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In Memory of Allen Wells

This set of web pages for Allen Wells has been recreated from web pages archived at http://web.archive.org

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Re: Divorce Post-Mortem (continued)

From ads.com!sparkyfs.erg.sri.com!noose.ecn.purdue.edu!samsung!spool.mu.edu!uunet!microsoft!allenwe Fri Feb 22 17:18:43 PST 1991
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>From: allenwe@microsoft.UUCP (Allen WELLS)
Newsgroups: soc.men
Subject: Re: Divorce Post-Mortem (long)
Message-ID: <70719@microsoft.UUCP>
Date: 15 Feb 91 22:05:12 GMT
References: <70623@microsoft.UUCP> <1991Feb13.181841.12152@aucs.AcadiaU.ca> <15120@uudell.dell.com>
Reply-To: allenwe@microsoft.UUCP (Allen WELLS)
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In article <15120@uudell.dell.com> ruby@raid.dell.com (Ruby Pan-Ratzlaff) writes:

>Give me a break, of course the legal system is biased; it's run by humans.
>It's biased to different groups in different areas. It's biased towards
>women in the divorce and family law area, and it's biased towards men in
>areas like rape.

Could you give a description of how you think it is biased? My
understanding is that the courts typically grant significant lee-way
to rape prosecutions that they don't offer to others (thinks like
allowing chilren to testify without cross-examiniations). My
understanding is also that it is easier to convice a rapists with
nothing but the testimony of the alleged victim than it is to
convict on any other crime with only the testimony of the alleged

In addition, it is certainly easier for a woman to prosecute for
rape than it is for a man. Despite the fact that the FBI estimates
that for every 3 female rape victims there is a male rape victim,
the rate of prosecution and conviction are much lower for the male

Seems like a bias against men, not for them ...


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Posted 2006 09 04