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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa ó Chapter 12: Virtually no men sign declarations of war

Men are the primary victims of war, cannon fodder


The gods told Perseus that he must seek out the cave of the Graeae. These three women would know how to get to the Medusa’s lair.

Men donít want war. That men want war is a myth that has been manufactured by the Feminazi. In spite of the conditioning of millennia it still takes a great deal of training and a great deal of cultural coercion to turn men into soldiers. They have fulfilled this role because they were seen by themselves and by their women folk as responsible for the protection of society. That role had always, up until recently, given them their stake in society. Now that men have no rights to their children and no power or rights in marriages that have no legal credibility, they surely have no moral and arguably no legal obligation to defend a society that alienates and despises them. They have no reason or justification to be the sacrificed offering to the Goddess.

It is true that few women have signed declarations of war, though we should readily note that Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher have all sent young men to their deaths in recent times. Women have not historically held positions of power as every Feminazi laments loudly, but very few men have signed declarations of war either, although millions have been sent off to death or glory without any say in the matter. It is class and race, rather than gender, that has historically defined who wielded the power. Though men are perceived to have power, women have overwhelming influence and the source of power is always influence, whether it is coercive or subversive, consciously applied or subconsciously enforced.

"What [male politician] can do in public what the women in his life might disapprove of in private?"

— Adolf Hitler to Ernst Roehm and Karl Ernst, 1932

It is deeply ingrained in our society that men are expendable. It crosses all lines of race, age and gender and clearly, even the majority of men, still cling to this idea. It’s not surprising if we have the courage to admit it, that our own mothers instill this belief into us. Men are often told by their mothers that it is a man’s duty to fight for his ‘Mother Country’ and for his rights to vote and for his freedom. Women are the beneficiaries of these rights and freedoms, but they do not have to earn them. All the young men who die in wars are some wife’s husband, some sister’s brother and some mother’s son. The ‘Momgod’ is a craven idol that demands constant sacrifice to appease her so that she alone can bring life into the world, life in her own image. She is not a deity we should still be worshipping though. She is a parasite that kills, that lives on the body of human society and sucks the life-blood of millions of men and women, drains them dry and kills them.

In the late 1960’s, when the current Northern Ireland crisis was beginning to come to the boil, a very matriarchal aunt of mine sternly - and I mean sternly - told me in no uncertain terms that it was my DUTY as a MAN to join the boys" - meaning the IRA - and "fight for my country".

— An Irishman, "They Were Expendable - Men’s true attitudes to war." Mike James 1997

The modern cult of motherhood, the new worship of the ‘Momgod’ began around the mid-nineteenth century, though the Industrial Revolution had more than a minor part to play in redefining the roles of both men and women. Books about the mothers of famous men, such as Mary Washington, (George’s mother) poured forth from the popular presses of the emerging United States of America, promoting the view that men achieved their success directly from the instruction and inspiration they received from their mothers. It is easy to see how the role of women was raised to sainthood. This was a harsh new land in which to bear and raise children. The women of the frontier were rightly revered, they were rare and a scarce commodity, but they did not win the west. It was the men who did the overwhelming majority of the farming the fighting, the soldiering and the dying. It was men who fought the hostile Indians, herded the cattle, drained the swamps, irrigated deserts, and built the railroads, the mines and the cities. It was men above all; who carved a nation from a hostile wilderness, with their sweat and their blood. Over a million and half of them sacrificed their lives on the altar of the new nation during the American Civil War. There were no regiments of women at Valley Forge, Shilloh, or Gettysburg. Women did not ride with the saber wielding cavalry or march through exploding shells with the infantry, and on the wild frontier Custer’s last stand was made in the company of men, not women.

Back in the safety of the middle class drawing rooms of the civilized eastern States, the saintly ‘Mother Goddess’ lived in comparative luxury charged with an increasing monopoly on her children’s time and attention. The cult of motherhood deliberately promoted the middle-class woman as superior to her uneducated lower class and immigrant sisters. Her biological role was glorified. She was encouraged to monopolize, oversee, and educate her children, ensuring in the process that paternal authority declined. Though modern feminists may spout the view that this was an example of patriarchal oppression and an abdication of responsibility by men, it was in fact a surrender of power by men to women. Mother’s Day – a festival of veneration and worship - became established first in American culture as it now has in the European. The cult of Motherhood endowed women with self-respect, identity and an undeniable and unquestionable authority. Motherhood became a sacred calling and women who became mothers were elevated to Madonna’s and saints. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that for one moment they ever opposed the concept.

Armed with such power, the middle class woman took control of the schools and education systems and in doing so brought about a redefinition of childhood. This in turn had the effect of moving the ages of marriage and reproduction upward and dramatically increasing the term of female influence over the young. This was in direct contrast to the practice in many cultures throughout history where boys were educated solely by men from around 8 years old onwards.

Cultural and social trends like the weather, almost invariably cross the Atlantic and arrive in Europe. In recent times, especially during and post World War 11, large numbers of Americans ‘invaded’ the UK and Europe. American culture, especially the middle class culture portrayed in the movies and on the TV screens has been extremely influential in the lives of the citizens of Europe as well as among its own gullible consumer-unit population. Thanks to the massive production boom of the war years that inevitably turned its attention to the new armies of female consumers, America became the most middle-class nation on earth and it began to zealously seek new markets by projecting its own aspirations on the rest of the world.

The American female of the 1920's - the 'Flapper' - an independent good time girl

Millions of American women lived in luxury and comfort provided by the labor of their husbands. Many of their men folk - the former soldiers who had ‘consumed’ the huge production of war material had paid for the new consumer utopia with their lives. Women, surrounded by a plethora of labor saving devices, complained endlessly about every detail of their cosseted lives, demanding a maid, their own car, constantly preoccupied with redecorating her luxury home, manicuring and preening her cosmetic clogged body and bemoaning her lack of suitable adornments.

The American female of the 1950's - a pampered and cossetted consumer queen

She became epitomized and immortalized by characters like ‘Lucy’ played by Lucille Ball. The soap operas and the movies depicted her as a scheming, manipulative gold digger, screwing every last dollar and every last gasp of frustrated breath out of her drone-like husband. She traded her body and her favors more readily and dishonestly than any inner city prostitute for the hard-earned wealth that her husband gave freely. She reigned queen of all she surveyed in a centrally heated air-conditioned suburban palace that Third World women would have killed for, but even this was not enough. Like some reincarnation of the Whore of Babylon, she greedily consumed, like the spoiled child she was the new feminist dogma. It instructed her that she had the absolute right to steal every penny of her husband’s money, take his children and his home - the very home he had willingly provided for her and that he had fought and slaved for. All these things were her rightful dues for he was to blame for her years of slavery and brutal oppression.

Surely, for this and the subsequent generations of women to pretend that men have oppressed them from birth, is rabid insanity. To deny men their own rights, their health and recreation and to ride for free on their husband’s endeavors is the height of inequity and moral injustice. To deride and complain about the men who selflessly provided and protected them, many of whom were killed or maimed in the process and to cry rape and abuse at every opportunity is surely a form of murder unparalleled in human history and experience. It surely illustrates the hatred and contempt that the ‘Momgod’ has for her worthless, inconsequential, sacrificial drones.

I was in Washington on the 11th exactly two years ago and attended the very moving ceremony at the Vietnam Wall. I spent some time talking to very angry vets who had come from all over America - still angry at how they have been treated by the administration and the country at large, after all these years. After, I went over to that area with the larger-than-life bronzes of soldiers moving across a Korean battlefield. Two women in front of me were indignant. "Why are they all men? Why aren't there any women statues here?"

— Visitor to the Vietnam Wall, Washington.

It is ‘mother’ above all who defines the worth of masculinity in our culture. Boys are programmed to compete for females at an early age and all through the formative years of a boy’s life he is guided and taught by women. It is women who impose their concepts of sexuality and their power structures upon him in a way they could never do over an equal adult, non-dysfunctional male.

A wife can be a man’s best friend and an equal partner, but when she becomes a mother and especially a mother to a son, it can turn out to be a whole different ball game – a game in which the rules somehow change in mid field. Men have always been uneasy with the way mothers raise their sons, but by and large they feel even uneasier about intervening in the situation. A mother never gives her son away even at his wedding (as a father does his daughter) and in a culture that allows her supreme power over her son, there exists the opportunity for selfish and abusive behavior that can have the most profound effect upon her helpless offspring.

Sexism is NOT the fault of women--kill your fathers, not your mothers.

— Robin Morgan

Though the possessive mother has become a figure of gentle derision in our society, her capacity to emotionally abuse and castrate her son should cause us to seriously question our whole attitude to the mother/Madonna figure. Clearly, if it were fathers that exhibited such dysfunctional and abusive behavior in their relationships with their daughters, they would soon face the wrath of society and be promptly consigned to rot in a prison to enjoy the company of rapists and pedophiles.

I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.

— Mary Wollstonecraft.1759-1797

As in every other aspect of society, women are exempt from any responsibility from the damage they may do to their sons. Their failure to recognize this selfish and dysfunctional behavior has a profound affect on the way these same sons will grow to interact with their own wives and daughters. It is nothing less than another form of acceptable man-murder, just as acceptable as the ritual sacrifice of the innocent male in warfare and no different than murder by abortion or emotional castration. Women are not only defining masculinity for their children; they are denying men the right to repair the damage already done. What’s even worse is that they claim that their definition of masculinity is superior to that of men themselves. They also refuse to allow men any role in the defining of the femininity of their daughters. As many women are the first and the loudest to complain about the behavior of men, they are clearly so blinded by their own selfish dysfunction that they cannot even begin to see that they are the ones who are indeed responsible. They should have the decency, the courage and the humanity to admit this fact, cease from unilaterally blaming men forthwith and embark on a painful voyage of self discovery that will ultimately benefit themselves, their husbands, our children and ultimately all of humankind.

I have given suck, and know how tender ‘tis to love the babe that milks me.

I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums,

And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this.

— Lady Macbeth, Macbeth. Act 1 sc. Vii

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918, the ‘War to End Wars’ came to an end. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain, my country, there is not a single village, town or city that does not have a memorial to the dead of that war. In many of these ‘sad shires’ the whole population of young men was wiped out. A whole generation of males exterminated. In the World War that inevitably followed a generation later, the scythe of war decimated a new generation. Here too, there are memorials to the many young men from America who flew from the green fields of Albion in the greatest aerial assault in history. Thousands of other young men from many nations sleep forever in this rich soil and in the grey oceans surrounding it. The scythe of war that has mown down millions upon millions of young men must be used to end this perverse and senseless sacrifice. It must be grasped in their name and used to save humanity instead of destroying it. To do this will require no less courage than possessed by those who fought before us.

On the anniversary of that day in 1918 when the ‘Great War’ ended, now so long past and so obviously forgotten in the hearts and minds of those that live in a world paid for by their blood, there are parades of stiff, wrinkled men, wearing rows of polished medals. Fresh faced boy scouts bearing flags stand beside them. There are a few minutes silence in recognition of those who are forever silenced. They wear red poppy flowers in remembrance of their brothers from those wasted generations. Sometimes, they even stop the traffic for a while. We are told that they died to give us our freedom. If their sacrifice brought us such freedom as we now enjoy, I wonder what they would say? If they could speak, I wonder what those silent boys would say about the dark angels that have inherited their legacy?

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have an ungrateful child.

— King Lear. Shakespeare

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