describes how, the more he bent over backwards to comply with demands placed upon him, the more rapidly the systematic destruction visited upon him progressed. (Full Story PDF file 114 kB)

2003 12 09

Getting older, and the shocking abuse of the elderly

All of us are getting older. There is no use denying that. I saw it the last time we met — those of you I did meet.  We are all getting older, one day at a time, day by day.

Be careful about the kind of retirement home you choose.

The Toronto Star ran a series of articles describing the quality and condition of nursing homes that care for the elderly. It's not good. It's about as bad as things are in the US in that regard, and, from what I hear, things are not very good in that regard in Alberta either.

If you should wish to check out a home for the elderly, it's a good idea to follow your nose. If it smells like urine, don't go there.   I know quite a few of them that smell about as bad a public urinal whose flushing system ran out of water. (Full Story)

2003 12 05

The cause of recent global warming: Increased Solar Irradiance

As per John L. Daly, at

http://www.john-daly.com/#hotter ...:


According to Space.com, "the recent trend of a .05 percent per decade increase in Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) ... was measured between successive solar minima that occur approximately every 11 years." As the chart shows, the solar minimum of the mid-1990s was hotter than the previous minimum of the mid-1980s. Solar minima provide the opportunity for the Earth to `cool off' after the enhanced radiation of a solar maximum; however, the strong radiation of the 1990s minimum has kept earth's climate `on the boil' so to speak....

(Full Story; PDF – 302kB, including two charts)

2003 12 05


Environmentalists can't save Kyoto: Without Russia, the global deal is dead and green lobbyists have to accept it

By Lorne Gunter

...Russia's objections to Kyoto are threefold, not merely economic. Russia's economy has recently begun to grow rapidly -- in the range of seven to 10 per cent a year. It could double by 2010, bringing Russian per capita income on a par with that of its eastern and central European neighbours. To bind itself to Kyoto now, Russia would have to forego such growth. That's enough justification for remaining outside Kyoto....

(Full story)

2003 12 05

Looking at anorexia nervosa from another perspective

The "victims" of anorexia nervosa receive an excessive amount of concern that is far out of proportion in relation to the scope of their problems, compared to other, far more prevalent, far more pressing and far more often deadly social issues.  Full Story

2003 12 03

In February 2002 The Albany TIMES UNION ran a series of five editorials on the subject of

Judicial Accountability Within The State of New York

It is journalism at its best! The five articles cover just one state in the US, and what you will read in these articles will make your hair stand on end; not just so much because of what is happening in the State of New York but also because of the sheer size of the problem. (Full Story)

2003 12 03

Anorexia Nervosa: Case outcome after five years of therapy

Did therapy help?  Without doubt it helped the therapist, but what about the patient and her family? Find out.

More Archived articles

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