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since June 19, 2001

After Prone to Violence had been published in 1982, shipped out for distribution and placed on the shelves in the book stores, the redfems so thoroughly pilfered the copies of the book that only 13 copies of the book remained in a few libraries in the whole world.
   As a result of that the publisher went into receivership.  That is an example of the power of feminist censorship in action.
   However, the book is now available on the Internet, and it has been put back into print.


Erin Pizzey — Founder of the Modern Women's Shelter Movement

For more than two decades we have been exposed to never-ceasing and ever-increasing propaganda to create sympathy for battered wives. Nobody deserves to be treated violently. However, not every woman who is being battered is simply a victim. Countless members of both genders are 'prone to violence', victims of a deep-seated addiction to violence—both as victims and victimizers, vectors in the never-ending cycle of family violence.
As grim as the reality of these facts is, there are possible solutions that can cut the vicious circle of violence that has our society in its tightening grip, in spite of the attempts of the battered women's shelters advocates who have not had all that much success with their aims since Erin Pizzey wrote her book  Prone to Violence.
Prone to Violence was boycotted by radical feminists to such an extent that a search of all libraries in the world that could be accessed from the US Library of Congress through the Inter-Library Network in 1996 revealed a total of 13 listings in the whole World.
I did a search in November 1997, of university- and other on-line catalogues showing library listings. I found two listings in Canada.  One was at the University of Alberta Library, the other at the University of Toronto.  Look for the book in bookstores.  If you should happen to find a copy, hang on to it.  It is a rarity and possibly worth quite a bit now — very likely far more so in the future, once the insanity of the destruction of our families is recognized as such.

Prone to Violence, thoroughly boycotted and totally censored by the feminists, is accessible now on the Internet, but for those who would like to have a hard copy on hand to be able to read it more comfortably if they don't have the need to do word searches, it is  now back in print.


Erin Patria Pizzey, nee Carney. da Cyril Carney MBE Diplomatic Service (d 1980)m. Ruth Patricia Last. b. 19 Feb. 1939. Educ. Leweston Manor, Sherbourne Dorest; m 1961 9m dis 1979) 1.Amos b1976, d.cleo b. 1961. 7 adopted sons, grandchildren, Keita Craig b. 21 Apr 1977 Amber Craig b 24 Jan. 1979. Dymitri Scott b 24 Jan. 1990.


International author USA Harper Collins. Translation rights to: Japan, Russia, Greece, Brazil, Poland, Latvia, Israel, Italy, Hungary, Turkey. All English speaking countries. Published poet and playwright. International founder of refuges for battered women and children working in the field of Domestic Violence.


International Order of volunteers For Peace, Diploma Of Honour (Italy) 1981. Nancy Astor Award for Journalism 1983. World congress of Victimology (San Francisco) 1987. St. Valentino Palm d'Oro International Award for Literature, Italy, February 14th 1994.

Non fiction:

  • Scream quietly or the Neighbours will Hear, edited by Alison Forbes Harmondsworth : Penguin, 1974 (first book in the world on wife battering - out of print (the Edmonton Public Main Library has a listing)
  • Infernal Child - a memoir - out of print
  • Slut's Cookbook
  • Erin Pizzey Collects
  • Prone to Violence  - working with violent women, out of print for a long time — now back in print (an on-line version is available too)
  • This Way to the Revolution: An Autobiography [Paperback, 356 pages]; Peter Owen Publishers; First edition (July 1, 2011)


  • The Watershed, London : H. Hamilton, 1983
  • In the Shadow of the Castle, London : Hamilton, 1984
  • Morningstar, London [England] : Harper Collins, 1992
  • The Pleasure Palace
  • First Lady
  • The Consul General's Daughter, London : Collins, 1988
  • The Snow Leopard Of Shanghai
  • Other Lovers, London : Collins, 1991
  • Swimming with Dolphins, London [England] : Harper Collins, 1993
  • For The Love Of A Stranger
  • Kisses, London [England] : Harper Collins Publishers, 1995
       Described by Erin Pizzey as being her most anti-feminist book
       Reviews and Ordering
  • The wicked World of Women, London [England] : Harper Collins Publishers, c1996.
  • The Fame Game (in progress)
  • Hugs and Kisses (in progress)

Short Stories:

  • The Man In The Blue Van
  • The Frangipani Tree
  • Addictions
  • Dancing
  • Sand
Contributed to The New Statesman, The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan. Contributed to journals and newspapers internationally and completed two world tours lecturing on domestic violence and helping to set up refuges. Invited by the German Government to Berlin to speak and to show my film 'SCREAM QUIETLY OR THE NEIGHBOURS WILL HEAR.' 1977 Lunch of honour on Capitol Hill sponsored by Congresswoman Lindy Boggs and Congressman Newton-Steer. 1978 invited by Mental Health Association of New Zealand to give lecture tour. 1979 invited by US Government and sponsored by The Salvation Army to do a second lecture tour of 21 cities. 1979 film SCREAM QUIETLY OR THE NEIGHBOURS WILL HEAR aired twice nationally on PBS in America. 1982 asked to be resident expert on family Violence show on 'Phil Donahue.' 1884 gave evidence in San Antonio, Texas to President Reagan's Attorney General's Task Force on Family Violence. Guest of honour in Rome of a conference of women International Supreme Court Judges, 1994.

Films, interviews and documentaries:

  • Scream Quietly Or The Neighbours Will Hear;
  • Chiswick Women's Aid - a teaching film;
  • That Awful Woman - my work in America;
  • Cutting Edge Channel 4 Sanctuary;
  • Who's Failing the Family? (Documentary — Broadcast on BBC2, Mar. 30, 1999).  See also related article.
  • Dads on the Air | THE ERIN PIZZEY INTERVIEW (by John Stapleton, May 22, 2007; transcript)
  • On the slogan "From the personal to the political" and about the beginnings of modern feminism (a.k.a. radical- or Marxist feminism), on YouTube (via Man, Woman and Myth)


Reading, writing, cooking, antiques, violin, gardening, wine, food and travel.

The following are links to miscellaneous of her writings:

This discussion paper has been translated into Spanish, under the title of
TRABAJANDO CON MUJERES VIOLENTAS, and into German, under the title Gewalt von Frauen.

What others say about Erin Pizzey:

Erin Pizzey on the Net:

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