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since June 19, 2001


A Lesbian Domestic Violence Brochure

Date:   Fri, 17 Jul 1998 11:21:56 -0700
From:  erin pizzey

I knew several years ago that the figures for lesbian DV were going to be reported.  I was at a conference and met a research worker from America who told me about their research and said he doubted if their findings would ever be published.

My point is and always has been that I had many lesbians coming into the refuge who were savagely beaten by their partners.

I was aware for the last thirty years of the violence between women.  How, I kept asking, could the feminist movement claim that men were 'perpetrators' when the figures for women attacking each other were as high or higher than the figures for men abusing women?  At the moment, there are studies (Lie and Gentlewarrior) but we need to find much more evidence.

I pointed out on a programme called Woman's Hour this Week that women were violent to each other, in an argument with a very senior feminist from the English Federation Of Women's Aid (the federation controls most of the refuges in this country and the funding.  They are heavily radical feminists [more accurately called redfems —WHS]  She argued that this was not so and the women were beaten by their husbands or partners when they tried to leave them for another women.

Are there figures for gay men's violence towards each other?  I would imagine so, but could be quite wrong, that the figures are less than for gay women.

erin pizzey

(about Erin Pizzey)


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