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since June 19, 2001


Why I, as an ardent anti-feminist, feel sorry for women

Erin Pizzey wrote:

The following is a draft article that The Daily Mail asked me to  write yesterday.  I only had two hours to write it, so it is rough.  They may not run it, but at least they asked for it, knowing that I am anti-feminist, and that in itself is a breakthrough.

Thursday 11 December 1997

Why I, as an ardent anti-feminist, feel sorry for women

By Erin Pizzey

I feel sorry for women of my generation who were tricked into believing that the so-called women's movement had anything to offer women except tears.

Professor Ruth Wisse from Harvard, has this to say about the women's movement......... 'By defining relationships between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and cooperation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength.'

I believe that the women's movement internationally has been the most extreme and the most influential cause of the destruction of family life in this century.  The history of this movement goes back to the early sixties in America when the women's liberation movement was born out of the rage and frustration of American women working along side men in the left wing movements that were sweeping across the western world.  Like many women of my age, I was transfixed by the writings of feminist gurus.  I passionately believed in the message that was being touted through the pages of newspapers.  The seductive message was that women were going to cease to fight and to compete with each other.  We were going to come together to improve our role in society and to take advantage of choices that would enable us to compete in the work place, if we so wished.  We would be given control over our bodies and be able to make our own decisions over abortion.

To this end we were invited to attend conferences where 'a new future for women' would be revealed.

What was all too quickly revealed was an agenda that made my blood run cold.   Hundreds of women, all white, mostly middle class and largely from academia, assured us that they had the solutions to all our problems.  My problem as I saw it, was that I had recently moved into Hammersmith and was suffering from a great deal of isolation.  I supposed that the women's movement was geared towards helping women, like myself, at home with small children, to learn to reach out to others in our communities.

I was very wrong. It soon became obvious that the women's movement was bent on infiltrating and destroying family life.   The enemy I needed to identify was behind my own front door.  Useless to protest that my husband paid our mortgage and enabled me to stay at home full time to be with my two small children.  I was howled down and ridiculed. Within a matter of months after that first conference the subject of women's liberation had become so fashionable that very few women would dare even suggest that they were happy to be at home and even less likely to admit that they were happily married.

Some newspapers, through their women's pages, and virtually all magazines carried their new 'deal' for women.  Marriage and family life were little more than gulags where women languished, forced to service the bestial needs of men.  Women, in this brave new world, were now fueled with the information that women's sexual needs, denied them for so many generations by selfish and controlling men, were now paramount.  Overnight the roles changed and men no longer were the pursuer but became the pursued.  The pill took care of any consequences and old fashioned morality was thrown on the scrap heap.  Chivalry towards women by men was met with sullen rudeness and men began to feel the chill wind of universal female dislike.  Maleness became radically unfashionable.  Little boys were to be brainwashed into abandoning their traditional games and toys and encouraged to adopt 'femaleness.'  Men were to be redesigned and repackaged into 'new men.'

Many men, at first, responded with cries of delight.   Blinded by lust and the lure of relationships without any responsibility, many men fully concurred with the women's movement.   Slowly, as women moved into positions of power, men began to feel the iron fist of the women's movement on their backs.

Today, millions of men look back at the devastation this movement created in their lives.  Publicly derided as useless, feckless idle wasters, men have retreated into their holes to lick their wounds.   A generation of young men in their early twenties is now adrift in a sea of misandry.  They are regularly exposed as less able than their sisters and pilloried as academic failures by the press.  No wonder they turn to mental illness, suicide and drugs.  Their feminist mothers, in many cases with multiple sexual partners, have abandoned their role as care givers.  Children come home to empty rooms, empty fridges and no warmth.  These are the children of the 'nobody home' generation.  The feminist movement decreed that all women must enter the work force and hand their young children over to the care of the  'mother' state.  As the divorce rates soar, men refuse to make any commitment that ties them to women who, when they are bored with the relationship, will  boot the men out and keep the money and the children. 

The gross injustice to men deserves our concern but save your tears for  innocent women.  Our daughters did not deserve the inheritance of malice and spite that my generation of women heaped upon the shoulders of men.  The feminisation of the schools where all male efforts were seen as malignant.  The natural attraction between boys and girls described as 'sexual harassment,' and the terrible loss of tenderness and romance that has been leached out of the lives of women.

What we have left, thanks to this evil movement, is a vast number of lone women trying to keep what is left of family life going. They never asked to be foot soldiers in what has become a feminazi army.  They were not blessed with skills and college degrees that gave them economic power to make decisions when they were abandoned by their men.  They believed that the feminist movement was going to offer them choices.  What they did not understand was that there were never any choices.  Men, realizing that they had been cast in the role of sexual monsters, retaliated.  Those that didn't pitch into the war of the sexes with relish, simply faded away.  Women facing the new millennium have few choices.  One of them must be to take back our homes and our families from the clutch of the feminist movement.

Fight back against the ridicule heaped upon men.  Those men are our sons and hopefully, our future son-in-laws.  Where are the men and women who want to preserve family life in this country?  Are they willing to stand up and be counted?

Erin Pizzey founded the women's shelter movement; starting the first modern women's refuge in Chiswick, London, England, in 1971.

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