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since June 19, 2001


Pay equity for women doesn't exist?

All evidence to the contrary, feminist "researchers" continue to claim that women earn less than men do.  It used to be said that "A woman earns 59 to a man's dollar," or, more recently and today, "Women earn 72 for every dollar earned by men."

As with all feminist "research", in this area, too, the truth is stranger than fiction.  That the feminist fiction is being maintained as "the truth" is the strangest part of it all.  The evidence that feminist researchers have not been telling the truth about the lack of pay equity for women has been around for decades.
   Well, what can one say?  To understand that mystery, one has to go back all the way to what Hitler said about what makes propaganda successful.

...all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter VI

Hitler made it quite clear that with successful propaganda it will not do to present the truth in academic fairness, but that what needs to be presented is what you wish the masses to accept as the truth.  That is quite obviously what feminist "researchers" have been and are very good at doing.  Moreover, aren't all feminists women (not true; there are more male than female feminists, and we are likely to call them chivalrous), and are not all women incapable of lying?


US Government censors its own report that debunks the gender-wage-gap myth, by Walter Schneider, March 13, 2009

Women's Figures (from the Independent Women's Forum)

Unequal Pay for Equal Work?
January 12, 2005
by Carey Roberts


FAQ — 59 cents to the dollar?

Feminism is a Fraud — The Canadian banks began implementing serious anti-male discriminatory hiring policies during the early 1940s.

Radical Feminism's Absurd Legacy

Why men are paid more (blog entry)

The gender pay-gap hype rears its ugly head again July 17, 2008 by Walter Schneider.

The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth, CBSNEWS.COM, March 8, 2011 (Off-site)

Radical Feminism's Absurd Legacy

A review of a book that: "...plots, blow by blow, step by step, the grim, government-financed rise of gender politics, from the 1967 Royal Commission on the Status of Women to the Human Rights Act of 1977 to the current national disaster. Today, a giant and lucrative industry of lawyers, consultants, bureaucrats and activists feed off such organizations as the Human Rights Commission and the tribunal. In the politics of gender and race identity, Mr. Loney writes, "Canadians have financed an increasingly destructive agenda whose outcome is not unity, equality or fairness, but division."  ....The Human Rights Act of 1977, which entrenched equal pay/equal work in law and gave the tribunal the foundation for its ruling this week, was the direct product of clauses in the 1951 Equal Remuneration Convention of the International Labour Organization, a union-controlled leftist front sponsored by the United Nations.

US Government censors its own report that debunks the gender-wage-gap myth, by Walter Schneider, March 13, 2009

Rather than using the truth to debunk the need for that intended legislation, the US Government pushed through the passage of that anti-male and discriminatory legislation, while at the same time removing all pointers to the report that had already been published prior to any attempts to have the legislation pass....(Full Story)

From the Independent Women's Forum (http://www.iwf.org/):  

    "Women's Figures(http://www.iwf.org/publications.cfm?TO=0)

    Are American women suffering from widespread wage discrimination? Are their career aspirations blocked by a "glass ceiling"? Popular reports scream, "yes!", but a new report finds that the opposite is true: there is little, if any, evidence of systematic discrimination against women in today's marketplace.

    Women's Figures: The Economic Progress of Women in America, by economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth and historian Christine Stolba and published by the Independent Women's Forum (IWF), shows, among other findings, that:

  • Holding all factors constant, such as experience and life situations, women between the ages of twenty seven and thirty three earn 95 to 98 cents to a man's dollar.

  • Factoring in women's career and family aspirations, employment experience, and education reveals that the "glass ceiling" is a misnomer.

  • Today, women earn the majority of associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees, and nearly 40% of doctorates are awarded to women.

  • From 1987 to 1992, the number of women-owned businesses rose 43%."

Ted Wannell and Nathalie Caron did a study for Statistics Canada "THE GENDER EARNINGS GAP AMONG RECENT POSTSECONDARY GRADUATES, 1984-92" (11F0019MPE No. 68, ISBN: 0-662-22499-X).


This study attempts to compare the earnings of men and women on an equal footing by concentrating on recent postsecondary graduates and using survey data on a number of earnings-related characteristics.  The data cover three graduating classes of university and community college students: 1982, 1986 and 1990.  These data indicate that the gender earnings gap among graduates has narrowed in recent years.  In fact among the most recent class, we found that female university graduates are rewarded slightly better than their male counterparts after controlling for experience, job tenure, education and hours of work.  A small gender gap persists among community college graduates: about three-and-a-half percent on an hourly wage basis.  For all graduates, the earnings gap tended to increase with age, even after controlling for previous work experience.

On page 27 of their study they say:

Do the models provide evidence of discrimination against women?

              The models provide incontrovertible evidence that women interact differently with the labour market than men.  However, it would be very tenuous to conclude that the differences are due to widespread discrimination against women.  Keep in mind the four conditions introduced at the beginning of this section.

              The first two conditions ask the questions: "Are women rewarded differently than men?" and "Is the net effect of these differences negative for women?".  In every model except one the answer to both of these questions is "Yes."6, providing consistent evidence that female and male graduates interact differently with the labour market.  However, the third condition -- a negative and significant intercept term -- is met only for two of the 1988 university models for full-time workers.  But when the population is expanded to include all workers, women are estimated to earn higher wages all else being equal.  This was also the case for almost every other "All Earners" model.  Therefore, net of the effects captured by the model, women earned higher wages than men.  Chart 1 illustrates this point for 1992.

    6The exception is the 1992 university all earners model.  Here the rewards were estimated to be significantly different, with the net effect in favour of women.

The full text of the study report is available at:

See also:  A LOOK AT EMPLOYMENT-EQUITY GROUPS AMONG RECENT POSTSECONDARY GRADUATES: VISIBLE MINORITIES, ABORIGINAL PEOPLES AND THE ACTIVITY LIMITED by Ted Wannell Nathalie Caron See http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/WoPEc/data/Papers/wopstatca0069.html for the abstract of that study report.

The full text of that study report, just as the report identified in the comments about pay equity, was at one time available at the web site of Statistics Canada
( http://www.statcan.ca/pub/English_Documents/Research_Docs/no69e.pdf ), but no longer.  Perhaps it, too, contained information not meant for general consumption, although it is just as likely that StatCan want to make money by selling information that was compiled with the help of the taxpayers' money and efforts.

The Pay-Equity Scam

By William Gairdner, PhD.

 We keep getting the message that Canadian women can't make it on their own. So government will help them.

   "Equal pay is a right" trumpets Treasury Board President Arthur Eggleton, over a recent Ontario settlement that took 16 years to resolve. Public servants will be paid an extra $74 million - in lump sums of $58,000 to some!

   Let me see... Here we have government employees, using government consultants, to mount huge claims against government institutions. It's a fiscal feeding-frenzy the hapless taxpayer is powerless to stop.

   Most of this is the work of a small army of white, middle-class radical feminists claiming gender discrimination to lobby for wages they haven't been able to command on their own merits in a free market. They lead the march to an unfree society.

   In a recent television debate, I argued that feminists have been trying to substitute a coercive political order for our free economic order. It's like demanding that an ounce of lead and an ounce of gold command the same price simply because they weigh the same.

   With great excitement, my opponent, an Ontario Women's Directorate lawyer, declared, "Yes, that's it - as long as they weigh the same, they should have the same value!" Medieval authorities repudiated the market in the same way, demanding a "just price" and a "just wage" by law be paid to all. Economic stagnation was the result.

   The foundation of the "discrimination" charge used to justify programs like pay-equity, is the so-called "wage gap." And indeed, there is a wage gap between the earnings of men and women. In fact, there are large wage-gaps between all sorts of social groups: the young and the old, the educated and the uneducated, the experienced and the inexperienced, the hard-working and the lazy, the married and the unmarried, and so on.

   Almost all the women's wage gap is due to marital status.... (Full Story)

See also:

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